9 ways to cure bad breath hated by babies

9 ways to cure bad breath of fathers hated by babies
There are diseases of mouth such as cavities, gum disease and oral inflammation and of nose (empyema), of stomach (gastritis) and of tongue (coated tongue).

However, most bad breath is caused by cavities and gum disease. Especially gum disease causes strong smell that it is said “if you have strong, bad breath, doubt gum disease”. What is more, bad breath related to gum disease is often chronic, and difficult to cure with typical oral care such as brushing teeth.

Regardless of gender, our immunity deteriorates from late 30s and periodontal pocket (between teeth and gum) starts to appear. Plaque and tartar gradually accumulate in these pockets.

Germs of gum disease will grow on plaque and tartar, and cause gum disease and bad breath. When symptoms progress, pus compiles and releases methyl mercaptan (smell of rotten onion) and hydrogen sulfide which are causes of strong smell.

In such situation, you should concentrate on curing diseases than to think about bad breath.

I would like to talk about the causes of bad breath and ways to protect your babies from your bad breath.

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9 possible causes and cares for baby bad breath

9 possible causes and cares for baby bad breath
A baby is so adorable giving you a cute smile. However, have you noticed bad breath of your baby? You might wonder if such a small baby has bad breath.
Some might think if something is wrong with the organs, and others would check the childcare book if they brush the baby’s teeth in a right way. Even if you want to take the baby to a doctor, it could be difficult considered second infection by other patients or going by a public transport.

So, I’ll introduce you 9 possible causes and cares for baby bad breath. I hope it helps you get rid of the anxious feeling.

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9 reasons to check your baby’s bad breath

For dad and mom! 9 reasons to check baby bad breath
A baby has less resistance and immunity for virus than an adult, so they can easily get sick.

Especially baby bad breath indicates the physical condition of the baby.

You can find out not only a cold or a fever, but also a canker sore or tonsillitis by baby bad breath, so it’s very important to check if the baby has bad breath.

Today, I’ll introduce you why it’s important to check baby bad breath.

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9 ways to prevent ill by baby’s bad breath

9 ways to prevent diseases by checking baby’s bad breath
I suppose there are many mothers who worry about baby’s bad breath, but there are not many serious diseases related to bad breath.

However in rare cases, a cold can be a cause of bad breath.
Some possible problems include tonsillitis and sinusitis, which are not only for babies but also popular causes of bad breath in children.

In such cases, early treatment is required. Today, I would like to talk about the ways to prevent worsening and troubles of diseases by checking baby’s bad breath.
Prevent worsening and troubles of diseases by checking baby’s bad breath.

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