7 customs for your higher motivation

The 7 means of lifestyle ・ To go up your motivation
When you can’t go up your motivation, you might feel down thinking you want to nothing…. it’s so necessary to think not too seriously only you can’t.

You might feel disappointed or impatient or sorrow for yourself whom the motivation doesn’t go up.

But it isn’t bad to have emotional ups and downs. If you take it very like of you, you must feel so easy. And there’re actually lots of ways to go up your motivation.

By making use of them and if you can go up your motivation even a little, you would never have problems in your future.

7 customs for your higher motivation 


1. To try to think what you like

Remember what you like or what you cherish for you. By doing them, you must feel better. And you must touch them or actually eat them, I suppose.

It’s wondering because you become to think naturally to move something to action. While you’re remembering what you like…you become enjoyable, and you can remind why you like then.

While looking back you in the past, you can see things for the future, and go up your motivation.


2. Be absent once boldly

It could happen you can’t go up your motivation because of getting more and more tired. I suppose you overcome patiently while you getting more and more tired, however, you might want to take some rests in real your own mind situation. .

It’s necessary to be absent from work or school once boldly. So that you may see how much tired I am truly. In some cases, you would think keenly…. you are tired so much.

Then let’s take some rests your mind and body because this is your precious time. I recommend you to spend in easily where you can relax. You might be impatient because you fail behind by being absent, but le’s ignore such a feeling as possible.


3. To try to find a way to relieve stress

Stress is necessary a little for human being. It could happen stress makes a motivation go up. But If you have too much stress, as a result, you must be pushed down with it..

Before you find it’s too bad, let’s think about a way to relieve stress. When you wonder what way is good to relieve stress, you can do anything you remind. If it is about to stress on the contrary, you have to stop quickly.

If you can find a good way to relieve stress, you can have a time to concentrate on doing. It’s important to think it necessary to make such time even if no spare time, and to become to make even a short time by yourself.

By the time , you think that by yourself you can relieve stress even a little by a way to relieve stress, you must feel so easier and your motivation must go up.


4. To try praising yourself

Your motivation must go up, if you try praising yourself like you did a good job ,before bed or in the bathroom.

Many people can’t praise themselves regularly, but please at least once , please give words to yourself in your heat. So that you can do your best again  next day.

If you always corner yourself, actually you in your heart may be screaming. It is yourself to torment yourself the most or heal yourself most. Thinking so,it’s very important to admit yourself and praise yourself.


5. To decide a theme song

Don’t you think this artist sounds like singing about yourself somehow….? In fact, that is your own theme song. If you decide your theme song, the motivation goes up by listening to it.

You may decide the songs for morning, afternoon and night.  Also change them each season. You must get fine and go up the motivation by borrowing a power of music.


6. To have a person who can talk about anything

Actually, you can talk to here to this person but can’t talk no more. If you have a person who can talk the most of the things, you can live easily.

And you try to tell what you worry or anxious about right now. By doing it, you must feel easy, I suppose. No problem if you cry. It’s important to become bare and become like yourself. You may take back yourself originally.

In case that you couldn’t find such a person my any means, let’s try writing on paper or typing in the memo pads of the PC. Actually, when you wrote how feel you were at that time or how situation it was and that solution was may be this, there was not the great thing unexpectedly.

By doing so, you can get out something disappointed or hard. This is the way to want you to try when your motivation goes down. It means to face to face, so the possibility to be able to change from myself now is high.


7. To have a feeling which you cannot hand over only this

In ourselves, we have a feeling that we value very much. For it, let’s have a strong feeling which you cannot hand over only this. If you have this too much and lead to stress or fatigue, you have to see yourself a little from the 3rd person.

It’s necessary to try to change an angle and a cut end. It means you have to look with flexibility. You will value what you cannot hand over so you can become to feel growing up from now on.

To have a feeling which you cannot hand over is very important. Some people may say it stubborn or unique, but to say“This is myself.”is so wonderful , Let’s try to remember the feeling not to throw away or the one to want to hold.


What do you think?

You can go up your motivation by practicing such ways. After trying several ways and on the contrary, you may be unable to know which way fits on you. But whenever be patient and accept as one experience, you must be stronger.

It’s good to change the way on a case by case at those times. By the situation, you may find the way to fit, I suppose. I want you to try such ways in order to shine yourselves more and more from now.


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