7 Shoulder Stretches to Cure Chronic Stiff Shoulders

7 Shoulder Stretches to Cure Chronic Stiff Shoulders
Often get sore shoulders during work?  It is said that many people suffer from chronic stiff shoulders due to a desk job during work.

Once you have chronic stiff shoulders, massage will not really work and you will have pains in other parts like head and back.

Continuing sitting at desk usually causes a stiff shoulder where certain muscles keep shrinking that depress the muscles that supports body posture which gives burden on cervical region that support your head and arms.  There are other causes such as mental stress, poor blood circulation, etc.

If you keep the above causes, your muscles always become tense resulting in a stiff shoulder.  Long-hour desk workers tend to have a stiff shoulder, to have a bad posture habit, and to have round shoulders, which makes you feel negative.

A stiff shoulder might not only make you fall out of shape but also might ruin your office atmosphere.  Therefore, let’s learn 7 stretches to cure chronic stiff shoulders.

7 Shoulder Stretches to Cure Chronic Stiff Shoulders


Stretch Up and Down Your Shoulder Blade

Shoulder blade is a flat bone roughly triangular in shape, placed right and left on the back. It characteristically glides over thorax (rib bones.) If it lacks of smooth movement, you are likely to have a stiff shoulder with difficulties to shrug your shoulders, raise your arms, etc.

1. Place your hands on your waist, raise your shoulders focusing on stretching out your shoulder blades, and, at the same time, inhale for 3 seconds.

2. Lower your shoulders exhaling deeply.

3. Repeat this 3-5 times. Be sure to breathe deeply in this exercise.


Outstretch Your Arms and Flip Your Hands

This is an easy stretch at work.

1. Naturally straighten your elbows and face your palms ahead.

2. Then, face your palm toward your body.

3. Be sure to face your palm to the correct directions.

Repeat these actions. Note that you move your arms slowly, keep breathing through your nose, and stretch to a reasonable extent not too hard and not too soft. Take a break and make your mind and body refreshed. It is effective if you repeat for 1 minute.


Stretch Your Arm Holding Another

Probably you performed this stretch as warm up in a gymnastic class back in school.

1. Stretch one arm holding it with another.

2. Pull the stretched arm with another arm to a reasonable extent. Be sure not to raise the shoulder of your stretched arm.

3. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds; change the arms and repeat.

This is to stretch the whole shoulders. Perform this for 1 minute during your break at work. Be sure not to hold your breath.


Twirl Your Earlobes

Earlobes seem to have nothing to do with shoulders whereas the earlobes have close connection to shoulder stiffness.

1. Hold cartilage at the base of your ears, twirl them backward kneading.

2. Place your hands on your cheekbones and slide your hands up backward with some pressure.

3. Be sure to rub your face gently and repeat this 4 times.

4. Do this exercise as one set and repeat 10 times.

This workout is effective not only on a stiff shoulder, but also pain in the waist, gastrointestinal disorders, swelling legs, eyestrain, nasal congestion, beautiful skin, slim face.


Close Your Shoulder Blades

1. Sit on the front edge of a chair

2. Place your hands behind your back clasped, and then, inhale deeply.

3. Slowly bend forward at the waist, exhaling.

4. Keep the bend and take 3 breaths. You can feel your back to shoulder get warm gradually.

Stretching backward corrects a slouched posture. Doing this exercise for 5 minutes a day is enough. For women, it is good to know that this also have an effect on breasts lifting. Stretch enough your muscles on the back.


Move Your Neck

You cannot avoid keeping a same posture for long time in the office. At a desk job, you tend to look down without noticing it, which causes muscles in the posterior of your neck by supporting your head.

Consequently, you will have a pain in the base of your neck, feel tense in the back of your neck, and have symptoms of a chronic stiff shoulder.

1. Stretch your neck upward, downward, rightward, and leftward.

2. Stretch each direction for 5 seconds, and then, rotate your neck slowly.

3. Rotate your neck other way around. Reliving neck stiffness will ease headache pain.


Stand against the Wall

A poor posture is one of the causes for shoulder stiffness. Working at a computer causes a poor posture as you place your elbows on desk and slouch, which ends up with a stiff shoulder. Then, let’s try stretches to correct your bad posture habit.

1. Stand with your back against the wall, your head, shoulders, and heels touch the wall.

2. Tuck your chin a little.

3. Try to reduce opening between the wall and your back.

Try to touch the wall with the back of your hand. You can feel that your back more straightened. Doing this exercise once a day adjust your posture. Let’s keep doing.


How are these exercises?

A chronical stiff shoulder is really suffering. Exercises introduced here are rather easy so that you can start today.

No matter how effective plasters are, you might be hesitant to apply them due to their smell. Then, try these exercises when you are suffered from a terrible stiff shoulder.

These exercises are effective on pain relief as well as refreshing your mind, which will help you work more efficiently.



7 Shoulder Stretches to Cure Chronic Stiff Shoulders

・Stretch Up and Down Your Shoulder Blade
・Outstretch Your Arms and Flip Your Hands
・Stretch Your Arm Holding Another
・Twirl Your Earlobes
・Close Your Shoulder Blades
・Move Your Neck
・Stand along the wall

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