Practice Makes Perfect: Advice For Person Who Can Not

Practice Makes Perfect: Advice For Person Who Can Not
“Fall in and out of love quickly”is one of the biggest characteristic of Japanese, as for“practice makes perfect ”came to be said.

“Practice makes perfect”means even if it seems really difficult. If you put small things little by little, you’ll accomplish great things as you can not even imagine.

It is totally true, isn’t it? People want to demand a result immediately and are going to take their ease. However, “practice makes perfect ” It is important above all you believe yourself, and to continue steadily

Practice Makes Perfect: Advice For Person Who Can Not


At First Continue It!

You Become Able To Do Anything.

I have talked in a hard way,but the aim that you want to achieve heartily comes true by all means.

If it is that you really want to achieve it, there is no pain in what you continue. Please think in this way.

You run in the marathon course having a long 42.195 kilos corse running from now on.

Before a start, I am sure that you throb. Of course there will be the nervous too.

However, you will lost gradually all your feeling and your feet become heavy, when you begin to run.

You have made complaints like“I can’t do that” or “I want to give it up”.

However you will remember that your friends are still waiting for you at the goal, each time when you want to give it up.

Your friends hug you with lots of delight if you make a goal through intense heat, an uphill slope, a downhill slope or a sharp curve. Surely previous sufferings vanish, and only feeling of accomplishment will be left.

If You Stop It, You Will Never Reach.

Practice Makes Perfect: Advice For Person Who Can Not

Unfortunately, many people easily give it up.

“I just stop running”people might think. It does not only stop “running”, but also people stop “achieving”.At this point, the person who give it up, never accomplish, never get good result or never see their own goal.

“Practice makes perfect”. It may take time, but can reach at the goal by all means unless you don’t stop.

Let’s subdivide your way of big aim and make a lot of small result for yourself.Feeling of accomplishment and your confidence grow bit little by little whenever you achieve small aims.

Don’t forget “Practice makes perfect”, when you will challenge new steps.


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