8 ways to control people’s mind unconscious

8 ways to control people's mind unconscious
Mind control was easy,  eight method mind control which pulls people  the wires unconsciously .

the image a “crime” and “brainwash” will precede it inevitably.

Of course, it is not good which abuses the gained power of mind control.

However, in work or private life, it is very helpful to move others along with one’s expectation.

It could be called one business skill how others are well used in it since a team play is also thought as important especially in a work side.

Then, the foundations of mind control are got to know and let’s obtain harmony and cooperation with the surroundings now well

Mind control was easy

methods of pulling people  the wires unconsciously. Method of mind control  


1. “autosuggestion”

In order to move others with one’s intention, he has to move by his will first.

It is impossible to make for himself to be unable to do into others.

Then, is it “autosuggested” although I ask you, .Although it is that the sport player often practices, it comes to be convinced by itself in “It can do” by praying in the heart strongly, and actually taking out to a mouth, and saying repeatedly, “He can do it!”

It is possible for the uneasiness “whether to fail …” to be lost by this and to demonstrate one’s ability 100%.

Let’s take in this autosuggestion as the first step of mind control.

A method is easy.

a mirror is in the washroom of your house — let’s gaze at our face, to “liking to realize now”, take out to a mouth, saying, “you can do it absolutely!”, and say.  who was reflected to  mirror ]

A diet can also be used.

Let’s say toward a mirror repeatedly, “You can do 2-km loss in quantity in one month!”

It is important at this time to see one’s “eyes” and to throw language. in a mirror

It is important for autosuggestion to hear voice from the position “it is by itself and he is not itself.”

That is, the one in a mirror is “you  who cannot do it”, and let’s speak so that others may be advised “To be able to do” to themselves.

Although it becomes “Are effective… ?” at first, it will think “it becomes ( mind as it says to itself) by continuing continuously. You feel like asking you from another oneself.


2. “existence of one more person’s one”

By the above, the method of “advising to oneself” was introduced. in a mirror

That is, it is a method which who is present in the actual world encourages strongly for you [ who is in a mirror by becoming “a strong position” ] to[ “the weak one” ]

This is to the foundations of autosuggestion, and if the one who is present in the actual world can be realized as himself, autosuggestion will also go smoothly.

Although it is difficult to explain by means of language, it will be OK if it becomes feeling  who is present in the actual world feels that he is not itself when having emitted language toward the mirror although it is [real itself].”

Although it is a poor example, is it the touch “it says to twins’.Identical twins have the completely same DNA.

That is, it is “itself of one more person.”

It just becomes saying to the person, saying “you are persuading yourself.”

That is, if you when facing to the mirror have the consciousness independent as yourself, it will be able to be said that it stepped forward one step autosuggested possible.

In order to control others, he must be controllable firmly first.

It can be said to be “you are the subject in order to control others” to control oneself although language is violent.


3. “the one in a mirror is weak”

If their dialog, and someone see, will it become “being a dangerous person …” (smile)? [ “the one who is in a mirror”,  [ “who is present in the actual world” ]

However, although the above also touched, please experience the feelings of “addressing with the consciousness which achieved half independence.”

And if the feeling is memorized, the one who is in a mirror will notice that it is “always weak itself.”

It is natural.

The one who is present in the actual world has always sent advice to himself. [ in a mirror ]

That is, the one who is in a mirror will say, “you have projected your weak portion.”

Then, that autosuggestion becomes possible also introduced the above by advising by a sometimes strong message gently.

One important here, “the one in a mirror is always weak.

It is not falling saying whether my am such a weak human being …”

Anyone has a weak portion.

The one in a mirror is a weak portion which anyone has, and the one in a mirror is not all of you.

the one who is actually present in the actual world is always “a human being with dependability” — ? — it is also “you.”

It does not fall but let’s make it think calmly, “Is this my weak portion?”


4. “it does not get angry with itself” [ in a mirror ]

I am irritated when man and things do not go well.

moreover — when a friend is consulted with, in spite of carrying out advice firm here — “– if it obtains an indecisive attitude can be shown . but, it will be considered as irritating

By the above, it introduced “seeing oneself, and mistaking, if he is a weak human being”. [ in a mirror ]

Of course, don’t fall.

Since a weak portion is also being whom, it is important for it to catch it calmly.

Oneself in a mirror also has those who consider it as irritating” so that it may be considered as “irritating” on the other hand at others’ indecisive attitude.

However, is this also wrong?

It may be indecisive to anyone and it is important that  whom you looked at in the mirror thinks calmly “it was an attitude indecisive by chance.”

Thus, if it becomes without  it sees itself and falls, and  getting angry, mind control will come be made from others’ viewpoint there for the first time. [ in a mirror ]

With mind control, it just enters into a partner’s heart and is in sending a message from a partner’s inner side.

