What do you work for? By fear? Find the answer now

What do you work for? Find the answer now
Although it is suddenly from the beginning to write,

We humans are dominated by fear.
This is an obvious fact.

  What do you work for? By fear?
Find the answer now


A “fear” is the feeling that we unconsciously feel in our daily life, and it is the strongest driving force for many people.
If I give some examples, “office,” “work” or “a part-time job” look like one of them.

Do you have a job to think that you like it absolutely?
Do you work fun?
Why do you work?

Surely I think that there are many people to response “we cannot live if we do not work.” for the answer to the third question
As for the person of this answer to the third question, a “fear” has already become the driving force.

I will show you why it is.

Money runs out if I do not work

When money runs out, I cannot keep my present life

When I cannot keep my present life

I must leave my house, and I must part with my car

I fall into a situation of borrowing money

My family is turned adrift. I cannot go out to to play with my friends, etc.

It is not anything else except my anxiety. = Fear (unconscious fear)


That is, you “are working reluctantly” while feeling the fear unconsciously in order to avoid it. A very bad negative loop is completed. First, please notice it.

When a person takes action, the driving force is

“passion” or “fear.”
It almost applies to either of these two.


Please pay attention to your feelings when you perform something. Is it a passion? Or is it a fear? Then, your view will surely change.

And, although it becomes a digression,
Leonardo da Vinci called a genius has left the following wise remark.

You should teach how to find the truth rather than you teach the truth.

A hint brings up a person than an answer. When a hint is given, the person will take action while making trial and error to arrive at an answer with it.

And when you find the answer, there is a joy and you get experience to achieve such that “I succeeded! I could!” However, if we know the answer from the beginning, we would be satisfied with it, we do not act in many cases. In other words, we can not obtain the experience of achievement and success.

We does not need to think about which is a plus for the person, do we?.

The truth looks like it.

When you tell a person, you give only how to find or such a hint as he can find.
If so, he would be pleased when he was able to find an answer.
And you also would be appreciated.

It is mysterious, but this world is like that.
And it is one of the best teaching methods.


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