9 major reasons for divorce in the city

9 major reasons for divorce in the city
Reasons for divorce are various, and every divorced couple has their own problems. However, many couples also have the same problem, such as incompatibility or extramarital sex. Those are common reasons for divorce. It means that various individuals have the same tendency. To know the tendencies will be helpful for your future life.

This time, we focus on problems that many urban couples face. If you live in the city, of course these are helpful. Even if you live in the countryside, these must be worth reading for enriching your topic for conversation.

9 major reasons for divorce in the city


Many temptations

Cities have more population than the countryside, so people in the city have more opportunity to meet new people. It means they have more opportunity to meet attractive people, and temptation. People cannot always resist temptations. When they fall into temptation, it often leads to divorce. In this way, frequency of temptation connects directly to the amount of divorce. It can be one of major reasons for urban divorce.


The high employment rate of women

In the cities, many women have jobs. It means they can find something worthwhile, and they have their own income. That condition makes their divorce easier because they can live on their own. Then many working women in the city may divorce.


Women get jobs easily

Even if women have been a full-time homemaker, they can get jobs easier, because there are more jobs in the city than in the countryside. Many jobs mean that there are various forms of working style, and it helps people who have not been employed for years. After divorce, people have to make their lives on their own, so the easy condition of job hunting helps them to divorce.


No concern about neighbors

A neighborhood grapevine is inevitable in the countryside. When someone divorces, the rumor will rapidly spread out over the community. On the other hand, how is it in the cities? People often do not know their neighbors’ names, perhaps even their faces. Under that condition, divorced people can live as before without concerning about rumors. That is why divorce is not serious matter for urban people.


Not close with relatives

In the countryside, families are so close. Divorce is not only the problem of the couple. They have to announce their divorce to their relatives. It is a big deal. In the cities, many people have little contact with relatives. Divorce can be only the couple’s problem, so they can do it just with their own agreement. That reduces the mental obstacles of urban people, then it can cause the high divorce rate.


Women can live on their own

Most urban women have jobs and are economically independent. It is no wonder that they are inclined to give their work priority over their family life. Their divorce rate can be high because they less spend their time on their family than full-time homemakers.


Much stimulation

An urban life offers more opportunities to meet people and an exciting life than country life. The stimulation gives people opportunities to reconsider their life, and to find divorce as one choice. They cannot resist thinking whether their life is good or not, or satisfying or not.


Having an aim

In the cities, there are many people who moved from countryside. Many of them have aims, and they work hard to achieve their goals. Those goals are most important for them. After they get married, they may find their marriage life as hindrance to their goals. Some of them will choose divorce. In this way, having an aim can be a reason for divorce.


Diversity of lifestyles

Urban couples have more options of their lifestyles than rural couples do. It is because cities provide plenty of jobs, and that offers various options of working styles and lifestyles. Some lifestyles reduce contact between husband and wife, and can cause divorce.


What do you think?

Women’s empowerment and the dry, diversified lifestyles seem to affect divorce in the cities. We need serious reasons when change our life. However, we can consider whether our current lifestyles can cause divorce or not. Even if there is potential for divorce, reconsidering our environment may enable us to search for a way to avoid it.



9 major reasons for divorce in the city

-Many temptations
-The high employment rate of women
-Women get jobs easily
-No concern about neighbors
-Not close with relatives
-Women can live on their own
-Much stimulation
-Having an aim
-Diversity of lifestyles

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