That is, it performs shortly that it is the same as having sent advice to oneself to others. [ in a mirror ]


5. “a partner is replaced with yourself” [ the other ]

Let’s transpose ourselves to the partner who wants to carry out mind control of it as ourselves. [ in a mirror ]

It must have turned out that the it in a mirror is “a weak existence” more than imagination.

thus — weakness is also in the partner who “weakness” is also whom and is actually talking — increasingly .

As it asked itself, it enables those who can notice their weakness to also notice others’ weakness. [ in a mirror ]

Therefore, the work of “replacing a partner with oneself” is efficient. [ the other ]

the one in “mirror was also like this — if you can notice while listening to a partner’s talk with., it will be able to be said to be the moment of having perceived a partner’s weakness.

Of course, don’t cope with it in the attitude which reproached strongly there or was irritated.

Although it introduced above “it does not get angry with itself”, please cope with it like it. [ in a mirror ]

Then, if it carries out from a partner, it comes to have the image “this person understands me.”

It could be called the situation where it is entering into the heart gradually.

6. “which is a partner asks to you, it is ?”

Let’s suppose that it came in contact also with the partner so that it might come in contact with itself, and he understood the partner’s weakness. [ in a mirror ]

At this time, the partner should have an agreeable impression of “those who understands me” to you.

And it comes to hear your words obediently gradually.

Let’s look for “that for which a partner asks” here.

If it comes to listen to your words so far, little “desire to consult about some”It  will bud in a partner’s heart even if it is not concrete consultation.

Although it is related for “about what consulting concretely” and does not understand yet, you will be recognized as “a good adviser’s candidate.”

Therefore, please perceive “that for which a partner asks” and explore like “if Mr. OO has such skill, work will go well.”

By a partner asking you is large, he will come to think that it is still stronger with “this person understands me too”, and also it is going to listen to your words.

It begins from the work which makes a partner’s heart open first with mind control.

The hypnotism which controls the heart forcibly is differed from.it

Therefore, let’s think that it is the highest method of controlling a partner’s psychology efficiently to gain the reliance from a partner by the above methods.


7. “you get information from the talk is heard

Now, if the reliance from a partner is gained by an old method, let’s collect a partner’s information more now.

If mind control is performed continuously, a partner’s information is always bought in and the skill on which it can advise exactly based on the information is needed.

However, since the reliance which there is a risk of sending advice [ nonsense in dearth of information ], and it has built with much trouble now will also collapse gradually, it is the shin.

Then, now, let’s refrain from the dispatch from you and listen to a partner’s talk thoroughly.

Since the partner is opening the heart to you, he will already speak comparatively about anything.

However, probably, it will be better not to hear it about naive personal information.

“Since the partner is opening the heart, even if he hears this, your answer” is dangerous.

The partner who is opening the heart offers nature and information, even if you do not ask for an answer.

Therefore, even if it does not get information to know soon, it will certainly teach from a partner .

For example, suppose that he would like to know “a sweetheart’s existence.”

However, probably, it will be better for asking suddenly, “Is there any sweetheart?” to stop.

In that case, the method of hearing it in the place which started conversation from the “love talk” and where the air of the place fully got warm is a recommendation.

It can find out about “a sweetheart’s existence” just because it is in the state where the partner has fully grown familiar with the subject of love.

moreover, depending on the climax condition of conversation, there is a “sweetheart from a partner — or is not — ” — I think that information is taught.

Thus, a partner’s information is bought in by the work of “hearing the talk”, and let’s continue sending exact advice based on the information.

Moreover, please try “not to hear information to hear straight.”

The information which you want to know, and information required to continue mind control will be rapidly taken out with doing so from a partner.


8. “what is mind control, it is ?”

In some cases, I want to introduce so far and to understand only one finally.

Don’t abuse mind control, although it is natural.

Though regrettable, the person who abuses mind control by the fear and brainwash by violence is also in a world.

However, mind control is a technique of “Valuing one’s intention and aiming at harmony with others” primarily.

Such a human being that abuses can call it “the human being whom he cannot control”, not to mention a partner.

Therefore, it is going to control by fear or brainwash.

However, the method introduced above is “it is a premise that he is controllable.”

I do not think that the wires will be bad pulled [ others ] just because he is controllable firmly — it will become like.

Probably, there are those who worry also about your surroundings.

It carries out by accident. Is that worries you yourself?

If it becomes, let’s solve a trouble by the method of the mind control introduced here, and lead a happy life!


How was it?

It begins from controlling oneself exactly first with mind control.

Tips gaze at themselves objective and also show a partner the posture.

A partner also opens the heart gradually by doing so, and it will feel sensitive the persuasive power hidden in your words.


Mind control was  easy . 8methods of manipulating person unconsciously.

■ Autosuggestion

■ Existence of one more person’s one

■ The one in a mirror is weak.

■ It does not get angry with itself — also obtain partner and replace with yourself [ in a mirror ]

■ That for which a partner asks?

■ You get some information  from talking .

■ What is mind control?

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