9 ways to change failure into success

Don't give up yet! The 9 ways to change failure into success
It is not too much to say that everybody experience failure. Now for a special method to change failure into success! Let’s turn failure into success and have greatly mature.


9 ways to change failure into success


1: Reset your feeling

When you failed, you need to do this first of all.

You get depressed, get pissed off, be impatient or blame others… It’s harder to think of change failure into success in what is called a negative conditions of your emotion.

The specific methods of change your mood should look like the following:

1. Taste your feeling thoroughly when you failed.

At this time, you need to think over your emotion without commanding forcibly. Just then, your negative emotion will fade away in less than a minute.

2. Imagine you met with success, strike a pose.

Straighten the spine, lift your eyes and let’s imagine the time when you meet with success. It is more effective that punch the air, make a smile.

Resetting your emotion is a prerequisite for your success!! Be sure to do before other methods.


2: Let’s mark your failure

You need to mark in the negative conditions of your emotion. How many points would you give your failure out, with the condition of success being 100 percent?

For example, your failure scored 20 percent. Then, think about the reason that were able to take “20 percent”.

Many people think about “80 points that we lost” in a maximum of 100 and get depressed, but Thinking about “What are 20 percent you got?” is the key to your success. This is the important point in changing failure into success, by all mean, let’s do this.


3: Rid out of fear of failure

The problem are “A horror of the failure come on you, lose your confidence and you won’t be able to try to challenge”.
Ridding out of fear of failure is the key to your success.

If you are afraid of taking on the challenge again, you should ask a question to you “why are you afraid of that”?
“The Fear that you meet with a refusal from others”, “You hurt your pride. You are ashamed” etc. You should ask next question when you understand a reason for fear of failure.

“Is it truth?”

You should ask “Is it really that I meet with a refusal?” if you can’t take on the challenge again because you met with a refusal. In most cases, it is unexpectedly your belief, you are afraid that is not a big deal for others exaggeratedly.

The person that the succeeding person can continue challenging it without giving it up. To this end, you need rid out of fear of failure.


4: Write out 5 things that you learned from failure

The person who can change failure into success learns from failure. Let’s write out 5 things that you learned from failure.

You should take out a notebook and write a title as “Things I learned from this failure”, and then let’s make 5 blanks.

There is organization “to want to fill the blank” in human brain. 5 learning comes out by all means when you make blanks.


5:Let’s leave it to others

Decision as long as it “did not succeed in it that I do not like”, and get others to help you, would leave to others is also required. If you are good at, “to use a person that is capable than me”, winner of many, not only be good at their own.

From the failure, and found a weak ability of their own called “let go” is also important.

Probably, it will be difficult to succeed, supposing work weak is left to you all over the organization. It is also one method to request for a reshuffle decisively in such cases.

If it is a personal things, such as love and human relations, the method of getting an elated person to help is also effective.


6:Let’s consider a concrete remedy

“The timing was bad” or “fired up because not enough” or the cause of the failure, do not blame the environment and spirit theory? The called person can be changed to fail success is the a person who can be considered in detail and that can be controlled by itself, can be improved.

Please consider “the operation here will be improved in this way”, and “next, directions will be issued in this way” and the remedy of strictly concrete “action.” It is as follows if it collects.
・To blame (such as another person / environment / luck) what I can not control ⇒ ×

・To make an emotional and idea-of-spirit thing into a cause ⇒ ×

・To think the cause of concrete actions, to consider measures to improve ⇒ ○


7:Let’s talk with others

The method of consulting with other persons is also quite effective as a method of changing failure into a success. It is said only by getting other persons to hear the talk that 70 percent of troubles are solved.

However, anyone may not necessarily be satisfactory for the person who consults. The minimum needs to also be meeting the following two standards.
Standard of the adviser
・Being a person without the interest
・Being a person listening to a story

Consulting with people (for example, the boss of a company and the person of the same project) with an interest and those who cannot hear the talk (those who like a chat) does not not much recommend you.

It is because the convenient solution for the adviser itself may be shown or the method which does not suit itself at all may be shown.
Since this does not necessarily lead to a success, cautions are required.


8:Think about an excuse when did not succeed earlier

when did not succeed, what kind of excuse did you make? “Ability was not enough to me” “time because was not enough” or, did not make excuses for ourselves and others?

“Thinking about an excuse earlier” to succeed next. Let’s take out an excuse when it does not succeed for ourselves first honestly.

If the excuse has been taken out, let’s consider and perform the measure and method for not excusing oneself. Succeeding now will only already be lost!


9:Let’s make the story until it succeeds

In a movie or a myth, finally a hero certainly gains a glory and happiness, after experiencing frustration and failure. Please spell a story until it succeeds for a note from this failure with thinking that it became the hero heroine since delusion could be sufficient.

In a story, what kind of meaning did it have that you failed? It may be due to growth, nor could have been because it is aware of the important things. Please find out “the meaning of having failed” from a story.

If you notice the meaning of the failure and the distance to a success can be seen, please follow the way with courage!



How did you like it?


It says well in “failure teaches success.” if failure is changeable into a success, the know-how is a thing throughout the life! It is a waste to keep failure intact.

Associating with failure and superior is important for those who want to succeed and who you want to grow more.

Just change a little perspective, speed to success will accelerate. You are not depressed when you failed, and please try this method for success in there.


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