Anybody can do! With no time! Technique to be photogenic

Anybody can do! With no time! Technique to be photogenic
You sure want to look beautiful or handsome in photos, but what should you do?

Today, I will teach you a small tip you can try now to be photogenic.

Let’s start.


Anybody can do! With no time!Technique to be photogenic


It is well known that our faces are asymmetric, but do you know why?

That is because “the right brain” mainly controls the left side of the face, and “the left brain” controls mainly the right side of the face.

So our faces are asymmetric.

Based on this, let’s get back to a topic.

The way to be photogenic and become a popular person.


Roughly speaking,

-the right brain is controlling emotions, instinct and inspiration

-the left brain is controlling rational, calculation and logic


Therefore, if the photo is taken from left side, you look expressive and be photogenic!

It is very simple, but 90 % of people are said to have better looking on their left side.


 So show the left side of your face when you are taken a photo. That’s it.


If you doubt it, just try.

You would realize a difference in left and right side of your face.

Now you can be more confident with yourself.

You will sure be loved more.


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