Reduce the body fat ☆ 7 ways to become genetic

Reduce the body fat ☆ 7 ways to become genetic
You want to reduce weight, not contents water, right?

Even if you know the important thing is that the thing reduce the fat attached to the body, is also difficult without an enough time in your busy life which has lots of stress.

Nevertheless, it’s still early to give up.

There’s the way to reduce the fat by little care in daily routine, without doing special things about diet.

And it seems to be normal, so that the person around you don’t notice you’re trying something for diet.

Finally, it is the season of lightly dressed.

This time, let me introduce 7 ways to become genetic makeup of reducing weight.

Reduce the body fat ☆ 7 ways to become genetic


・ Keep a good posture

In order to reduce the fat, fastest way is increase the basal metabolism in exercise more than anything else.
But if you have no time to exercise, let’s start with keeping good posture.

Actually, keeping good posture is much comparable to exercising.

The muscles, there are two types of it, are in a surface and internal.
The muscles on the surface, it mainly moves the body and powers.

The muscle on the inside are mainly supporting the functions of the body, such as internal organs, related to the basal metabolism, and is the called Inner muscle.

Then, when you keep good posture, the basal metabolism increases because of inner muscle’s work.

Only you just focus on the abdominal and back muscles, calorie consumption is 1.5 times higher than you as usual.


・Loosen the stiffness around the scapula

The fat cells, there’re white fat cells and brown fat cells.
The white fat cell storage, brown fat cells are fat cells that acts of consumption.

There are mitochondria in brown fat cells, it is a substance that will consume calories, is essential in lowering the fat.
In fact, people have brown fat cells much is difficult to get fat.
To activate such a brown fat cells, it is useful to stretch the shoulder blades.

Let’s loose stiff neck in an appropriate way, such as massages, and turning back and forth.

It is possible to do in a short time such as intervals of work, it is also recommended as a refreshment.
In addition, when you are in the bath, take a shower of cold and warm to the scapula in order, brown fat cells are activated.


・Drink a lot of water little by little

Almost every Japanese tend to lack the amount to drink the water averagely.

As it referred, it is preferable to take the water of approximately 2L divided into several times a day for normal people.

The ideal amount of water for once is about a half cup.

It’s impossible to drink large amounts of water at a time, because the blood state is off balance, not good except when you are absolutely thirsty.

Sipping water frequently little by little makes your blood circulation better.

Blood spreads to every corner of the capillaries, more cells can be activated.
Consequently, it raised basal metabolism, and is able to reduce fat.
Nevertheless, it is also said to be “drink the water of 2L”, it is quite difficult amount to people without the habit of drinking water.
Refrain from drinking water 2L suddenly, and try to gradually increase the amount of water.


・Stretch the neck frequently

The thing to reduce fat need to that “consume fat” but for this, it means a calorie intake In other words, it is important that you do not eat too much.

Serotonin ,one of the neurotransmitter, is also said to happiness substance, suppress a frustrating.
In addition, another effect is to stimulate the satiety center of the brain and prevent overeating.

To promote the secretion of serotonin, it would be to frequently stretch around the neck.
Such as that bend neck slowly to left and right, try to turn large,feel relax after tentioning muscle around neck. Let’s try the way you feel comfortable.

By frequently doing that described above, the serotonin nervous system would be always active, and serotonin secretes continuously.


・Chew well

It has been known that chewing well is good for diet.

The purpose of it is to stimulate the satiety center by that chewing about 30 times at a mouthful.
But, chewing has a lot of benefits for reducing fat.

Biting behavior is called “small systemic movement” ,and has a similar effect as an easy exercise.
As a result, the entire body warms up fairly.
This is called “diet-induced heat, metabolism”.
This is the reason that it is usually referred to as the “rise postprandial body temperature”
When this diet-induced heat metabolism increases, the function of the internal organs are prompted and combustion of fat activated.

Although it is possible to reduce the fat while eating, it is surprisingly difficult to eat slowly.
Here’s one of an idea to eat slowly is that try to eat by hand not a dominant hand.
Why don’t you try?


・Take hot milk and warmed yogurt

The thing you want to be careful when you reduce the fat is “to store fat”.

Adequate calcium is needed for that.
Parathyroid hormone in the body tries to store fat in the body.
When you take fully calcium, it suppresses secretion of the parathyroid hormone.
On the contrary, The parathyroid hormone was secreted, in case intake of calcium is insufficient.

Parathyroid hormone is also the cause of the period of stagnation in the diet. It is possible to be fully intake of calcium, you will be able to overcome a period of stagnation.

In addition, it is possible to absorb the ingredient efficiently by taking hot milk and hot yogurt.
Although the cold food and beverage is good in this coming hot season, it cools visceral and reduces by half efficient of reducing fat.

We recommend that you take warmed food.


・Sleep at the appropriate time zone

There are 3 hormones to reduce fat, and these are relevant to sleep.
First of all “growth hormone”.
It activates cell and promotes metabolism.
Lack of sleep affects the metabolism and decreases the secretion of growth hormone.

In the case of Japanese, the Timezone of the secretion of growth hormone is said to about am 0:00 to am 6:00.

Secondly, “cortisol”.
Using cortisol works to reduce fat with promoting the metabolism during sleep,the important thing is that you don’t eat 3 hours before bedtime.
If you eat after it,these would be prioritized consumed.

It has the effect to decompose fat cells, which increased by overeating.
If you lack of sleep,leptin would decrease and “ghrelin” ,cause to enhance appetite, would increase.
Least 5-6 hours in the secretion of leptin are required.


How do you like it?

For any purpose other than reducing the fat, there is a good effect on the body, also.
In other words, doing good to body leads to that good health condition and detoxification.
It’s natural providence.

And those described above are easy to do.
Special tools and also place does not need.
Let’s reduce your fat and be released from the useless things ,
And send clean every day!



Reduce the body fat ☆ 7 ways to become genetic

・ Keep a good posture
・ Loosen the stiffness around the scapula
・ Drink a lot of water little by little
・ Stretch the neck frequently
・ Chew well
・ Take hot milk and warmed yogurt
・ Sleep at the appropriate time zone

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