Method to change oneself

9 ways to change your life by awareness

Living ordinary days without awareness is boring. Try following tips to be aware of beauties in your everyday life and enjoy your life.
How to attract happiness

How to enjoy life with 9 tips happy people are doing

How to enjoy life and standards of happiness depends on each person, but happiness can make everyday enjoyable. So here are 9 ways to enjoy life for you to try!
How to heal the mind

9 Things I Learned From My Heartbreak

Women want to smile everyday. Some women might start to go on a diet because of their heartbreaks. I also lost my love, and I found ways to make a good relationship.
A method to give a motivation

3 ways to find motivation to accomplish your goals

Even if you know you need some motivation, it can be hard sometimes to do it. Here are some tips to get motivated in order to achieve your goals.
A method to give a motivation

Discoveyr: 7 awareness for the successful

How did successful people made great achievement? Here are 7 moments of awareness when successful people changed sensations to discoveries.
A method to give a motivation

9 things you should do to be successful

Everyone wants to be successful. The true success is to maintain the state of success. Here are things we want to do for success.
How to attract happiness

How to enjoy life from 40s as you are!

What is your image of being in 40s? Aging is natural phenomenon and we can’t avoid. Let’s take a look at how to enjoy life without making yourself look young.
Consciousness and memorization techniques

7 Awareness for better Approach to Work

I introduce tips for changing negative awareness of work. Trying to make your work environment better is important. You can take up it immediately. Let’s try!
Consciousness and memorization techniques

7 successful Ways by a Note of Awareness

Don’t you miss awareness every day? There is much awareness in daily life and it can change your perspective. I introduce awareness people tend to miss in life
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