7 courses of forearm exercise to lose fat of upper arm

7 courses of forearm exercise to lose fat of upper arm
Some people worry about the loose arms while wearing short-sleeve cloth. Most people care about upper arms, but they are carelessly about the range from elbow to wrist, forearm in short. Train the forearm, and your upper arms will be slim.

Skinny arms make delicate impression when you wear sleeveless cloth, but if you have loose arms, you’ll look old for your age. They say that shortage of muscles is the serious factor of loose arms. It’s necessary to exercise for solution of the loose arms.

But you need to repeat it because that muscles are used few times in daily life. You can get slim arms by your little efforts. Let’s try to lose excess fat.

7 courses of forearm exercise to lose fat of upper arm


Do push-ups.

Put your knees on the floor to pose for push-ups, lift your fingers, and do push-ups.

Lower your upper body slowly, pause 2 seconds, raise yourself slowly, and pause 2 seconds again. Repeat it 10 times. It is effective in forearms. Using finger like typing make your forearms, shoulder, and back get stiff. But now you’ve learned how to soften, you can get slim forearms. Moreover, push-ups is also effective in upper arms.


Fold and pull your hands.

Fold and pull your hands. You can do this everywhere even if you’re sitting. Make the form like hooks with your fingers, fold them above your chest, and pull them. Keep its exercise from 3 to 5 seconds, make conscious of the muscles of your back and forearms, and repeat it 10 times. Also you can train your forearms and upper arms with this exercise in addition to push-ups.


Do push-ups with putting your hands back.

It must be hard, but you can expect wonderful result. Straighten your legs and sit down.

And then put your hand on back yourself, whose fingers point to yourself, too. Bend your knees slowly and try not to move your hip. Even you’re bending your knees, you must try not to be bandy-legged. Next, pause 5 seconds and replace yourself slowly.

Then, repeat it 10 times. Be conscious of the muscles of forearms while you’re bending
and straightening your knees.


Twist your wrists.

Dumbbell exercise is famous for forearms training, but you can use 500ml plastic bottle instead of it. Point to ceiling with your palms while you’re sitting to chair, and hand the dumbbells or plastic bottles with your both hands. Put your forearms on your knees, bend your wrists slowly, replace them, and repeat it 10 times.

Next, point to the floor with your palms, and bend your wrist with same way, and then repeat again. Adopt the weight of dumbbell or plastic bottle not to load too much. If you do such a thing, you may have a pain at your nerves or may be injured.


Stretch your arms and try not to use your elbows.

You use the dumbbell or the plastic bottle through this exercise. Hand the dumbbell and raise your elbow like that you pull it to your back. Straighten your forearm slowly and pause 5 seconds, and replace yourself. Repeat it 10 times, and do same moving on the other arm. It’ll be easy exercise if you are standing slantingly.

When you train themuscles of your forearms, light dumbbell is more effective. Train the forearms with a consciousness of the muscles.


Shake your hands.

You don’t have to use the dumbbell for this exercise. Straighten your arms like plane and shake them like that you squeeze them. Then, try not move your shoulder. Using dumbbell of plastic bottle is more effective, but watch yourself not to drop them. Before the exercise, confirm that there are no one around you.

If you pull your arms to back a little bit, it’ll be effective in upper arms. Let’s try it to tighten your whole arms.


Desk-pushing exercise

You can try this exercise with short time in office. Sit on the chair, and put the back on the hand and the palm on the desk. Make rock with your hands and push the desk.
Don’t move your shoulder and pause in a while, then make conscious of the muscle of your forearms. Try same exercise with the other side. Also, you can try to stick your hands to the under the desk, and lift it. It is effective in forearms, too.


Did you find some easy ways for you?

You can exercise easily even if you don’t have any special machines. It is important that you try to adopt exercise for you to avoid then pain of joints. Try them every day for your whole arms. If it is difficult to do everything for you, just be conscious of the continuation even if you can do them only short time. If you worry about that you’ve got too much muscles, let’s massage the lymph glands.

If the stream of lymph is bad, waste materials aren’t discharged. It would be the causes of swelling or fatigue. Lymph massage is effective in softening the muscles are the exercise.
Let’s try to do every day for slim arms, even if it is hard to continue the exercise.



7 courses of forearm exercise to lose fat of upper arm 

・Do push-ups.
・Fold and pull your hands.
・Do push-ups with putting your hands back.
・Twist your wrists.
・Stretch your arms and try not to use your elbows.
・Shake your hands.
・Desk-pushing exercise

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