9 habits to become the quick-witted

The 9 habits to become the quick-witted and train our brains
Being funny, taking time to calculate, being not able to remember new things, repeat a same mistake…

The slow-witted had such problems, while the quick-witted doesn’t. That’s why we want to be quick-witted people.


Then how do we train our brain or is it possible?!

In fact, we can be so quick-witted as to train our brains; possible to solve some problem with the training.


Now, I will introduce you the 9 habits in order to train our brain and to become quick-witted.

9 habits to become the quick-witted 

 1.  To recall what happened on that day.

It’s a way to quick-memorize. Before going to bed, make the words all the matters on that day; from the morning to the bed time.

The point is not think about them but talk aloud.

This way is useful to quick-memorize, especially for the people who repeat a same mistake.

Such people are lack of a skill to image the avoidable mistake. So, many of them repeat a same mistake and despise themselves.

In your bed, let’s talk aloud “I made such a mistake. In order not to do again, I can check this work better.”

When you are liable to repeat the same mistake, you will get to be able to notice;“Oops! I must check this work…”; at some day, you won’t repeat the same mistake.

It’s so easy way that let’s start from tonight indeed!


2.  Don’t depend on the food to train our food.

Unfortunately, we have no food in order to train our brain for the quick-witted. No food ; “It’s better you eat them!”

We often hear that‘○○ diet is good! ’But if it is true, now all the people must become slim. It’s same to;‘I’m able to speak English with this material!  If it is true, now all the people must become speak fluently.

.It’s same to become the quick-witted. If we have a certain food, there’s no existence of any problems ;‘I want to become the quick-witted…’However, as long as there are many people who has such a problem, we must say that we have no good food conclusively.


After all, we can sayGood food for our health=Good food for our brain We often hear thatChocolate is goodbut, in fact, this is wrong a little.

It’s true if you eat chocolate, you will become the quick-witted. Glucose is necessary to work our brain and the food that has a lot of glucose just like chocolate is effective.

But this just means ‘It has rapid result’or ‘It’s no long to take effect ’, so they are only a temporary phenomenon if someone says “I was exhausted and slow- witted, but when ate chocolate I’ve got better.” This means we have no way to become the quick-witted beyond our capacities and absolutely we must say that‘Minus becomes plus’


I will tell you again, we have no food for good brain definitely. After all ‘Keeping our good health is the best medicine.’

If  I suggest only one thing is ‘Glucose’to be nutritious of our brains.


 3. To sleep enough

I’m afraid to tell you here, this happened when I went grocery shopping the other day. As I was walk through the vegetables, I watched ‘a horizontal-striped watermelon.’I thought “Oh! A new type of watermelon!?”

But the watermelons were just displayed sideways….

At that time, I was busy and working all night long and went shopping with dizzying condition. That’s why, that’s why I made such an embarrassing mistake.

Like this, if you don’t give a rest (sleep), you must become the slow-witted. Except for being really busy, let’s have an enough sleep.

So far, I introduced that ‘Good food for our health=Good food for our brain’After all, ‘Keeping our good health’is the best environment for our brains. Therefore, let’s keep thinking to maintain your health with ‘Well-balanced food and sleep’Otherwise, you already make mistakes when you ‘re working, additionally you become the slow-witted and you may have ‘Mistakes on parade.’ If you work overnight,  it may be difficult but let’s practice to follow the better rhythm of your life and to arrange the balance your eating life.

And, in order to get the comfortable sleep, you must make your mind relax. Let’s listen to the nature’s wave sound or the calm music which fills our brain with the alpha wave, shimmering of 1/f and improve your sleeping quality.


The nature’s wave sound

This sound is not fake but actually recorded the wave sound and edited so you can sleep in very relaxed way. The sound for blogs is about 2 mins long but this is 30mins for listening calmly.



4.  To walk around

It says that walking or stretching are so good for our brains. Hard exercise is bad but ‘to walk’or‘to stretch a body’are so effective.

The tip is‘To improve the blood of flow ‘For working our brains, we need not only glucose but one more thing which is absolutely necessary. That is ‘oxygen.’ Oxygen is carried to a brain by blood. Therefore, if the amount of blood to a brain is low, the one of oxygen also gains, and then it weaken the operation of a brain.

Then you must‘get off at the station before you’re going to and walk’when you go to school or work. You have to get up earlier but it is essential to begin working after becoming the quick-witted.


In addition, when you feel tired, quickly let’s stretch your body. Especially, you are stuck at the desk, your body easily hardened because spending in the same position for a long time. So please stretch your body and make sure to raise bloodstream to your brain.


5. To try to do unexperienced thing

In order to train your brain, it is also effective to try to do unexperienced thing. Then, why if you do it, you can train your brain ?


The tip is ‘because you use the different part of brain from usual. For training your brain, you must stimulate the various parts of a brain. But your daily work is a same routine’and if you say‘everyday you use a same part of a brain.’, your brain cannot become activated.

Then, startsomething to use your brain. Of course, a precondition issomething not to try so far.

 Many people especially go to some language schools. I have an acquaintance who is an English conversation teacher; companies which let the employees take exams are increasing; so she says, “There are thousands of entrance-applications.”

And many students who take a lesson at the first time say “I used the different brain which I’ve never used.”

Of course, you can do anything else; not only the language, I mean. You can aim to get a qualification of bookkeeping or start studying for another qualification which is useful for your work.


