9 methods to be confident and enjoy life 10 times more

9 methods to be confident and enjoy life 10 times more
If you have more confidence in your look and talent, how wonderful your life is?

You should enjoy your life because you have the only one life to live.

Even if you know that, you may think life is hard. With these 9 methods, make yourself confident and enjoy your life ten times more.

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Don’t be confused by positive thinking with 7 ways

Don’t be confused by positive thinking! 7 ways to see through
Did you know that positive thinking can be dangerous?

The world is filled with different kinds of information. In the informational society today, your life can depend on “which information you select”.

And the ability to decide what is correct and what is not, is the required skill to survive in the ages to come.

Easy positive thinking such as “it seems good” or “it’s OK” can ruin you. You need to protect yourself with beliefs in your decision and “to doubt in a right way”.

Here I will tell you “what is the belief in decision?” and helpful way of thinking. This may not always be true, but I hope you use this as a reference when selecting information. [Read more…]