9 ways who has red scalp did for hare care

9 ways who has red scalp made for caring my hair
If you see someone with red scalp and hair whorl, eyes move there anyway. However, thinking about my case, it does mind me.

It’s difficult to identify factors to make scalp red, you need to give care reviewing the life from various directions. Here I’ll introduce how to caret red scalp. Please refer this.

9 ways who has red scalp did for hare care


Part 1:Brushing

Brushing enhances not only the effect of shampoo to float dandruff and dirt, but also makes scalp blood circulation better and make nutrition circulate easier to make you healthy.

Brush which is ideal to use is that static electricity does not occur and soft made from boar or pig bristles in order not to damage the scalp. I think it is good to brush like stroking rather than rubbing the scalp before taking the bath.


Part 2: Shampoo select

I think people who have ever seen a component that is written in a container of shampoo understand, but general shampoo are made by blending the many ingredients.

It’s not always good nor bad shampoo which contains lot of ingredients. People who have a strong skin would be okay even they use any shampoo, and there is also a fact that whatever you use won’t be good for people who have weak one in reverse.

That risk becomes higher in shampoo which has a lot of components because there is a component that does not meet them, using the components of the lot. So what I saw was the amino acid-based shampoo skin-friendly soap and shampoo which has a few components.

Soap shampoo is told detergency and high fatty acid potassium and sodium fatty acid are a safe ingredient, it will refreshes surprisingly sebum in the scalp.

You’ll need care by camellia oil in some cases because washing up too much isn’t very good. it is too take the sebum. On the other hand, though amino acid-based shampoo has weak detergency, you can wash gently hair because human scalp is made of amino acids also.

Because in some cases it is possible to improve the reddened scalp by finding the proper shampoo, you should be careful for shampoo select.


Part 3: Shampoo methods

Even with no matter how good shampoo, scalp will get red and never be healed. To use a lot of hot water is important to shampoo.

Please wash away the dirt and fat of the scalp in an upright position with flowing hot water before shampoo first being careful for scratching by nails. Then you whisk the appropriate amount of shampoo out the palm adding water to put.

Wash gently and carefully without rubbing or scratching the scalp. Hot water of finishing off is the most important, wash off the shampoo completely using hot water generously.

And it will become red and inflamed from remained shampoo in the scalp even a little, that will become the opposite effect.


Part 4: Dryer

It’ll spoil not only the cuticle and not dry firmly, but also the scalp damaging bred bacteria after washing the hair. Dry carefully for your scalp and hair. I’ll try to raise the important point.

– Do towel dry before the dryer. Just suck moisture by towel by pushing force without scrubbing the hair.
-Dry long distance from strong hot air so as not to damage the hair and scalp.
– Shaking the hot air dryer to avoid exposure to long hair and scalp.
– Care the cuticle in the cold air by switching to cold air shortly before the hair dries up.
– Use comb after hair gets dry. Bedtime or a long period leaving are absolute prohibitions when hair is still wet.


Part 5: Avoid direct sunlight 

Scalp is red. Eczema, such as heat rash appears on the scalp. It’s tend to be catapult scratched because if is often accompanied by itching. But by the scratching and heal becomes worse you need to be careful because even become hair loss thinning hair.

You should protect the scalp from direct sunlight in a parasol and hat in order to not be so.
You would think that there is no better hat from stuffy, but it is okay to suffer and do not worry so much better as it is than in direct sunlight.

You would think hats are not good because the stuffy, but it is safer to be suffered than in direct sunlight.


Part 6: Nice meal on the scalp

Sebum in the scalp can cause inflammation.
So it’s important improving the scalp also suppressing the secretion and oxidation of sebum. Since vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 are said to reduce the secretion of sebum, and to take them consciously.

Ingredients which they are included a lot, is the lever tuna, bonito, sardine, mackerel, soy, dairy products, green and yellow vegetables. Moreover, since the vitamin A and vitamin C and vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, they will us to suppress the oxidation of sebum.

Vitamin A is abundant in green and yellow vegetables, vitamin C many such as citrus, vitamin E is abundant in such nuts and sesame seeds.
By eating a well-balanced, being aware of these ingredients you will improve the scalp.


Part 7: Bad meal on the scalp

Food containing a large amount of animal fat is necessary for humans. But if you take too take it too much, that may cause that sebum increases pore clogging of the scalp.

The hot food increases the secretion of sebum. It’s better to keep an appropriate amount is nice to scalp.


Part 8: Keep clean

Redness of the scalp is also possible that it’s inflammation due to fungi.

I guess you go to sleep after drying the hair firmly, but you’ll sweat a lot during sleep. So It is a bacteria breeding friendly environment with stuffiness.
It is important to keep clean by frequently washing pillow covers and towels.


Part 9: dermatology consultation

It is best to listen to professional of skin about trouble of scalp. They make the best advice for your symptoms in the hospital so  your anxiety will have gone.

Also they will give you difference medicine by symptoms.
However, in the case of seborrheic eczema, you will get a steroid anti-inflammatory agents and anti-fungal agents.

And by suppressing the fungus with anti-fungal agents reduce the itching with steroids, it is like going heal while reviewing the lifestyle treatment.


Above, was the 9 ways that you made for my scalp is red hair caring.

Scalp is easily exposed to a stimulus because it is at the top of the human. However, it will be protected by hair so weak. But I will get inflamed immediately.
In order to healthy scalp, it is important to keep clean to avoid the irritation from daily.
Indication of a healthy scalp is pale color. Before you’re said “Your scalp is red”, let’s regain a clean scalp.



9 ways who has red scalp did for hare care

Part 1:Brushing
Part 2: Shampoo select
Part 3: Shampoo methods
Part 4: Dryer
Part 5: Avoid direct sunlight
Part 6: Nice meal on the scalp
Part 7: Bad meal on the scalp
Part 8: Keep clean
Part 9: Dermatology consultation




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