Method to improve efficiency of study, the learning

How to Use Your Negative Thoughts Effectively

"I am a negative thinker, and lack imagination." These people usually don't realize that people with negative thoughts actually have great imagination.
Technique to give the first impression

Anybody can do! With no time! Technique to be photogenic

What should you do to appear beautifully in photos? Today, I will tell you an easy tip to be photogenic.
Method to widen your field of vision

the way to break belief by using 2 thinking

The 80% of our daily life is made of "belief". Will you break it? Today I tell you the 2 way we can break it.
A method to give a motivation

6 ways to increase motivation of lazy human as you

We seek pleasure and avoid pains without thinking. As a result, we get lazier. We can’t help it, but it’s not good. So here are 6 tips to be a motivated person.
A method to give a motivation

3 reasons why praise is effective to help you succeed

A phrase like “You can do it!” can encourage you to have a try. Being praised leads us to do things well. Here are 3 reasons why praise promotes positive behaviour.
Method to improve efficiency of study, the learning

7 to be happy-The early bird gets the worm

There is a saying “the early bird gets the worm”. As it is followed by “a late riser suffer the loss”, let’s take good sleep, keep regular hours and live good days.
A method to give a motivation

9 gestures for taking advantage to improve

Sophisticated people seem to act smart. Whether you are sophisticated or not depends on your gestures. Here are 9 habits you should learn to improve yourself.
How to make good communication and human relations

9 ways to understand male psychology

If you can capture his heart, you can surely enjoy everyday more. Understand male psychology and have happy life with love!
How to heal the mind

9 ways how to change mind & refresh quickly

Once you get depressed, you are likely to get depressed more and more and get into negative spiral. Why don’t you change mind and spend good times?
Ways to improve the insomnia and lack of sleep

9 reasons of earplugs’ surprising effect

There are many ways to get good sleep, but our ears keep hearing noises and brain is awakening by them. So here are effects of “earplugs” for good sleep.
How to heal the mind

9 Must-know ways about depression recovery

Depression is called “a cold of mind”. Modern society is full of stress. Everyone have possibility to suffer depression and should know what is good for recovery.
How to make good communication and human relations

7 ways to learn life energy by aura color

Knowing about aura increases possibilities of improvement and it can change your life better. Here are about aura colors and ways to progress yourself.
How to make good communication and human relations

9 ways for relationship with nice gestures

People judge others unconsciously with their “small gestures”. Good gestures can make good relationships. Let’s learn about gestures which give good impressions.
How to heal the mind

9 reasons to give advice for her comfort

Have you calmed a troubled friend by giving advice? It can be difficult to give advice as you inwardly want to make a good impression on others.
Method to change oneself

7 ways to be bright and make her like you

A person with a certain air about him is quite popular among women as he is bright. There are reasons why a bright man wins a women’s heart.
How to make good communication and human relations

5 steps to learn behavioural psychology

If you learn behavioural psychology, you can stop worrying about your relationships with others. Let’s build better relationships and enjoy your life.
How to make good communication and human relations

Communication games to build relationships

There is software for training skills for rapid communication or being a good listener. Why don’t you try communication games to build better relationships?
Method to change oneself

5 easy methods to try for your thick legs

There might be many people who dream about beautiful legs but also have problems with their legs. For them, I will introduce easy methods to slim thick legs.
Method to change oneself

9 bad foods which made me sweaty

I guess many of you care how you're sweaty. Have you ever known it may because of food?I'll introduce 9 bad foods which may make you sweaty.
How to attract happiness

7 Reasons be cooler by bald hairstyles

Women avoid men who hide bald head or being unclean, rather than bald head. Graceful is important for women and “comb-over” hairstyle should be avoided.
Method to change oneself

7 methods to take vitamins for awful acne

Acne results from physical disorder! Crapula, unbalanced diet and stress would make the sign on the skin. It is “acne.”13 Keep balanced meals in mind!
Method to change oneself

9 methods to cure body odor knowing causes

The smell of sweat is greatly influenced by your lifestyle. Today I find out the causes of body odor in a lifestyle and tell 9 methods to improve it.
Method to change oneself

5 matters you mustn’t in case of red scalp

Have you not seen the person with red scalp? Have you not felt it yourself? It is a warning sign. I tell the reminders in such a case.
How to attract happiness

7 dietary habits to prevent body odor

Body odor is called an "old man smell." The cause is sebum and active oxygen. The sebum is oxidized to cause body odor. Today I tell 7 practical dietary habits.
Method to change oneself

How to prevent hair loss by 7 good foods

All hairs from tiptoe to head are made from protein. What are ingredients effective for how38 to prevent hair loss? I tell some nutrients and foods for hairs.
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