5 ways to surf life with positive thinking

The 5 rules to wave riding of your life with a positive thinking
The people who can live with a positive thinking, depending on the situation, they feel down and can’t be positive. Because they force themselves into a corner; they must be as being positive as they can.

They become patient and painful. In such a case, if they can be positive thinking, they can so easily live their life. How can they do that?


5 ways to surf life with positive thinking


1. Tell yourself, “What will be, will be.”

Let’s tell yourself, “What will be, will be.” In the case of having something you fear or feeling anxiety.  You’re going to think you won’t go in the wrong direction as you think.

I know many cases that someone were worrying about going n the wrong situation, and in fact, it wasn’t go in the worse than he thinks. He may be thinking worse and worse.

The way not to think negatively is to try leaving yourself naturally.  So that, you’re able to do a positive thinking and also to wave riding of your life.


2. Try to think you are not alone or lonely

You must worry more, by feeling you are alone. You must become so lonely, if you think  “only I worry like this…” But actually many people live with lots of problems everyday.

Let’s broaden our horizons a little. You must find some people who support you or understand around you. Let’s talk such people a little.

We, human can become extremely strong when we realize “I am not alone.”

Then we can become to think keeping in touch with various people. I wonder about it because the people both who are good or bad at keeping in touch become to think like this.


3. Let’s hold dear the person who you want to do

Do you have a person who you want to hold dear? And can you do it? If you think no, let’s use a power that you can do this power which make you do. This power will become so larger and stronger.

And then, when you have that power, even from now you can’t fail any small matters. In order to protect against something and not to make him feel sorrow, naturally you can make the best. When you have this feeling, you can do a positive thinking.

When we notice that you have a person to protect against and you are relied, we, human beings can have the strongest power. We can become stronger in mind and body than now. That power is the one, maybe even we didn’t expect ourselves.


4.Hold the feeling to try where you can do it to!

Possibly, you may not proceed than now. But having that feeling to proceed is already a positive thinking. With that feeling, if you fail or stagnate, you can look ahead.


You can have such feelings for anything. You can choose something to decide yourself. Working is fine, Obtaining some qualifications is as well. It’s very important to be able to think that to try something or to do even if you don’t know where you can do it is significant.

With such feelings, you can look quite ahead, I suppose. It’s difficult to proceed ahead from there even if you stop thinking that “I wonder I can do it to wherever.” More than that,  I think you must bet yourself that  you can do it to wherever .


5.Anyway try moving your body

Your mind can take a rest temporarily by concentrating on only moving your body. Because you can concentrate on only one thing. You can wait one moment from worrying or thinking painful.

And it can be a short time or something easy. Let’s look for the way to move your body to be able to do easily yourself. You can exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscle and the back. You can use some PET bottles instead of dumbbells.

By doing it hard, you will get your energy from inside your body. Your feeling looks ahead with that energy. Unless you think , naturally you can have a positive thinking.

By moving your body, something idle wakes. It’s so wonderful. And let’s make sure that

influence in your mind and body. It’ll surely become useful from now on.


Though telling you to have a positive thinking, it could happen that nothing follows you. They are energy and a power in yourself. Let’s change to something that energy and power in order to manage to let you look ahead .

You don’t have to overdo for changing.. You would exhausted using the energy if you overdo. Instead, let’s aim to a positive thinking by the rules above. Then, you can notice that you live your life so easily.


5 ways to surf life with positive thinking

1.Tell yourselves, “What will be, will be.”

2.Try to think you are not alone or lonely

3.Let’s hold dear the person who you want to do

4.Hold the feeling to try where you can do it to!

5.Anyway try moving your body

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