Open up cakra; healing

7 ways to open up chakra which is in you

Do you know how to open chakras? Or do you know what chakra is? It’s the energy moving in your body. Here are ways to open chakras and bring out the power of sleep.
How to switch of good feeling

Make The Sum Of Triad

By last article, I wrote how harmony of consciousness really important are. Then I will talk about how do you get along well after using triad.
A method to give a motivation

What do you work for? By fear? Find the answer now

"Fear" is the feeling that we unconsciously feel in our daily life, and it is the strongest driving force for many people. Why it is;
How to switch of good feeling

Effective 6 ways to switch feelings now

You just want to be confident, change something of your bearish, or overcome the weakness to change feelings. We tell you about methods to solve such troubles today.
How to attract happiness

7habits bring in happiness ~the ways to win over luck~

Anybody wishes once at least that it would be so wounderfull living a life dramatically like main characters in Manga who are always popular and live in happiness.
Method to change oneself

Read! 7 ways to have triad to enjoy life

How many people have you met, listened and spoke to in your life? Through TV, magazines, and internet. Too many to count. Have you experienced triad through them?
Method to change oneself

Achieve aim by emotions! 7 ways for future

Your goal can be achieved with emotions! We can’t set a goal without thinking how to achieve it. Without it, any small dream would end up as just “a dream”.
Open up cakra; healing

Train chakras & become healthy. 5 simple healing tips.

Each chakra has meaning and fortune, and training them improves fortunes and health. Here are ways to train 5 points of chakras by the methods from tantra Buddhism.
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