How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal

How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal
According to the article of “The Person Who Reconsider Can Get Over Evolves”, if your glass is full of muddy water, it is impossible to pour new clear mind or ideas.

It have been already full of mind and muddy so it will not change so much.

Also you will think it is just meaningless to do, and you will not accept new feeling or ideas.

It is to be the problem that intention and act called “refusal”.

Firstly I will tell you the result, if you will refuse like that, you will

“stop growing”

“be alone”

“begin negative loops in your life”

You may think why I tell you such a scary thing in sudden.

Then I will explain why it will be like that one step by step and explain how To Be Brave to say no to refusal

How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal

Growth Stops When You Refuse It

The time when you thought “I give up” or “This is enough”, it is your own goal.

You cannot grow up anymore, because you refuse new sense of a values, information or action.

It mights sounds strict. your former future will be alright, but you won’t grow more and the growth of your own will stop soon.


You Refuse And You Will Be Isolated

How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal3How do you feel if somebody denies your words and suggestions without listening to you well. You will be satisfied the result, after there is lot of meeting or important reason.

If there is not enough reason to refuse and only“no”, ”enough” or ”just don’t wanna do”,  you will feel uncomfortable at all, won’t you?

And don’t you dislike the person who will continue this kind of attitude? Surely I do not want to have a relationship with this kind of person and I will keep distance anyway.

Even if the person meant no harm, I don’t really comfortable with this kind person.



You Refuse And The Negative Loop Begins

Our life is made almost full of customs.

As for first things, you have been “excited”to  do them and feel very fresh, but when  it becomes more natural in your daily life, it might be getting used to.

For example, when you get new boy or girl friend, you are so excited and don’t want to show something bad about yourself. You don’t even have a complaint and bad-mouth. But when you repeat the number of times and are getting used to be with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you will complain a lot and bad-mouth comes to appear.

Our feelings are  petrified by these kind of customs. Refusal is also the same.

At the beginning, you think sorry to refuse, but this feeling would fade gradually and you are used to be “whatever” or “it is ok to refuse”.

This is the beginning of negative loop.

They repeat refusal routinely, their own growth stops, and your friends leave you alone. Also most scary thing is no one has the awareness of it.


Accept At First

How To Be Brave To Say No To Refusal5An accepting is the opposition word of a refusing. At first, please be aware of accepting. You don’t need to swallow all things or do everything.

Does not shut the door, you accept al at the first and choose what you need and what you don’t need.

Don’t say “No”in the beginning.The big possibility might be there.

At first you accept everything first, and think about what you would do.

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