Ordeal matures you: 9 key words to change

Ordeal matures you as a person. 9 key words to change your present
Please don’t think “ordeal” is stressful. It’s just an assumption.

What you need to do to change the present situation is always hiding in your daily life, just hard to realize.

I don’t know anything about you. You may think that some words are unexpected that you cannot understand.

There is no answer in the first place. From thousands of people I met through my business, I have picked out some words which brought them breakthroughs.

The life is shorter than you think. I wish these words will help you to break through the present status.


Ordeal matures you: 9 key words to change


1. Act before you think

Aren’t you trying to find a “good place” to start?

 Too many people are spending too much time just for preparation.

Why do you have to wait for your best condition?

Why do you check up over and over for the things you have explained many times? 

If you want to think, act first. You are already “escaping”, as you think. Like logic of the boss who never acts for himself is useless, it has bad influence on you not to act. To avoid being such a boring man, have courage to start running. Even if you are not ready to start, act anyway.

 You might get hurt.

But nothing turns out good if you are just thinking. You will never tumble or see a goal, if you don’t run. This is an ordeal. You will be confident when overcoming your ordeal.

So have courage to step forward. 

The first step is fearful for everybody, and hoping to get through a problem with thinking and with minimum energy. But nothing starts until you act.

Get moving anyway. Act first, and then think while you act. By acting, your next step will be polished. Even if you have no good ideas, it will come to you if you act. Act before you think.


2. Don’t be like a first-class student

A person sitting in the middle in the first row of the class room is not a first-class student. He is afraid of making mistakes, so never wanting to be called. However, only who get called by a teacher can truly learn. If you don’t know the answer, you can simply say “I don’t know”.

A first-class person cannot do so.

You don’t have to know the right answer. Important thing is to listen seriously and think thoroughly about the problem.

 When you achieved to do so, you can overcome an ordeal and can change.

 The improvement chart of a first-class student increases steadily and declines to the lowest at the very end.

Take a look at a top businessperson. Without any mistakes or ordeals, he would successfully become a manager, but eventually get fired as a result of restructuring.   

On the other hand, impertinent worker make many mistakes or come up with crazy ideas. The lower chances of being successful and higher risk of getting fired.

But at the certain point, the growth chart drastically grows.

He may start own business, or become famous in his industry after many projects. A person who experiences certain amount of mistakes and ordeals progresses at once.

 Ability can be acquired by experiencing many ordeals. The more mistakes you experience, the faster you can solve the problem. Making mistakes is an ordeal that an honor person cannot overcome.


3. Be a leader

Do you trust your boss?

Don’t you see him as an over-theoretical person?

A leader has a responsibility for everything. If his team goes wrong, he should guide to a right direction.

 Have a courage to say “I am a person in charge” in a case of problem.

If an adult wants to be selfish, there must be someone who accepts it. A shortcut for it is to be a leader. Being selfish without responsibility is just childish.

 In Japanese educational systems, only a few people become a responsible person. By being a leader, you overcome another ordeal, appreciated by others, and become confident for yourself.

 “I am a person in charge.” How easy it is.


4. Narrow down a concept

99% of people are spending everyday without thinking, and just sleeping. Go to school or work with sleepy mind, spend a day as it passes by, and go back to sleep. A morning comes, and repeat same thing again.

99% of people don’t have a policy. They don’t have a concept like “I am longing to do this!”, and just going through the motions of living a life. This is not fun.

Take out pen and paper now, make a list of concepts of your life, and focus on few of them. Don’t say “I think I feel like trying this…” No joking.

Aren’t you pretending to enjoy your job? Don’t you blame on the environment for your limited actions? No more pampering of yourself. Never.

Remember what you can enthusiastically concentrate.

Think back to the memories of childhood.

Recall the exciting concepts.

When you narrow down your solid concept, you have overcome an ordeal and take a next step toward a future.


5. Imitate

Everybody have a habit in the way of behavior or in the way of thinking.

Even the mighty man is just a human like you.

So take a close look at those who always obtain good result or who has popularity. There should be some good habit. You can simply imitate them.

 Have you ever thought of why there are so many people who can’t accomplish their goals, in spite of great sales of self-enlightenment novels? I think that’s because nobody imitate.

Great people are thoroughly explaining how to face problems in their books, but nobody imitate them.

