7 dietary habits to prevent body odor

Here! 7 practical dietary habits to prevent body odor
Body odor is called an “old man smell.” Anyone gives out it regardless of gender from around the age of 40. Despite the matter of age, many people may want to do something. Even in the same middle-aged people, some people give out strong odor but others do not do it too much. What is the difference between the two? Although it depends on the constitution of your own, it does on your lifestyle, mostly dietary habits.

The cause of body odor is the sebum and the active oxygen increased by aging. The active oxygen produces oxidation of the sebum and it causes body odor. The secretions of sebum and active oxygen are greatly influenced by foods. That is, you should improve dietary habits to prevent body odor. Therefore, today I will tell you 7 practical improvement dietary habits that you can execute even right now.

7 dietary habits to prevent body odor


No.1: From eating meat to Japanese-style foods

The meals placing a disproportionate emphasis on meat, dairy products and oily foods include a lot of fat. When you ingest a lot of fat, the quantity of secretion of the sebum increases and it is natural that the body odor becomes strong.

It is Japanese foods that are in contrast to such meals. Because the Japanese foods mainly on soybeans, fishes and vegetables are low-fat, the secretion of the sebum is suppressed. In addition, the isoflavone supressing the generation of active oxygen is included in the soybeans used a lot for Japanese foods. The foods are called an Anti Oxidant Biofactor, and most of the vegetables have the antioxidant action.

Considering these things, It is Japanese foods that are most suitable for the measures of body odor. You should essentially replace your dietary habits mainly on Japanese foods.


No.2: Utilize anti oxidant biofactor

It is the foods including vitamin C, E and carotene that are well known as an Anti Oxidant Biofactor other than a soybean and the soybean product, and there are the following things:
Vitamin C
・ Vegetables: broccoli, green pepper, Japanese mustard spinach, spinach, shishito (a variety of green pepper), tomato
・ Fruits: citrus fruits, strawberry, persimmon, kiwi fruit
Vitamin E
・ Vegetables: avocado, asparagus, spinach, pumpkin, sweet potato, Chinese chives, spinach
・ Fruits, nuts: Blueberry, prune, almond
・ Fishes: eel, flatfish, salmon, saury
・ Vegetables: carrot
・ Fruits: apricot, mango
・ Seaweeds: laver, wakame (species of edible brown seaweed)
You should ingest these foods consciously every day if possible.


No.3: Maintain your enteral environment

The condition in the intestines also influences body odor. Friendly bacteria helpful to the immunity and the metabolism decrease and unfriendly ones increase in the intestines with age. The unfriendly bacteria break down the protein and the amino acid which are not digested and create the materials causing bad smell. Therefore the body odor become severe when the unfriendly bacteria increase and the intestinal environment gets worse. Conversely, the body odor will be controlled if the friendly bacteria increase and the intestinal environment gets better. You should eat the following foods and condition the function of intestines and try to increase the friendly bacteria.

・ Vegetables: they include a lot of dietary fibers and condition the bowel movement.
・ Fermented foods such as yogurt, natto, pickles, vinegar: they increase friendly bacteria.


No.4: Good quality ingredients

Even if you eat vegetables and fruits said to have antioxidation properties, there is an anxiety in the nutritional value if you depend on the processed foods or the frozen foods. If any ingredient is processed, the nutritional value decreases and many unnecessary chemicals might be included. Then the antioxidant action becomes low. It is said that the outdoor-grown things in seasonal of the vegetables and the fruits are highest in the nutritional value. If the nutritional value is high, the antioxidant action is high.

With a choice of these high quality vegetables and fruits, it is best to cook by yourself. In case the cooking for yourself is a very difficult matter, you might start from eating fresh fruits without cooking or making a salad with the fresh vegetables


No.5: Green tea for drinking if possible

Catechin included in green tea has the antioxidant action. In addition, body odor itself is suppressed because caffeine included a lot in green tea has also a diuretic effect, which is effective in reducing sweat. The green tea matches Japanese foods. For the measures of body odor, green tea is recommended than coffee and cooling drinks.


No.6: Drink moderately

There may be many people looking forward to drink at supper. Alcohol included in the liquor is a strong smell substance. The alcohol has also perspiration function, and it is metabolized to sweat, which becomes stronger. When you drink a lot, you may become to produce a lot of strong smell sweat.
However alcohol has the work to reduce active oxygen and a small amount of drinking does not cause a problem. If you are concerned about body odor, you may drink moderately.


No.7: Utilize apple cider vinegar

An apple and vinegar have the deodorization ability each. It is apple cider vinegar that you can ingest the both from at once. For example, would you like to try using it instead of vinegar when you make dressing, vinegared dishes and pickles for a salad? Considering as a simpler way, it is useful always to have it ready on a dining table so as to use for a grilled fish or the sauce of dumplings.


How about things mentioned above?

As you may have noticed, the dietary habits that I listed here contain a lot of things leading to the metabolic syndrome measures and the lifestyle-related disease prevention. We may be able to say that the improvement of body odor will be the healthy eating habits as a first step.
If there is knowledge of the nourishment which you knew here, you can choose the antioxidant foods at the time of usual shopping. It may be good to begin slightly to change your consciousness like that.
Why not begin the dietary habits that can lead to healthy and youthful days and dissolve body odor?



7 dietary habits to prevent body odor

No.2: Utilize anti oxidant biofactor
No.3: Maintain your enteral environment
No.4: Good quality ingredients
No.5: Green tea for drinking if possible
No.6: Drink moderately
No.7: Utilize Apple cider vinegar


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