Detect the 9 behaviors of men who cheat

Detect the 9 behaviors of men who cheat
No matter how strong your love (or his love) is, a partner’s loyalty is every woman’s concern. Nothing is perfect in this world. Once you start thinking “Is he cheating me?” you will not be able to stop concerning it, and you will find all his behaviors suspicious. Then you will think, “I’ll confront him with irrefutable evidence!” It not means that you are an especially doubting woman. It is natural for all human being.

Here are helpful hints for detecting cheating. Every man who cheats exhibits these behaviors. These

Detect the 9 behaves of men who cheat


Trying to make you upset

If he seems trying to make you upset with hurtful words, you need to be careful. Men who cheat are always searching for chances to break up. Then they try to make their girlfriends upset and try to have a quarrel to use it as a natural reason to break up. In other case, when he behaves as though he hates you all the time, it is also a bad sign. Keep an eye on what he says and does.


Tightening his purse strings

If he tightens his purse strings though he was generous before, be careful. Perhaps he is in poverty because of wasting a large sum of money on other women. Even if it does not “large” waste, having an affair means his expenditure increases.

Perhaps he uses it for other woman, not you. He cannot increase his income easily. If he is reluctant to do “taking a trip” or “eating out”, you need to be careful.


Sending many e-mails

If he use his cell phone covering the display, it is a bad sign. A frequent e-mail exchange may mean contacts with other woman. Men who cheat try to contact with women all the time. SNS is another checkpoint. If he suddenly turns an eager smart phone user, you can suspect him.


A sudden change of fashion sense

If he suddenly changes his taste of clothes or accessories, it is also a bad sign. People do not change themselves without reasons. The reason may be a new girlfriend. Sudden change of his fashion can mean that he is trying to fit his fashion to the taste of a new woman.

Even if he said “I’m trying to change myself for you,” do not trust his words. Sudden change is a big deal for people who have been keeping their taste. You should suspect a “new woman” behind it.


Being cautious suddenly

“He didn’t care such a thing before…” If he suddenly becomes cautious, stay on alert. He must be too cautious because he thinks that perhaps you discover his affair. If he starts keeping you away unnaturally, you should suspect him.?


Too much kind behaviors

Men who cheat try to be kind to their girlfriends because they feel guilt. When you feel that he is too much kind, you can suspect him. They are human beings, so they feel guilt naturally. The guilt makes them behave kindly.


Putting the cell phone face down

If he put his cell phone face down, he is suspicious. He is trying to hide the arrival of e-mails. It may be from other woman. Laying a cell phone face down is obviously strange, isn’t it?


Treating you lightly

If he treats you with contempt, he may want to break up with you. He may want to move to a new girlfriend. If you feel to be treated lightly, it is a danger-signal.


Many contacts with male friends

Perhaps you are surprised at this, but this is another bad sign. He may keep all e-mail addresses in male names. It is an old trick, but many men still do that. His “male” friend can be a women. Men do not contact with friends frequently. If he say “Don’t worry, it’s a male friend” all the time, he is suspicious. ?


What do you think?

Perhaps you are shocked, or you feel sad finding that your boyfriend meets those points, or you may regret that you have been delighted with an improvement of his fashion sense and with his sweet words.

It is true that most men who cheat do same things. Men are simple and are not good liars. If your boyfriend does those things, you need to be careful. Of course, those behaviors are not always the evidence of cheating. If he is not guilty, pressing him for answer makes your relationship worse. You need to be very careful to detect it.



Detect the 9 behaviors of men who cheat

-Trying to make you upset
-Tightening his purse strings
-Sending many e-mails
-A sudden change of fashion sense
-Being cautious suddenly
-Too much kind bihaviors
-Putting the cell phone face down
-Treating you lightly
-Many contacts with male friends

will be helpful for you.

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