5 steps to realize Practice Makes perfect

The 5 steps to realize‘Practice makes perfect’ which successful men are doing
I suppose many people knew ‘Practice  makes perfect’ from your experience. Some became to go to good directions and also some became to go to bad.

In that sense, how can we do to continue as much as possible?  I suppose we we’re interested that how the successful people who have continued could continue.  Is it not only by their personality.

By steps, even you might be able to do it.


5 steps to realize Practice Makes perfect


1. To try to choose an closer aim

That’s common if you set high, as a result, you can’t continue for even a few days.

But if you set closer aim, closing to that aim is even easier, so you can do your best.

And you can be able to have a strong will to manage to continue. When the closer aim comes true, you may set an aim once more. You will think that you have an ability to make the aim true and can have a confidence.

With that ability, you can think to do myself from now. If you set the next aim, you can think to make it true.


2. Make letters to ideal to be in this way

In the case that you want to be or it’s an ideal to be in this way, don’t make sure only that one but you can make letters. It’s good to concentrate on doing calligraphy, but if you can’t do it, you may write it in a simple notebook.

It’s important to keep a diary to be in this way, for making sure when you started having it. However, I’m afraid if you keep a diary, you may tired of have a stress of the pressure.

Then let’s stop placing stress on yourself because if someone asks you to continue even your diary, you can’t stand it. You must write something about your ideal instead.

It’s okay to have the feeling that a notebook leans it instead of your mind does.


3. To read the books or the blogs of the successful men  

It isn’t really wrong to learn that how the men who have made a success according to the word‘Practice makes perfect.’had thought or acted.

Though each person has a different circumstance or personality, they have what they want to tell. To watch and listen to and refer to them are necessary.

And I recommend you to try making sure once the difference about myself now.

You have many things more and more which you can continue from now. So you

don’t have to think at all that you ‘re inferior to the others  .

It means to keep getting the reference or info of yours. And if you think your feeling is different in this way, let’s try thinking to change them or stick to yourself.


4. To look for what you can steadily

Please look for whatever you can do steadily. By continuing, you might know the difficulty of the continuation. You may, for instance, deposit 500 yen coins or register in the questionnaire site and write them, and also small things.

You must know yourself that if you continue only one thing, you can have a much confidence with only that thing.it

Even if others think only such things…,for yourself you are making the best. Please do actually what to do the best.


5. To try to write letters

I suppose many people have habits to do search in net quickly when they encounter unknown thing. You mustn’t do that but remind by yourselves. Then if taking a long time, do your best and let’s remind it.

The answer may too easier one, however, I’m sure you have the habits to rely on searching in t net all the time or to mail by PC or terminal, and I suppose that many of you often forgetting Kanji.

This isn’t a too good thing.So, let’ try to write letters. You may write to anyone. To whom you don’t keep in touch lately or you do so often.If it’s bother a letter, you can write a postcard.

 Let’s write by your words. It needs too power to do it. But when you can accomplish it, you must be too much satisfied yourself. Long time ago it was natural but now it wasn’t.

I recommend you because you can remind what to do something by yourself.

The people who have actually execute‘Practice makes perfect’and made a success did various methods and devices but I suppose by their originally quality to have.

Let’s do try if you can do it by your own devices. And let’s become a person who can continue. Possibly you may have that quality originally.

Try to aim to become a person who believe yourself and who continue. I bet you’ll know very much that how meaningful continuing is.


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