7 to be happy-The early bird gets the worm

7 ways to be happy by “The early bird gets the worm”
Waking up in a last minute every morning, prepare in a hurry, and realize leaving things at home on the way but have no time to return…this is commonly seen. You promise to wake up early every night, but end up staying up late and hurry in a morning again. I will tell you what advantages you can have by getting up early.

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5ways for good awakening to be intelligent

5 ways for comfortable awakening to train brain to be intelligent
Those who cannot wake up early are often unreliable, don’t you think? Intelligence and good awakening is actually strongly related.

Who can wake up pleasantly in a morning often study or do some work early in a morning, called “morning activity”. Accomplishment in a day is little, but continuation for few years will make a big difference.

It may sound exaggerated, but awakening early in a morning makes you “smart”.

Now I will explain how to awake smoothly and do morning activities.

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