Method to change oneself

9 ways to change your life by awareness

Days without awareness. You would fall into a thought “why am I doing such things?” and feel bored for days with nothing new. You would seek for something fun...
Open up cakra; healing

How to heal yourself at home by opening your chakras.

What do you think about spirituality? Spirituality can be considered religion. Some people are not interested in it, and others think it is one of the importa...
How to heal the mind

9 ways to be attractive after heartbreak

Do you have an experience of heartbreak? The “heartbreak” is a bitter experience that you do not want to remember. Now for the 9 ways to become an attractive ...
A method to give a motivation

Everything Will Reach A Congruence

Congruence means “everything mixed well. There is a harmony and no conflicts.“ We always desire a lot of things. “Money””People””Ability””Acknowledge””Envi...
How to attract happiness

7habits bring in happiness ~the ways to win over luck~

Anybody wishes once at least that it would be so wonderful living a life dramatically like main characters in Manga who are always popular and live in happine...
How to read the mind of the person

7 love psychologies work in your favor !

You want to be with a person you love and make sweet memories by knowing each other a lot. Though there might be a high hurdle to make the person interest in ...
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