7 Reasons to my smelt legs became skinny calves

7 Reasons to my smelt legs became skinny calves
Among the women who have wanted to become a beautiful legs, there is no less a woman suffering from smelt legs.
The called smelt legs is thick legs noticeably only calf.

Calf is called “second heart”, it plays a role, such as a pump to send back blood to the heart. Originally lower body is swelling easy part for gravity. And stagnate the lower body of blood flow due to lack of exercise or cold, waste products accumulate, there are times when it becomes to smelt legs.

Also, even if you have a strenuous exercise-consuming burden on calf, you may become smelt legs.
In this way, there are various causes for smelt legs. It is important to assess firmly whether has become to smelt legs in what cause, and to continue to the correct address.

7 Reasons to my smelt legs became skinny calves


Be careful to attitude

First, as the cause of the smelt legs, you mentioned that the attitude is bad. If the attitude is bad, will be poor balance of the pelvis is distorted body.

Since I was often to sit in such desk work, we have to sit up straight sitting toward the front of the chair. Also, I had a habit of Crossed legs when you sit down, but I quit immediately.

Be Crossed legs because I heard that lead to the distortion of the legs and pelvis.
It was also conscious that sit tighten the ass.

When standing and walking, I was so consciously extend the spine. In my case, because the distortion of the left and right of the pelvis was terrible, I felt that there is a limit even to cure on their own, sometimes I’ve been asked to correction to go to manipulative.

In order distortion is eliminated, smelt legs became skinny calves.


Wear shoes that fit your feet

Some of the women There are people who are wearing high heel shoes with the unreasonable. However, it is very dangerous to choose the shoes in appearance only.

When you have continued to wear does not fit shoes for a long time, you will cause the body distortion of not only the feet.

Since the high-heel shoes to walk using the calf muscles, it may cause smelt legs. Actually I was wearing only high heel shoes, the shoes that do not fit the foot, since walk to put the power where strange, there are terribly tired remember.

Also those who believe “I am okay because not wear only flat shoes”, can’t be peace of mind. If it is not worn high heel shoes is not to say that all right, if you do not fit your feet even in flat shoes there is a negative impact.
That get to choose properly the shoes that fit your shoes shop, it is very important also for feet also for the body.


Walk correctly

Gait are also considered one of the causes of smelt legs. In my case I was a walking, which focused on the calf without knowing. Therefore, it is the muscle is developed, has become a strong calf.

To begin with, what is the correct gait. According to the person who has been teaching the walking, first, it’s important to be careful in the correct Standing how it is.

Standing how basic, and your back straight, pull the chin, pull the stomach, it tightens the ass.

It is center of gravity movement to be important next.

First, landing from the heel to move it to the foot of the back, toe. While it is not familiar I think even good to try to practice indoors. There are words that walk and dashing, exactly when such have a beautiful gait, will become beautifully foot shape.



Those of edema predisposition seems to tend to smelt legs. Cause of the edema can be found in the fact that moisture will accumulate for worsening of blood flow and decreased metabolism.

If you leave alone the edema, such as waste products can cellulite to accumulate, will go to more and more bad direction.

Therefore, will the improvements that it does not keep off a swollen foot.

Before I go to bed and bath up, by a massage with oil, and went to eliminate the edema. Basic Raise rubbing with both hands and from bottom to top.

When you get to the back of the knee and then press and hold for a while. In the middle of the back of the knee, there is a pot that is effective to shed waste. By doing this every day, edema is certainly better.


Improvement of diet

Diet will be mentioned in the cause of the edema.
In retrospect, since I myself had bought in favor of such handy fast food and junk food, there is no reason that it is not edema.
Besides, since the ready-made ones, such as processed products there are many salt, I try to as much as possible to eat the homemade ones.

And to ensure careful also to food, I was to take a laden vegetables (Gourds including the cucumber) and fruits a potassium with diuretic action.
Thereby, the number of times going to the toilet was very increased.
Perhaps because I have to improve the diet, long boots at the calf was tight until now, I became easy to wear.


Improvement of cold

It may cause cold is edema. By cold and waste products accumulate, feet would in swollen.
As a countermeasure that you do not cold, you first have bathing.
I also a lazy to soak in the bathtub, it is there were many that would have done only in the shower.
And I think that it does not improve that it is not warm from the core of the body, I kept in mind that it soak slowly into hot water lukewarm.

Until then, but I was wearing the socks when you go to bed, after I become immersed in the bathtub now without need socks in warm.

Also, avoid drinks that are said to cool the body, such as coffee or green tea, was to take things at room temperature or warm. As a result, I no longer feel so much lower body of cold.


Moderate exercise

I do not see too much smelt legs in a person with an exercise. Even looking at the foot of the athlete, we have taken a very balanced.
By the time a student I also had been a movement, there was no foot of trouble. I began to suffer from the smelt legs is, become an adult, it is from no longer the exercise.

So, I looked what kind of exercise is valid.
Because strenuous exercise would be rather a burden on the foot, was led to conclusion that may be a moderate exercise, such as walking.
Walking is also made to the practice of correct gait, I can feel free.
In effect the correct gait, Meat that had been attached to the outside of the calf has been gradually falling.


How was it?

The legs will be smelt legs is also internal factors as well as external factors. Usually, does not the calf has become thick in a single cause.
It does not eliminate the only single-mindedly to massage the calf trying to thin. Looking back lifestyle, why not try to first that will continue to improve from within the body.



7 Reasons to my smelt legs became skinny calves

・Be careful to attitude
・Wear shoes that fit your feet,
・Walk correctly
・Improvement of diet
・Improvement of cold
・Moderate exercise

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