7 ways to improve your health by plenty Okra nutrition

7 ways to improve your health condition with plenty nutrition of Okra
Okra is a summer seasonal vegetable.

Speaking of Okra,it is famous as food for stamina and stickey.
You can find Okra at the supermarket all year around, but the season is from July to September of summer.

Origin of Okra is Africa, so its cultivated in warm climates.
Kochi and Okinawa are the main production areas.

Okra contains Pectin, mucin, β-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C, minerals (potassium, calcium),and iron.

The effects can be expected by taking Okra are protection and intestinal action of the gastrointestinal mucosa,
Summer heat prevention, constipation prevention, diarrhea prevention,
Tonic promotion, and promoting digestion.

Okra improves your health problem in many ways.

In this article, we’ll introduce 7 ways to improve your health condition by taking plenty nutrition of Okra.

7 ways to improve your health by plenty Okra nutrition


1 Relieve constipation and diarrhea

Okra contains pectin as a dietary fiber and mucin as a protein.

Pectin prevents constipation and diabetes by adjusting intestine.
Taking pectin with raw food is much effective.

Dietary fiber that is included in Okra is more than burdock or pumpkin or more,
comparable to beans vegetables.

Also, its said to be effective in constipation by taking Okra and lettuce infusioned.
And in antidiarrheal by Okra and mugwort and ginger.


2 For summer heat

Mucin ,a sticky component, protects mucosa and aid digestion and absorption of protein, having antiviral activity.
In other words, when you take Okra together with meat and fish, it’ll promote digestion.

However, mucin is weak in heating, so pay attention to heat so much ,or mucin’s effect is getting lowered.

Eat raw Okra as possible to take effect of mucin.

In addition, you can take rich nutrition easily by eating Okra with dried shirasu and grated radish,
Even you don’t have an appetite in hot summer.


3 Suppressing an increase in blood sugar level

Sticky components of Okra suppress the increase in postprandial blood sugar level.
It’s a kind of dietary fiber and effective to lower blood pressure and restrain absorption.
So it’s expected to suppress an increase in blood sugar level.

Okra contains rich minerals such as magnesium and zinc to improve the function of insulin.
Therefore, secretion of insulin is reduced and it prevents diabetes.

Also further effect can be expected to eat natto together, because natto has the effect of enhancing the secretion of insulin.


4 Lower cholesterol level

Pectin has the effect of lowering cholesterol. It’s because pectin prevents from absorbing bile acid and cholesterol of food in your body.

Besides, Okra prevents obesidy and suppressing absorption of fat and bad cholesterol by inhibiting an action of amylase to make neutral fat.

However, when you expect these effects, you have to be careful of that leave okra in water long and too boil, because it it water soluble.
Also, seaweed has an effect to stabilize the blood pressure by removing cholesterol.
So, It’s more effective that eating Okra and sewed together.


5 Fatigue recovery

Pectin that is included in Okra protects the stomach wall and strengthen the stamina to help absorption of protein

Also, Okra contains β-carotene, vitaminB1, vitamin C, calcium, and iron, so that it will help recovery of fatigue and mineral supplementation.

In addition, natto contains vitaminB1 which help recovery of fatigue , iron and calcium.
Therefore, you can expect more effect to eat with Okra.


6 Prevents high blood pressure

Rich potassium which Okra contains excrete sodium. It is effective in high blood pressure.
Also, it prevents muscle spasms due to long term exercise.

If you don’t notify high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis advances and risk of heart disease is getting higher.
And the worst case, you may die.

In addition, you can expect more effective when you eat Okra with tomato and seaweed.
Because Tomato stabilize blood pressure by exerting a diuretic.
Seaweed, as well by removing cholesterol.


7 Maintain healthy skin

Okra is green and yellow vegetables, and β-carotene is also abundant.
β-carotene Okra contains is three times richer than lettuce.

Speaking of β-carotene, knows that its anti-carcinogenic effect and immunostimulatory activity.
β-carotene strengthen the mucous, maintain the health of hair, vision, skin, and protect the respiratory system like throat and lung.

In addition, it is recommended that you should eat Okra stir-fried or fried.
Because β-carotene could be easily absorbed by taking with oil.


Okra has rich nutrition, and a variety of effects for your health.

In fact, there are 4 types, Okra, island Okra, red Okra, small size Okra.

You’ll find normal Okra, generally.
If Okra gets larger, it will be harder. So you should choose a small one.
But I think trying other types of Okra is also good, because it’s kind of fun.

By the way, since red Okra change its color to green when it boil.So let’s eat in raw.

Let’s improve your health condition with Okra.



7 ways to improve your health by plenty Okra nutrition

1 Relieve constipation and diarrhea
2 For summer heat
3 Suppressing an increase in blood sugar level
4 Lower cholesterol level
5 Fatigue recovery
6 Prevents high blood pressure
7 Maintain healthy skin

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