How to Use Your Negative Thoughts Effectively

How to Use Your Negative Thoughts Effectively
“I wish I could be more motivated, but…” “I’d like to keep high motivation, but…” Occasionary, I receive letters like these. “I am a negative thinker, and lack imagination.”

These people usually don’t realize that people with negative thoughts actually have great imagination.

How to Use Your Negative Thoughts Effectively


Being a negative thinker doesn’t mean you lack imagination. Those with negative thoughts take things negatively. They have antennas of “can’t” and “impossible”, and are able to propose unusually negative plans that common people cannot make.


Yes, they are able to imagine.

Their imaginations are often very rich, detailed and real. The problem is that their direction is negative.
Other than that, their imaginations are often worthy of praise. They have sharp swords.

They are just pointing their swords at themselves, but they do have powerful weapons.

Only if they could use them in positive ways, wouldn’t that be awesome?

I want you to realize that first. Maybe, you have great talents and potential.


By the way, if you are a negative thinker, you should start with easy things when you work on projects.

It is because you can gain confidence by accomplishing easy projects. Then, not only you can reduce your stress, but also you can be more efficient.


Contrary,positive thinkers should start with difficult projects.

You can have joy of accomplishment by being motivated to face difficult challenges and managing them. Then, it will results in smoothing the process.


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