5 methods to have positive thinking easily

The 5 methods to have a ‘positive thinking’which anybody does easily
Everyday having complains, nothing lucky, boring people around, no dream or purpose if somebody tells me to have them…. But I want to be happier if I can live enjoyable and fortunately little more…. Well, now, I recommend you a ‘positive thinking.’

It’s said that Japanese are bad at having a ‘positive thinking.’Because Many Japanese think “If I think everything is going well, I’m afraid I might become an irresponsible man,” or “I’m afraid I might become a selfish man swinging the people around.”‘The way of thinking that is convenient for yourself’ is actually not a ‘positive thinking’ but an ‘optimistic thought.’It’s really different from a ‘positive thinking.’

When you can have a real‘positive thinking’, you can have a confidence yourself. And you give so good effects to the people around that everybody like you. Then the human relations become well, the work goes well, things works well rapidly.

On the contrary, the pessimistic people don’t have any confidence themselves. They hide they have no confidence themselves and complain or point out only bad matters so that everybody dislikes them. The people who are disliked don’t work anything well so that at the result their incomes won’t raise and become to live with the anxiety about the money or the future. Do you have such people around you?

If there’s a method to be able to have a positive thinking easily, you should try it because there’s no loss. You change the daily-habits a little so please try from today! Things turn around well little by little.


5 methods to have positive thinking easily


 1.  To pay attention a habit of talking in your daily life

It’s said that the words we talk shows 90% of unconscious ones. It means the people who has a negative thinking have the negative habit of talking, who has a positive thinking have the positive habit of talking.

The example of the negative habit of talking

・difficult  Ex.) “Working that task must be difficult, I suppose.”

・hard     Ex.)  “I always get involved in a hard matters”

・impossible  Ex.)  “It’s impossible myself.”“I think it’s impossible to let her do it.”

・can’t  Ex.)  “I can’t do anything.”

・anyhow  Ex.)  “Anyhow as for myself..”

For instance, if you have the habit of talking ‘difficult’, it’s a proof that you think everything too difficult. Let’s watch how situation makes him say this habit. It is so effective because you know your unconscious consideration only by noticing your own habit of talking.

“Well, I have a habit to think everything difficult,”when you notice the negative habit of talking, please think the matters from the positive point of view, like “Then how does it work if I think it easily?”

You may have an idea that you didn’t think so far! _You can do it easily please try.


2.  To change“How?”to“Why?”

When you can’t do well something, do you ask yourself “Why was I unable to do it?” Perhaps some people maybe ask to others, “Why did you fail like that?”

You must not ask “Why?” to ‘a person.’If you use the question “Why?” to a person, it is same to blame his failure.

When you nearly use “Why?”, please change “How?” like “How woud you work well?”There is no feeling to blame a person, so you can catch things forward.

In the situation to be blamed, a person can’t judge on matters. When being asked “Why?”,  it is no doubt you must hear only excuses.

A person who can make a positive thinking is also a person who can reflect on yourself calmly after having the failure calmly.

3.  To replace“I knew”and “by accident”

The person who is negative thinks,

・When the good matter happens, “I am lucky by accident.”

・When the bad matters happens, “I knew a timing was bad.”

On the other hand, the person who can have a positive thinking thinks,

・When the good matter happens, “I knew I am lucky.”

・When the bad matters happens, “A timing was bad by accident.”

Which person do you want to stay with? I suppose if I stay with the negative person I feel down myself, too.

Actually, not only good matters happen and also not only bad matters continue forever. However, if you only replace “by accident” and “I knew”, you feel so different and above all the effect to others around changes.

It’s so wasteful, isn’t it? The positive person can make others around happy so that the things go well.


4. To be suspicious,“Is it true?”

When you have the negative thinking like“I knew I’m bad.”or “Anyhow it won’t work well.”, let’s be suspicious,“Is it true?”

You must find some parts which you had not seen like“Though I have something bad, but also something good.”or“Though I may not make a big success, I may go to the place of the degree no to fail.”

The person who has a real positive thinking can go forward after understanding even the negative parts.


 5.  To praise a person once a day

Let’s praise a person once a day. The point is‘to praise everything.’For instance,

・I thought for some time, you look nice with those glasses.

・I admire you because you work always rapidly.

You don’t mind anything like the surface things or other’s actions or the internal things.

If you do it everyday, you would have‘a muscle for praising(MFP)’as same as a muscle training. When you can find someone’s good, you can find something good in yourself and become to have a confidence. Then, you have a positive thinking more and more!




What do you think?


Positive thinking is a method of thinking that we become to feel easy ourselves and others around become happy. Anybody can have a positive thinking by take a slight point. If both others and I are happy, things go well rapidly!


Please use them in your daily life little by little.


5 methods to have positive thinking easily

1. To pay attention a habit of talking in your daily life 

2.  To change“How?”to“Why?”

3.  To replace“I knew”and “by accident”

4. To be suspicious,“Is it true?”

5.  To praise a person once a day 


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