Motivation: 7 Methods The Way You Can Be Motivated

Motivation: 7 Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated
“I will do it!”You said but….. there are a wall of “motivation”to see somehow when you want to challenge something.

We have intention and feelings.

The feeling is depends on a bad or good event  in everyday life.

“100% I always have a mind to do!” It is impossible to be like that everyday.

・Though work never goes well. I have perfect motivation!

・My fiance kick me out, but eat dinner with friends with big smile.

・A relative had an accident. Ok, I do study today, too!

If there is a person like that, it is so strange isn’t it?

Then why will there are such a person who always see with full of a motivation and this person handling work energetically?

The answer is simple. Such a person only knows the method to control a motivation.

Therefore I talk about seven methods to control a motivation today.


 Motivation: 7 Methods The Way You Can Be Motivated


1, Show Yourself

Motivation 7: Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated 2

Imagine such a situation.

You apologize thinking “why me?”, when you receive unreasonable treatment in a company.

In a crowded train, someone step on your feet. You think“So painful!!”, but the person steps on you never apologize. It is not a good feeling at all. A feeling loses strength, and a sigh should be given. In Japan, Everyone respects the harmony, and there is culture making consideration around.


・Cannot show feelings outside.

・Must control a feeling.

These are big stress for all the people.

Then do you say always what you think? It is impossible. However, “the person who can show feelings well, the person who can express it well”, they seem really attractive. They do not feel the stress rather than the others mental than other people, because they are honest.

How was it? I hope you will feel better by that.


2, Have an clear goal!

Motivation 7: Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated 3

Then, the next step is a method to let you maintain motivation. Have a goal definitely. This is extremely important. As for the person giving it up on the way, most of the lazy people, an aim is not clear.

・Where do you advance to?

・What do you want to do?

・Why do you want to perform?

Is it clear for you and can you answer slightly? I am not usually conscious very much, but everything includes the goal or the end.

You pour water, because you want to drink. Everything is like that., because all actions include a goal. Make an energy for a clear aim to let your action continue. Imagine what you want to do, and make your clear aim.

Firstly, imagine and write on big white paper about



・time and freedom




, when you will reach your goal.

If you make them color or drew, it is going to be better. You should always imagine brightness yourself in the future. This clear aim of yourself help your motivation.


3, Decide Your Plan Before

Motivation 7: Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated 4

Most of energetic people whom the motivation is not worthy of impose a certain risk on oneself. Its being not to be able to yet do it now, but deciding a plan earlier. It does not have a meaning with the thing which you can easily cancel.

For example,

・You give a presentation in a company

・You reserve the overseas travel and pay for it.

・You talk to your friends what you are going to.

These small things make your brain clear, and you can do what you want. After all you are going to be positive mind. You will be motivated more and more. People need to have clear aim so go to it!


4, Be Praised And Be Motivated

This is a very splendid method to let a motivation double. Originally the person who am scolded, and grows lacks it in person to have, 10% of the whole.

However, everybody is irritated and attributes it to the person and stands and wreaks own anger on people and you exaggerate a mistake and quarrel like one’s stress emission.

Please be aware of being near  to the person praising you from now on. What praise somewhat feels embarrassed; and “is it not a compliment?”. However nobody feels bad, when someone be praised. If there are no one praised you, firstly you should praise someone.

・check small differences

・styles and fashion

・someone who make something.

You should praise someone like these things. Then you can be praised by someone.

Praise and be praised, that is really good customs.


5, Good to Change Your Mind Sometimes

Motivation 7: Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated 6

Human being can focus on the things only just 60 minutes. More than 60 minutes, people feel “being lazy”. You should have a good break and do it again. Just keep this customs. You will switch off yourself, break really well. Refresh yourself and focus later.

Quality of the break is really important for you.

・Go outside and walk around

・Listen your favorite songs

・Do small exercise


Be separated from the place where you are focused in. You just need to do like that.


6, Do Stretching

Motivation 7: Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated 7

Someone are really stubborn called “be obstinate”, but it is totally right. Also stubborn people are that scalp and body are hard. The body cannot be in good condition because of such a condition. Everything will be bad and bad. Stop these bad loop, make your body and mental better.

Firstly, you will exercise with a bit jump.

1, Stand proper

2, Make your body softly

3, Use your uncle and jump

When you have done long time of desk work, it will be good exercise for you.

Next will be the massage of the scalp.

Use both hands holding your head, and massage under ear. Massage also the neck. When you massage and make your scalp soft, you will make yourself good and refreshing.

Use ten minutes for refreshing is better than just do 60 minutes work.


7, Energy Breath And Make Refresh.

Motivation 7: Mothods The Way You Can Be Motivated 8

“Breath” is really important for the human being. It makes your power strongly. Breath is the energy, so use your breath well.

As an example, “the water” which is a lifespring.
Flowing water provides purification, and there is energy. However, the water stagnates steadily when I stay in one place all the time.

The water of the river with the flow is clear beautifully. There is not a flow, and the water of a pond and the marsh remaining all the time in one place is muddy.
The invisible “air is same as to eyes, too”.
Flowing air provides purification, and there is energy. However, after all the atmosphere remaining to one place all the time stagnates steadily.

The air of a room closing all the time somewhat seems unpleasant. When I open a window and air it and change, I feel comfortable.
Okay, I feel it instinctively even if I cannot see us.
Then how about you? As for “the heart ,” as for “the consciousness ,” does “the body” feel an energy flow?
Is the same state not delayed all the time?
By the way, I perform energy breath letting you amplify the energy that there is in a body to do mind and body in good health, and to get a motivation, and let’s charge a motivation and power well.


How You Make Your Great Breath.

You sit on a chair deeply or sit cross-legged on the floor and stretch out the back with a pin and strongly pull a chin. And you close eyes slowly.

Then, please image that the big brilliant sun shines on a head.

Image it so that the light wraps up your whole body. You greatly breathe in breath from a nose slowly. At that time, you get energy from the sun in your overhead.

Please image area and “scruff” of “both eyebrows” and that energy of the light enters the body at “the area under a little of the temple”. You breathe it in until the physical inside becomes full of oxygen and light.

The energy runs through your body, whole body.

Make a mouth form of the pronunciation of the pronunciation of the “U” and finish vomiting breath from the back body slowly. 

Exhale full breath so that there is none of the air in the body. At this time, when you breathe in breath from the nose which you take time, and repeats this which does not have to speak many times slowly, you give some corners of the mouth and am more effective when it is light and makes a smile.

・Because both the heart and the body are the = stress that a flow stays in, feel a flow to make a flow

・When you take in light from the sun on the head, you feel that blood streams down the whole body

It is so easy so just try it.


1, Show Yourself.

2, Have an clear goal!

3, Decide Your Plan Before.

4, Be Praised And Be Motivated.

5, Good to Change Your Mind Sometimes.

6, Do Stretching.

7, Energy Breath And Make Refresh.


How was it? Also, you can download “the sound makes you motivated”. If you are not well, just try to listen the sounds.



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