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7 Reasons be cooler by bald hairstyles

Women avoid men who hide bald head or being unclean, rather than bald head. Graceful is important for women and “comb-over” hairstyle should be avoided.
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9 reasons baldness treatment is impossible

It is said that 12,600,000 Japanese are conscious of baldness. The increase suggests no way to cure it. Today I tell 9 reasons not to be cured by treatments.
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9 reasons to know how to reduce hair loss

It is the opposite effect wrongly to do the general hair growth methods. Nobody wants to get bald in it. It is the first step to know how to reduce hair loss here.
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9 Reasons to Have Thinning Hair Treatment

Anyone who wants to have thinning hair treatment, but has hesitation or put off because of embarrassment? I’ll introduce 9 reasons I’ve determined to have it.
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9 Reasons why dry scalp advances the bald

It’s becoming chilly. In that season, we care about the drying and rough skin. That also means scalp is dry, too. Let's see the reality of the drying of the scalp
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9 great hairstyles for balding men

Hair problems with aging, such as thinning hair and baldness are worries to people, both men and women. But think positively and let’s try new hairstyles!
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Five-minute Daily Habit for Hair Loss Prevention

Begin hair loss prevention as you get worried about hair loss little. Prevention needs to be done daily. So keep healthy scalp and hair with easy&persistent way.
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