7 easy exercises for beautiful legs

No more thick legs! 7 easy exercises for beautiful legs
Thick legs. No woman wants them. They have been called “radish legs” in Japanese, which is very mean. This word is disappearing lately, but instead, a new word has appeared.

The word is the golden proportion of beautiful legs. This is the number of an ideal thickness of your legs compared to your height.

・Thigh = Height * 0.3
・Calf = Height * 0.2
・Ankle = Height * 0.12

According to the formula, if your height is 155cm, the ideal thickness is as follow. 46.5cm for thigh, 31cm for calf, and 18.6cm for ankle. These are very thin. So it’s not good to think that your legs are thick just because the numbers are all bigger than these ideal ones. But you might able to get slim legs easier than you think.

Let’s get beautiful legs doing 7 exercises I’ll introduce.

7 easy exercises for beautiful legs


Open your legs back and forth

The first exercise to get beautiful legs is opening your legs back and forth.

Some people may think, “What? Is that it?”. Yes, it is. This is just about standing. Anyway let’s do it. Focus on the following tips.

・Place your big toe on an extension of the other one. Which is, stand with your feet in the same line.
・Lower your waist a little, and stand straight with your toes and heels in the same line.

How did you find it? It’s just standing but actually hard, isn’t it? This exercise helps you slim your thighs. If you find it easy, try standing with wider width. Do it for 30 seconds for both feet as a starter, and take it longer as you get used to.


Move your heels up and down

This is easy, too. This time, keep standing and move your heels up and down. In plain words, stretch yourself constantly. Again, this is just stretching, but you can’t underestimate the effect. This works for your calves, ankles, hip and the back of your legs.

Do it 50 times first, then 100 times when you get used to.


Squat with your heels up

This one is more exercise-ish. But basically it’s squat.

・Stand with your toes out, and keep your feet apart.
・Lower your waist, but don’t lean your upper body forward.
・With that posture, move your heels up and keep it for 5 seconds.

How was it? This is just basic squat with the movement of heels. This exercise is affective for your whole legs.


Yoga pose

Next is yoga. Yoga works for a lot of things, and there is also a pose for beautiful legs. This one is an effective exercise based on a pose of a heron.

・Sit with your legs straight. Bend one of your knees and pull it toward your body.
・Take a breath in, make your back straight, and stretch it above.
・Hold your calves with your both hands, take a breath out, and pull them above.
・Keep the posture for about 10 seconds, and put them down.

Do the same for your both legs. This exercise solves a distortion of your pelvis and prevents swelling.


Leg split

Next is leg split. For those who don’t know what it is, this is a posture that sumo wrestlers do. Open your legs and lower your waist. With this, you can make the muscles around pelvis stronger, and hip joint more flexible.

・Stand with your feet apart, place your toes as out as possible, and your heels as front as possible, preferably 180-degree.
・Lift yourself up and lower your waist while breathing out. Put your hands on the base of your legs.
・Lift your waist slowly and go back to your original posture.

You should focus more on keeping a correct posture than on doing many times. Lift your upper body as much as possible, open your leg joint and knees, and make your ankles and heels vertical. 10 times is preferable, but it’s already very effective only to keep your lower waist.


Lift your thighs with stress

Next is lifting your things with stress.

・Tie a plastic bottle with water inside to your legs.
・Stand with your hands on a wall, and lift one knee.

In this way, you can build up your legs safely without too much stress on your knees. If you have a family, they can hold your ankle and pull it, and you can put your knee up and down. 20 times for one leg is good enough.


Limph massage

You must be tired after these exercises. Let’s finish it with a leg massage. But it’s not just a massage, but a limph massage. You can get rid of waste from your legs with this.

・Pinch your ankle with one hand, and knead your leg like pushing it up to your knee.
・Put your palms on your knees, and press your thighs strongly up to the base.
・Pinch the back of your ankle, and hold your leg strongly.
・Put your hands slightly upper, and hold your leg again. Do the same till you reach the back of your knee.
・When you reach the back of your thigh, press your thigh strongly with your both hands.

You can give your legs a massage in your own way, but you should start from your toes, as if you send waste to your heart. Imagine a circulation.


How was it?
I introduced exercises which don’t require a special equipment, money or place. Furthermore, some exercises will give you additional effect other than beautiful legs.
It might take time until you feel the difference, but once you do, you will become more confident.



7 easy exercises for beautiful legs

Open your legs back and forth
Move your heels up and down
Squat with your heels up
Yoga pose
Leg split
Lift your thighs with stress
Limph massage


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