Improve study efficiency! The 6ways to gain motivation

Improve study efficiency! The 6ways to gain motivation
What is your purpose to study?

You might have more various reasons.

You know the importance of study and need to do study…but you don’t feel like studying,you are not motivated, you can’t keep studying so that you can’t get a result you are wishing for. 

Why do these things happen?
Study is supposed to be an act for ourselves which satisfy our needs of knowledge or art, so it means fun for ourselves…
If you are a business person, studying smoothly can be connected to acceleration of your business and increasing the income. Moreover, your knowledge even might be appreciated by people.

If we could study effectively… Today we propose the ways of solution for such a problem. Let’s end harsh study!


Improve study efficiency! The 6ways to gain motivation 

The way to motivate 1 : Time for study 

The study you are doing right now… or trying to do from now on…
Do you time for study in spite of the contents, the kinds, the degree of difficulty like from ○o’clock to ○o’clock every morning.

Of course you might not be able to make it as you planned because of your work or other matters.

In spite of that, it makes easy for you to make a habit of study, become a study mode if you time for it.

The class schedule of the school is just a perfect example.

We did or could study such quantity because of the class schedule. So in the sense, dividing time is a way to study effectively, let you give it a try!


The way to motivate 2 : Study when you are in a state feeling refreshed

Remember when you were studying the exam for high school. After school, some students did club activities or went to a crammer, of course some simply went home.

After dinner, you studied even more into the night… could you study effectively in that condition?

It must have been hard for you to study while rubbing sleepy eyes, and yet you even couldn’t remember a thing next day.

What we’re trying to say is studying in a tiring state is not effective. Studying in a state feeling refreshed is so important.

About this, we recommend you to study in the morning.

Because of sleep, the memory you have had in the day before are arranged so that your head is clear and like a body, a brain too is vivid in the morning.


The way to motivate 3: Decide the place to study

Some people decide the place to work besides study.

People studying ( working) effectively often have such a special place to do it like a cafe, a library, or any other places.
Now maybe you might think you can do it at home. However there are many causes to disturb for your study!!

You may have experienced before that when you got tired of studying , you had just watched a cell phone casually, had relaxed on the bed, or had read manga.. and had ended up doing nothing much after all, haven’t you?
So we recommend you to  set the place to study and try not doing other things at the place.

By doing so, your efficiency of the study will go up gradually as if it’s natural.


The way to motivate 4: Decide your purpose to study

Why are you studying? Do you have a certain goal or a clear purpose? If you don’t have it and study somehow… obviously you can’t study effectively.

So let’s make up a purpose or a reason to study well.

For example, what kind of good thing will be waiting if you pass a licensed tax accountant examination, or thinking what is the benefit from the study etc, anything will be fine.

The important thing is you must image clearly the purpose or the reason to study.

Our brain is made to act naturally toward those clear images. In a result, it makes you study effectively in natural way.


The way to motivate 5: Study even as for the form

No matter how hard you may try to study, sometimes you don’t feel like it, do you? In that kind of mood, try to pretend to study at your desk.

If it’s only for a minute it helps you not to think like I couldn’t do anything today… and makes a habit to go to your desk at least and that act can keep your awareness of study.

As a result, you can reduce the days not to study at all by thinking to do it from tomorrow and after tomorrow.


The way to motivate 6: Relax from time to time 

Don’t you have an image that study must be done hard? Actually, the more you take time for study, the less you gain it’s effect.

It means that even if you cram so much information, your brain is saturated when it exceeds a certain quantity, so it will waste your time.

Therefore as we proposed first, time for study and stop studying when you exceed the time.

The human brain is quite a hard-worker so that it’s arranging the information we gain during sleep and rest.

To arrange the information well, we need to rest for about 6 hours. This is proved as the reminiscence effect.

The essential point to study effectively is how to rest. You might be surprised but if you rest well, then you’ll study well too.

This is very important so please remember it.


How was this article?
Studying has hard image somehow.

Maybe because the Japanese character for study includes the meaning of strong. However as far as you are studying in that kind of image, studying can be tough for you… so instead of that, to do interesting study and to study effectively, these are the keys…

・To concentrate your study during the time you decide 
・To study with a purpose 
・To rest when you need 
We hope this article will help you to study effectively.



Improve study efficiency! The 6ways to gain motivation 

1: Time for study
2: Study when you are in a state feeling refreshed
3: Decide the place to study 
4: Decide your purpose to study
5: Study even as for the form
6: Relax from time to time 


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