7 how to have slim legs, everyone can do

How to have slim legs in 7 ways everyone can do
Hello everyone. Today, I will introduce ways to make legs slim. They are unexpectedly unknown.

In spring, we want to look good in skirt and shorts. You should prepare from now. Ways I introduce today don’t require hard and tiring exercises.

I’ve selected ways you can easily do everyday. Let’s take a look one by one.

7 how to have slim legs, everyone can do


Fix bow-legs and knock-knees and straighten legs

Generally, people with bow-legs and knock-knees are sensitive to cold, because blood and water in legs are not circulated well.

To improve circulation in legs, start with fixing distortion of legs. Here is an easy exercise. First, sit back in a chair.

Put knees together and open toes to 90 degrees. If you have distortion, this is trying, but just doing this for 5 minutes everyday will straighten legs. Please try little by little.


Exercise to “straighten” pelvis

With distorted pelvis, excess fat accumulates not only around legs but also around waist, and hip will become bigger and get fat as well.

This is an exercise to bring pelvis back to proper position. First, kneel down and sit down on heels. Straighten back. Cross arms behind head and twist body to right and left 10 seconds each.

If you feel uncomfortable on either side, your bones are distorted. For example, if it is more difficult to turn to left than to right, twist more to the left.

It is ideal if you can look back equally to both sides. If you have a habit of crossing legs or putting bags on one shoulder, be careful.

Avoid weighing to one side.


Exercise to “shape up” pelvis

People with wide pelvis are likely to have big hips and fat legs. If you can shape up pelvis, you can remove extra fat from hips.

Here is how. Lay flat on back and put knees and ankles together and bend knees. Then spread legs apart, keep feet together and lay both knees to side.

Make sure bottom of foot are put together (you are eventually lying down with bench-legged). This is an exercise to open up pelvis. Then an exercise to close it comes next.

Opposite of what you have just done, lay down on back, put thighs together and spread parts below knees.

The more you spread feet, the more difficult it is, but your pelvis is possibly getting wide if you can’t to this smoothly. If you can do both exercises easily, your pelvis is back to position.


4. Exercise to train inner thigh

Inner thigh is not usually used, so they are likely to get weak more than other muscles of legs. I suppose many of you have a bit fat and soft inner thigh.

I often see women spreading their legs on trains because their inner thigh muscles are weakened. Here is an easy exercise.

Stand straight. Spread legs wider than shoulder-width and squat down. Push thighs with both hands and stretch inner thigh muscles.


 5. Relieve swelling of legs! Bicycle exercise

Don’t you have an experience that boots you were wearing in a morning doesn’t fit you in the evening? If your legs are swelling, they look fat. This is how to treat swelling.

Lay down on back, put hands on waist and bring legs up. Move as though you are cycling. Do it 10 times and take a rest. Repeat it for 3 times. 3 to 4 minutes is good enough to do this everyday.

If you continue this exercise everyday, you can fit in jeans easier. If you suffer swelling before menstrual period, you can do it more.


6. Exercise to train calves

Training calves will improve blood circulation and prevents sensitivity to cold and swelling. Do you know the exercise called “calf raise”? Stand on a step with your weight on thenar of feet. Put muscles on calves and raise heels. Hold them for 2 to 3 seconds and bring down. Repeat this. To have slim legs, not only thigh exercises but also calves exercise is important.


7. Dare to wear mini

This might be a surprising way of making legs slim, but wearing miniskirt and show your legs have effect to give stress to legs.

If you can’t wear skirt, you can wear shorts. Let your legs feel tension as possible.

It is important to keep legs warm in winter, so please avoid it to cause them swelling and poor circulation. Wearing compression stocking is recommended.


Did you find helpful information?

Exercises I introduced here don’t require hard working. You can make legs slim without pain.

The points to make legs slim are “pelvis”, “swelling” and “training”. It is important to continue everyday, so please choose ones you can do and make them daily habits.



7 how to have slim legs, everyone can do

Fix bow-legs and knock-knees and straighten legs
Exercise to “straighten” pelvis
Exercise to “shape up” pelvis
Exercise to train inner thigh
Relieve swelling of legs! Bicycle exercise
Exercise to train calves
Dare to wear mini


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