Retribution: 3 Steps How Your Life Gets Better

Retribution: 3 Steps How Your Life Gets Better
There is the word retribution. Retribution means that “punishment that is considered to be morally right and  fully deserved.” The life is very mysterious if people do a bad act, there is a bad reward, if people do a good act, there is a good reward.

If you haven’t succeeded business or made good human relations, it might be cause by retribution. Yourself come to be the same all too soon so far if you communicate with people who always criticize others and complain all the time. Also when things do not go well, it is a basic causes.

So today we will share this topic.


Retribution: 3 Steps How Your Life Gets Better

1, Respect The Justice

I respect  “justice” with human relationships. It is simply said “do not betray”. This seems to be really simple, but isn’t it quite hard to do?

For example,

・I do not make the structure which only myself gets benefits about work and a private

・I choose the way that everyone, such as friends and teammates, can have benefits.

When money and profit affect it, a human being may be blinded; but “strongly” stay there.


Let’s do a good thing to others without forgetting the feeling of thanks because there is a bad reward if you have done bad act and there is a good reward if you have done bad act. It comes back to yourself by all means from one person to another.

To tell the scary thing, birds of a feather flock together. In other words, the person betraying is betrayed by all means sometime………..

Therefore at first, respect the justice.


2, Admit What You Do Not Know

It is not necessary to be ashamed of ignorance. Please be ashamed of pretending to know it. We miss a lot of big opportunities which we conversation in everyday. This is what you are pretending to know already.

For instance, there is frank conversation like “I watched movie called ~~, that actor~~~ acts really well.” Don’t you often pretend to know, even if you do not know the name of actor or the title of movie. This is deeply disappointing.

There are a lot of chances to obtain new information in the casual conversation. However some people crush it by themselves, and it becomes the habit. It will be the habit unconsciously…….. When it comes like that, it might be a considerable trouble.  People lose  new information to have because of themselves. A law of the retribution that people loses with the seed which yourself planted.

And, as well as it, “a conversation becomes shallow” because People pretend to know it though even they don’t know. So the person who talking with, thinks “a worthless person”. This is not good. Therefore let’s stop pretending as much as possible. The action for fear of temporary shame will strangle yourself. It is better to have a brave that you just need to admit. “What is that?”just ask. The person you talk with already are interested in this topic so if you ask about it, nobody will feel uncomfortable. Because you will emphasize them. Therefore, please have courage to accept obediently. It is not necessary to be ashamed of ignorance. Let’s have consciousness to be ashamed of pretending to know it.

“Having the courage in acknowledgment of what I do not know” and please keep it.


 3,The Consciousness Of Your Parents Influences You

It is not only a face to be similar in parent and child. In fact, you have copy your “parent” like “consciousness” and “thought”. In other words the act of the parent being infected with a child. It is the retribution beyond the generation for a child from a parent.

The people may know who have attended my seminar.


・A viewpoint and way of thinking


・Action or Behavior

are copied by the parents.

Besides, because it is a habit which doesn’t get consciously. That is why it is very difficult. The child of a parent having high level of awareness is brought up in good health. Have a high level of awareness and good human relationships too. But the children will get some problem with their parents who have mental problem or family which has some trouble.

They will also copy

・A viewpoint and way of thinking


・Action or Behavior

Even also “environment”too…. This is really sad fact. There is high divorced rate if someone who grew up with a mother – and – child family. So, now you know why? They cannot imagine the family which have both parents and they have already big strong image in their mind.

The strongest imagination of adults is “parents” and the first example as well. Children will follow to the strongest imaginary. If you are already parents, be good example for your children.

“The child is your mirror”

The mental of your child is of course from “you”. If you are still single, let’s abandon “the negative inheritance” right now.

Then you will get

・Your own thinking

・Your own intention

・Action or behavior

at the first time. You are able to open up your future.

A chain of the retribution beyond the generation. Let’s cut it off by your generation.


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