They just read and satisfy. Nothing different from “reading aloud” in elementary school.

The answer is in their hand, so why not copy it.

 It is the same for ideas. If you can’t come up with new ideas, don’t whine.

Copy someone’s ideas. It’s hard to recognize, but no idea come from nothing.

Any innovative ideas are combination of old projects.

Copy first. You will see the next step from there. 

Ashamed of copying?

I think it is greater than those who can’t even imitate.


6. Never get depressed by denying

It is strange, but the result can change by who you are. 

For example, a new employee presents a new project. It will most likely to be rejected at once.

But what if the president of the company said the same thing?

Nobody would criticize it. It will even be praised as a great idea. 

When your position is not so important, nobody pays attention to you.

This is the chance to be denied. Receive many rejections.

As you get a better position, your “conceited” and “unfeasible” plans become “innovative” and “unprecedented”.

 In a field of art, pictures like scribbling of a child are dealt in high prices.

They may be different for some people’s eyes, but most of us cannot tell. Your ideas possibly have a value to even change the world.

You are just not in the position to be praised yet. So receive many denials for now. Think them as ordeals and respond positively. Even genius and successful people received denials at first.


7. No need for working hard and steadily

Japanese have a trait of working hard and steadily.

Whether you study or work. Why do you have to work like that? It feels better to concentrate in a short period of time and finish at once. Don’t waste your precious time.

 From old times, modest people were appreciated in Japan.

Don’t be greedy, work for others, and work harder than anybody was a virtue. But it is only a vision of periods of farming and rapid economic growth.

Now, information technology and infrastructure is prepared and choosing information is commodity for everybody. You are experiencing this while you read this article.

We have to appreciate our predecessors who made our present and a sense of value of good old days, but there is always a suitable way to win for each period.

 Most companies in recent stock market are IT companies. Presidents of these companies practiced the appropriate strategy and became billionaires at young ages.

Working hard and steadily is nothing more than a fantasy.

Overtime work, useless personal connections, meaningless drinking party. Everything is meaningless.

Think about the shortest way to achieve a goal. Everybody is thinking about it, nobody just doesn’t say it aloud.


You have 2 choices. A beef bowl or a noodle.

Alternatives can be anything. The most important is how you think after making a choice.

Let’s say you chose a beef bowl, because you felt like it.

Now, which is more attractive? A person who says “Oh, how nice a beef 8. Be proud of what you have donebowl is!” or “I should have chosen noodles…”

 A life is full of choices.

Deciding the future after graduation, finding a job, getting married, buying a car, making a presentation, going out for a drink, having a lunch, time to go to bed, etc.

 Whether big or small, you are always thinking about your decisions. Even if you made a decision without much thought, don’t regret it. Instead, think “It was a right decision. Thanks to my choice that I am what I am today.” That kind of a person is more attractive. It feels much better to spend a time together with this kind of person, and I would only want to work with them.


9. Do the thing nobody would, at unexpected quality

The more uncommon thing you do, the more activated you brain.

The action beyond your highest desire leads to tomorrow with creativity. That’s why children grow so fast.

They don’t have common sense or morals, so they do what they want.

As we grow up, we are hedged round with restrictions.

 Is it really fun? There should be more things we want to do.

You may not realize, but you can do anything you want, as long as it is within the rules of the society. 

Do you dress in women’s dress (if you are a man)? When was your fastest driving? How about do your hair in Mohawk style? Don’t you want to raise a war cry? How about camping in front of your house? Or bungee jumping? 

This is why it’s fun to be a human.

To achieve the best performance every time, you need to rest at certain point. How frequently do you spend time for your hobby, even nobody knows or never understands it? Switching on and off your secret personalities brings you calm, stable life.

 Change now so you won’t regret your life. 

That moment, you surely can change. 



By being aware of just one of the 9 ordeals I mentioned, you can enjoy every day more than you expect. You will be itching to live. Even I am excited.

We can feel that we are alive only when we are in best condition. Don’t mind if somebody makes fun of you, or staring curiously at you.

I’m hoping you can change now, and can act in a next level.



Ordeal matures you: 9 key words to change


-Act before you think

-Don’t be like a first-class student

-Be a leader

-Narrow down a concept


-Never get depressed by denying

-No need for working hard and steadily

-Be proud of what you have done

-Do the thing nobody would, at unexpected quality



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