9 tips to motivate yourself to study.

9 tips to motivate yourself to study
Our ability to study becomes more and more difficult with age so that it is hard to get motivated to study. Recently, for example, the TOEIC test is used by many companies. But it is not easy for us to reach our target score.

How should we get motivated to study continuously? Here are 9 tips to motivate yourself to study.

 9 tips to motivate yourself to study.


1. What are your benefits of study?

If you cannot stick studying, you may not think what your benefits of study are.

Have you ever thought why you are studying? You might not enjoy studying if you are as busy as a bee.

You may study something to have skills to work. For instance, some people study for the TOEIC test as some companies use the test to evaluate their employees. But you can think positively.

If you reach your target score, you will be promoted. This means that you are able to get a golden opportunity. Even though there is a competent person at work, you can increase your chances of getting a promotion if you get a higher score. You don’t need to ingratiate yourself with your boss. You just study for yourself and it helps you to get motivated to study continuously.

2. Getting into shape

Many people have no motivation when they don’t feel good. Of course it is impossible to motivate yourself when you have a headache or a hangover. You would rather to bring your work to an end as soon as possible.

It is essential to keep healthy in order to motivate yourself to study. You cannot be in excellent health, but just take care of yourself.

You may go for a drink with your friends or colleagues, but just don’t go on a bender. You need to have enough time to sleep. A lack of sleep can have an impact on your work at work.


3. Studying at different places

Here is a tip to have temporary motivation. You can study at different places sometimes.

For example, a cafe is a good place. I sometimes read books or study aid books at a cafe as a cafe is not a place to study.

It is effective to change your study environment sometimes in order to study well.

However, this is absolutely the way to get motivated for a short time. If you study at a cafe often, you will get used to the environment, so “sometimes” is the key point.


4. Making friends

It is difficult to try something by yourself. Therefore, it is effective to make friends to study together as you can share information as well as keep an eye on each other.

You may give up studying easily when you study by yourself. This is because it doesn’t affect anyone even if you stop studying. For instance, it is hard for a person who lives alone to stop smoking. If you have someone to watch you, you hardly suffer a setback.

If you plan to get skills to achieve your goals at work, you can share information with your colleagues. To do this, you try not to give up.

Also, you can get effective techniques to study when keep studying. Therefore, you can motivate yourself and hardly lose your motivation. Try to make friends to keep an eye on each other and have fun together.


5. Finding ways to solve problems

If there is no one beside you and you face difficulties, you have to solve problems by yourself.

In fact, many people feel demotivated when they face this situation. They spend too much time online to find a solution.

These issues can cause a loss of motivation. You simply give up studying as you avoid facing problems.

On the other hand, you can keep motivated to study if you have some ways to solve problems.

If you have some, you can study effectively and manage your time.

So it is important to find ways to solve problems before facing them. There are many Q&A sites, but it is also a good idea to find someone who is familiar with what you study.


6. Using your commute time

To Study while commuting is one of effective ways to study. However, you might think that having motivation is not related to studying while commuting.

Actually these two factors connect to each other.

The reason why it is effective to study while commuting is you can focus on your study. If you commute one hour one way, you can spend two hours for your study. The more you spend time to study, the more you improve your study skills.

So probably you feel that you are improving when studying except for your commute time. It might be hard to believe, but just try it.

Everyone knows that it is effective to study while commuting but it may be not easy to put it into practice. Let’s have a try and you can feel your improvement.


7. Turning off the TV

Try to turn off your TV when you study. Apparently many people leave the TV on and turn the sound off when studying.

However, the TV has not only sound but picture. Even if you turn the sound off, you might unknowingly grab a remote control to turn the sound on when the TV shows an interesting programme.

Therefore, you should turn the TV off. It is not a productive way to study if you check alternately your TV and book. You may feel less motivated to study as you spend quite long time to learn.

Some people say that background music help to increase concentration. This is true, so it will be explained in the next point.


8. Putting songs to repeat

You can try to put songs to repeat. This is because some music can help to improve your concentration. You can study effectively as well as realise you get knowledge.

You will be motivated by fulfilment and be able to study continuously. However, you cannot play any music. The purpose is to increase your concentration and turn satisfaction into motivation.

Here are some tips to improve your concentration by music

 Playing instrumental music
 Turning the volume down as much as possible
 Not to play your favourite music
 Playing them again and again
An instrumental music has no word or people singing so you don’t try to hear lyrics. Also, try to play music quietly as you cannot focus on your study when listening to loud music.

In addition, it is a good idea to play music you are not so interested in. This is because normally you can be preoccupied with your favourite music, so I listen to techno music that is not really my taste.

It is important to repeat songs. The important thing is that you try to focus on your study rather than background music. Therefore, you don’t need to play many songs.

It is possible for you to improve yourself by using this method. The more you improve your study skills, the more you feel motivated. This can stop losing motivation.


9. Changing your study environment

Motivation is closely related to something new in life. If you study in the same place every day, you may feel like changing your study environment.

The purpose of changing study environment is to keep you motivated. It is difficult to keep your motivation up by studying in the same environment. So why don’t you change your environment?

As I mentioned above, studying at a cafe is one of ways to change the environment. My recommendation is to study at a library.

A library is so quiet that good place to focus on studying. This is the number one reason to recommend studying at a library. Also, there are many people studying there.

For example, when you study at a cafe, probably some people around you enjoy chatting. That’s why it is difficult to study there for a long time. On the other hand, at a library, people around you generally concentrate on reading or studying. Therefore, you can focus on your study without any problem.

You can study at not only public libraries also university libraries. It can be effective to study there on weekends.
These 9 methods can be easy to start. There are two main approaches to motivation: direct method that motivates yourself and indirect method that turns satisfaction into motivation. Have a try and achieve your goals for a short time!



9 tips to motivate yourself to study.

 Thinking what your benefits of study is
 Getting into shape
 Studying at different places
 Making friends
 Finding ways to solve problems
 Using your commute time
 Turning off the TV
 Putting songs to repeat
 Changing your study environment


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