The point is‘to stimulate a brain by doing unexperienced thing.’ If you follow this point and practice something new, you will be able to train your brain!


6. To communicate with the people more and more

We have lots of ‘ways to train a brain’, in fact, most of them ‘the way to improve a memory or a comprehension ability.’ It means, that is, the way to calculate rapidly or comprehend something new.

On the one hand, you cannot learn ‘an expressive’ or ‘an imaginative’ ability. So, let’s practice the way to ‘increasing communications with people.’ But you must not communicate ‘by writing’ like Chat or Message Board. You must make sure ‘the face- to-face communication by talking.’

Talking together needs the skill in ‘giving the information to that person.’You must definitely need to ‘give them easily.’‘Giving the info easily’is ‘an expressive ability’and then, you are going to be good at communications by talking again and again;  even if you are bad at first.


The point is to think about ‘what you ‘d like to tell the most’all the time. And then, you can avoid an off-topic conversation and also can tell the info to the person smoothly.

Of course, it is necessary ‘to listen to the person.’ This way ‘improves an imaginative ability’ and ‘develops that ability by listening to, and you can train an expressive ability by talking anything in your own words.’

Besides, you can enjoy listening to ‘the radio’or ‘Rakugo .’ The point is ‘to input the information without any visual devices.’You must image the view in your brain in order to understand something only with listening. That’s why you can develop to train an imaginative ability by listening and listening. Especially, I recommend you Rakugo. You are unable to comprehend how fun it is if you can’t imagine the view; so that if you feel ‘Rakugo is fun!’, that  must prove your imaginative ability has ben trained.


7. To do the Speed listening*

Some people use Speed Listening (listening double-speed sound) to ‘train the quick-witted.’This is so-called listening fast Japanese speaking; It stress the brain, and it becomes a training.

Then, is this way really effective?

Looking atEffective or Non-effective,  it is surely effective. I might  But only ‘comprehensive ability’ to be able to cover Speed Listening among the 4 key elements of a brain-turning;‘comprehensive, calculating, imaginative, expressive ability.’I suppose it’s a little effective to ‘improving an imaginative one’, however, make sure it’s effective mainly to improve ‘a comprehensive ability.’


So, I strongly recommend the people who ‘can’t understand fast if listen to something’ or who ‘can’t understand totally if look through the documents.’

And it shows ‘Listening only is OK’but this is a big mistake. ‘Listening only =not try to understand’; so I bet it is really non-effective without concentration on listening to understand.

In addition, I might say ‘it’s non-effective when a brain is tired.’I can recommend Speed Listening to some people but if possible, please practice ‘when you are the best quick-witted.’


8. To do the brain-training game*

Do you think‘Brain Training’like Nintendo DS which is a big hit is really effective?

If I say‘Effective or non-effective, I bet it is really effective. So believe that it’s valuable to practice.


However, for the quick-witted, you need a various abilities. One of them ismemory, and alsocomprehensive one.’‘Imaginative is also important andexpressive abilityas well.

 Like this, we train the various abilities so much with balance and then we become ‘the quick-witted’; but by the popular game for brain training, memory and comprehensive abilities are proceeded, while not effective to proceed imaginative and expressive ones.

It means, I can strongly recommend the people who think ‘I can’t calculate fast’or ‘Recently, I can’t memorize well…’On the other hand, I suppose I can’t recommend the people who think ‘I am bad at express well….’

Therefore, if you want to train an expressive or an imaginative abilities, let’s practice ‘writing compositions or keeping a diary=improving an imaginative ability’or ‘increasing communications with people=training an expressive ability’

Of course, to train a brain is fun as a game, so if you ‘don’t want to train your  brain but want to enjoy as a game’, let’s have fun honestly.


9. To wake up early

It’s similar to 2. and 3. introducing ‘Keeping our good health’, in order to work your brain well in the morning, it is surely effective‘to get up early.’

A brain doesn’t enter the top gear as soon as you get up. Though it’s different from each person, It means a brain doesn’t enter the low gear in 2 hours, and later a gear improves little by little.

For instance, I suggest you get up at 7:00 and start working at 9:00. In this case you have to start working in a state of the low gear. Therefore, in order to start with top gear, I suppose you get up at least 30 mins earlier.

Of course, let’s make sure to eat breakfast. Even if you get up early and your brain tries changing gear, there is no meaning if it has no nutrition for changing gear. That’s why you must eat breakfast to supply some nutritions to change gear smoothly.


“But I don’t want to eat anything…”

There’s many who think like that, however, in such a case, you can eat CalorieMate or nutritional supplementary food. When I don’t want to eat anything because of a hangover, I also eat just ‘crushed-jelly Konnyakubatake and Red Bull.’

Actually, it’s the best combination to eat ‘Rice+Miso Soup+something’, but it’s better than no Konnyakubatake.



What do you think?


I introduced some ways to pracices quickly, but if you have them in your mind, I bet your brain would change which you can notice it.


At first it may be difficult, but when you are used to, you must feel good. We are happy when we eat breakfast under the sun. Your brain becomes working better with your motivation;“Now, I’ll do my best today, too!”

9 habits to become the quick-witted 

1. To recall what happened on that day.
2. Don’t depend on the food to train our food.
3. To sleep enough
4.  To walk around
5. To try to do unexperienced thing
6. To communicate with the people more and more
7. To do the Speed listening*
8. To do the brain-training game*
9. To wake up early

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