7 tips for a single woman: Grab your boyfriend’s stomach

7 tips for a single woman Grab your boyfriend's stomach
Cooking is important for a single woman. It can please your boyfriend and even make him think about marriage. However, just “good” dishes are not enough. If you want to make him happy with your cooking, you need some tips.

Once you get the secrets, you will win his heart and make him pleased, as old saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, learn these secrets and make the most wonderful dish for him.

7 tips for a Single woman: Grab your boyfriend’s stomach


Learn his taste

Does your boyfriend like a light flavor or a rich flavor? It is a question. You can research his preference when you go out with him, and you will be able to make a dish to his taste. If you cook on the first date, ask him which flavor he likes before you start cooking. That will help you to understand his taste, and to cook with confidence for him.


Explore “mom’s home cooking”

Naturally, most men like their mom’s home cooking. Before you cook, get information about what dishes he has been eating.

Getting his familiar foods into your menu is also a good idea. If he has not been home for a long time, he will feel warm from nostalgia and will feel affinity to you.


Improve your cooking skill

For single women, a cooking school is a good choice to improve a cooking skill. They offer beginner classes, and also advanced classes for people who already have basic cooking skills. You can choose your class. If you choose an appropriate class for you, your learning will be satisfying.

In addition, you may like cooking more even if you start learning it just for your boyfriend. It is worth trying. Many schools provide trial classes, so you can compare some schools if you like.


Express your pleasure at his compliment

If he does not prize your cooking, do not show him a sign that you are disappointed. It is because he will be anxious about it. Your dishes may be not the best in all dishes that he has eaten in his life. However, you can use it as your incentive to make him fully happy with your cooking someday.

If he prizes your dish, express your pleasure at his compliment. Your smile will make him happy too, and make you two more intimate.


Have your specialty

If you can cook any dishes well, it is wonderful. However, not all women do like that. There are many women who have not fixed their own meals. If you are one of them, check recipes first, and find one that seems easy to make, and then cook it repeatedly in your kitchen. Find how you can make it more delicious. Through that training, you will find your own specialty.

Once you have even just one your specialty, you will cook it for him with confident. It all starts with mastering one recipe.


Eat out now and then

Cooking in your/his place is good, but not on every date. If you cook on every date, it makes your relationship become stale, and turns your cooking into a routine. To avoid it, offer eating out now and then. You can add a good reason to that. It may give you good hints on cooking. Do not allow him to take your cooking for granted. Eating out can make him rediscover the value of your home cooking.


Cook together

Is there something he can do on cooking? Asking him to help you may be also a good idea. If he offers his help on the first or second time you cook, say that you can manage it yourself, with a smile. Then on the third or the fourth time, ask him if he cook together. Some men like to fix his own meals.

He may feel happy to cook together. You need to know which type your boyfriend is.


Were those tips helpful to you?

Men perhaps think that all single women cook everyday, but it is not true. If you do not cook well, that is ok. Do you want him to eat delicious meals? It is the first step. When he finds your love for him in your cooking, he will eat your dishes in delight. For example, cutting carrots in a heart shape is a good expression. Even if your cooking skill is not enough, it will do when he feels your love from your cooking.

On the other hand, a woman who likes cooking has a timeless appeal to men, as you know. Having an interest in cooking will be your advantage. Then try making dishes for your precious boyfriend so that he wants to eat your dishes everyday, forever. It is a way to show your love.



7 tips for a Single woman: Grab your boyfriend’s stomach

-Learn his taste.
-Explore “mom’s home cooking”
-Improve your cooking skill
-Express your pleasure at his compliment
-Have your specialty
-Eat out now and then
-Cook together

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