5 methods for moneymaking of $300/month on the side

5 methods for moneymaking of $300/month on the side
Recently we see the letters of “building a company.” At the present time the lifetime employment system has collapsed, if you are in the generation having spent the bubble economy, you may want to return those days once again, mayn’t you?”
However, you must not give in your resignation suddenly only with enthusiasm. Once you quit your company, it might be a more difficult dream to get to the re-employment than Olympic participation. First you should make extra money by yourself. The target is $300 a month! Today I will introduce 5 methods for salaried workers to do moneymaking of $300 a month on the side.

5 methods for moneymaking of $300/month on the side


Pet sitter

Elderly people have increased. Many people solace the loneliness of living alone with a dog or a cat, don’t they? They will be concerned about the care of their pets when they get sick and hospitalized. A human will be taken charge of by a public institution but the owner has 100% responsibility in Japan. It has the most numbers of the culling of dogs and cats at the public health centers in the developed countries. It seems that 80,000 dogs and 200,000 cats a year are brought into the public health center.

By no means! Will you assist animal guardians thinking so? The fee for the part-time job of a dog walker is $15 to $20. That of the boarding kennel is$300 a night at current values but it depends on the sizes or the presence or absence of disease. If you leave your comment “I will take your dog walk!” locally in your blog, you may get unexpected additional income. It will be the field that is expected for moneymaking more and more from now on.



Sedori is the business to take the profits with cheaply purchasing used books, CDs, DVDs, games and videos from the BOOK-OFF and reselling them at a high price in the Amazon or Yahoo Auctions. t was the professional work such as the people of the secondhand bookstore with the specialized knowledge do, but the people such as housewives and students came to be able to enter the field because of the appearance of mobile tools that the commodity prices are easily checked with.

It may be easy to do it if you focus exclusively on comics for example in the books. There are quite a lot of people earning several ten thousands yen a month. A certain level of the skilled housewives sell more than $1,000 a month, and some of them hire the persons as the business and sell more than 1 million yen a month. It is interesting to try doing it with combining pleasure and profit.


FX investment

FX stands for Foreign Exchange and means foreign exchange margin transactions. You change the Japanese Yen to the foreign currencies and exchange dealings in the currencies such as the US dollar or the euro, etc. in the world instead of the Japanese one.
When you assess the currency rate fluctuating every day and returned them to the Japanese Yen, the difference is your profit. If there is some capital, the way is easy. The profits will increase with being repeated many times.
③ At the time of 1 dollar = 100 yen, you purchase 10,000 dollars (for 1 million yen) for 1 million yen.
④ At the time of 1 dollar = 101 yen, when time passes a little, you return 10,000 dollars to Japanese Yen. Then it is 1,010,000 yen. (conversely 990,000 yen when it is 99 yen. In the case, you should sell it as soon as you make a loss before becoming 99 yen, or wait until becoming 100 yen again.)
In the actual transaction some people make a deal to aim the profits less than $0.01 of $0.008 sen or $0.003 with looking at the movement of the half-day or a few minutes. Because it is a short-term trading, you have little profit and as well little loss. It is manageable. In addition, you can receive the interest (the interest of swapping) by making deposits in a bank.


Late-night convenience store

It is exactly the royal road in the side business. If you want to earn around $300 a month, you can earn it absolutely over there. Recommended is the convenience store nearest to the place you live in. 100 yen should be different in the hourly wage if you work in the middle of the night. Even with the hourly wage of $10 you can get $300 if you work for 30 hours a month. You can do moneymaking by a wide margin only on Saturday and Sunday!


Pick up staff for home electronics

It is the truck for the collection of the used home electronics and motorcycles that we often see in a residential area. They were looking for “old newspapers and old magazines” in the past but have changed to “color television sets, PCs and motorcycles” today. You will find the job easily in the part-time job information magazine.

You should focus the “pick up staff for used home electronics and motorcycles.” It is the piecework wage system, it will not be a dream to do moneymaking more than $2,000 – $3,000 a month if you do your best. It is good moneymaking that you should try as your day job. You should pay attention to the work hours. It is said “Acceptable for your convenient times and days. Welcome your sideline only for Saturday and Sunday!”

However the lease charges of car are needed and you have to defray your own costs of “$10 a day.” In addition, the “license for used business” is required, and you can acquire it if you apply for it to the local police station. It will cost about $300.


How about things mentioned above?

It seems to be able to earn $300 a month even while working for a company. If you try to improve yourself-confidence little by little and can do moneymaking constantly every month, you may change your sideline to your day job in the future. You have to file your tax return when your incomes increase. If a sideline is prohibited by your company you should make a countermeasure. It is important to gain the force of moneymaking by yourself on the side without depending on anyone. As it might be expected, please deposit the money that you earned for the future!



5 methods for moneymaking of 0/month on the side

・ Pet sitter
・ Sedori
・ FX investment
・ Late-night convenience store
・ Recycle service for home electronics

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