Make The Next Year Best: 3 things You Can Do From Now

Make The Next Year Best: 3 things You Can Do From Now
“I want to make next year good”, don’t you say that every year? Quite this negative loop!

Don’t you really want to change today? The generations are changing but still new year is really important for all the people.

I will tell you what you can do till new year day for next year.


Make The Next Year Best: 3 things You Can Do From Now

1, Choose “Black or White”, Decide Now.

New Year is New Year, it is not good idea. During 2011, let’s perform consciousness and personal environmental make them clear.

Decide what do you leave in this year? what do you take in the next year?

We are not going to clean yourself without graduation finding employment or the deadline. After all it is troublesome.
Therefore, using the turning point of this year, let’s arrange it around.
・distribute the thing which is unnecessary that necessary.
・decide what you quite and begin.
・decide an aim of the next year, a purpose during this year.

It is too late what you do after everything is decided. Every quality is decided by the plan.
For example, no one will decide “which country are we going?” ”What will we bring?” “Do we need visa?” after you have arrived already in airport.

It was an unexpected example, but the choice to make during this year which makes your next year good or bad.

Decide “Black or White” during this year, then have a good new year.


2, Send Letter Of Thanks The End Of The Year.

Everybody sends a New Year’s card and the New Year’s greetings email, it is extremely common.

However surely any percent of those will be lip service.

You are unknown in much mail and emails, and the value is reduced to half of it, too.

Therefore not New Year’s greetings email of the New Year when everybody flocks with a rush and is unknown too.

At the end of the year, you will send a letter or an email with all thanks individually.
“Thanking you for this year, please be good with me next year. Happy New Year!”
This is predominantly outstanding than New Year’s greetings email You can give the impression that it is good for a your environment.


3, Enjoy The Time Before Everything.

For the nice new year day, it is good to have a blank time. Be relax and being new year day.
Let’s enjoy this being quite important time before everything is beginning.
A cherry blossom in the spring, A cicada in the summer, Moon light in the fall and A powdery snow in winter.

Enjoy this kind of good time in every seasons.
How about end of the year? I think that the ninth of Beethoven is the basic.
There are four movements in total of the ninth of Beethoven. If you want to listen to this MP3.


Make The Next Year Best: 3 things You Can Do From Now

・Choose “Black or White”, Decide Now.
・Send Letter Of Thanks The End Of The Year.
・Enjoy The Time Before Everything


Let’s try them.
Decide everything till end of the year, and feel the end of the year and beginning of the year listening the song Beethoven.
It is the good in such substantial the end of the year.
Thank you for reading the article.
The next year becomes the age of the leap for all of you.
Happy New Year.


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