7 male Psychologies for efficient job

7 male Psychologies for efficient job
Recently not only sales person but also even engineers has been had more opportunities to negotiate with people from other companies.

I assume there are not a few people have unwillingly agreed unsatisfying conditions because they were too nervous to say what they want to.

Don’t you want to avoid the experience like that as much as possible especially in work?

Let me introduce 7 secrets for improving work efficiency and negotiating skills by learning male psychology.

7 male Psychologies for efficient job 


・To expand your negotiation methods

Negotiation is not a con-game. In negotiation, people use strategy between their strong points and weak points understanding each other’s conditions. However, in negotiation people often do not work out differences when they persist their absolute terms.

People tend to just focus on figures when they negotiate prices. In the case, you should be thinking it flexibly and give your opponent several options you can offer.

For example, when you cannot agree with prices, you can offer other proposals such as we can advance delivery date three days earlier than others, so you will come to manage cash flow easily, how about small lots, it would be better to handle them, how about qualities? Telling them bright future prospects something like that, you can negotiate with them with various conditions.

You should improve your negotiation skills. So you can find win-win conditions with the skills.


・Try 20 percent rule

You should start a negotiation with 20percent lower price than your budget when your opponent offers 10 percent higher price than your budget. Probably they will compromise with you on somewhere between or just above.

In other words you can make a deal within your budget soon. Offering 20 percent lower price than your budget is the best way to start negotiation.

It is not a bad thing but risk hedge so as long as you and your opponent are satisfied with conditions it would be good. Don’t be afraid.


・Use silence in negotiation

What is the most important thing to your opponent in negotiation? Is it price? Is it conditions? It is not both of them but agreement.

They want agreement to get business go forward. For instance, what is winning strategy of rock, paper, scissors game? Don’t think it does not exist? You can win every time by waiting to see your opponent’s move before doing anything. In other words, you should not offer your proposal first.

You should keep your important information till the last moment and let them talk first. The day of conclusion is fixed beforehand so you should make them wait till the last moment and offer profitable condition for you when the time has come.

In the way, you do not have to deal with complicated process. You will be sure to make deal with conditions.


・To make a deal first and work out details later

People tend to refrain from complaining about its details after they approve something on the whole because cannot refuse things once they accepted. It also applies to negotiations.

There is a strategy having them compromise on several things or getting additional services after rough agreement. A sales man actively compromise with you like offering you additional options or after services when you tell him to buy the car first.


・To send e-mails

Building a trust relationship is important for negotiation. Communication in person is the key to build it. It hasn’t changed so long. However, today in many cases people use only e-mail with the other party in a transaction because they have no choice.

If it is true you should take it as a merit. Although preparation is important to business deal, in fact whether the deal will go well or not depends on your improvisation skill. So I guess there are many people get too nervous to tell the opponent what they want at important moment of deal.

Regardless of age or career, some people easily get nervous or get disturbed by other’s remarks. On the other hand, with e-mail you can tell exactly what you want to tell such as your conditions, your advantages or your disadvantages.

And also it enables you to take little more time and deal without unnecessary emotions for business. So use of e-mail in negotiation has many merits because you can tell your specific conditions to your opponent which is basic of negotiation.


・To believe your opponent

As I mentioned in the article, negotiation is not a con-game. So you should throw away a negative image of negotiation such as too much suspicion or too much doubt. You must not think such things while negotiation.

That is because what you think affects your opponent. In other words, if you think you are afraid of your opponent, you actually would be frightened by him. if you try to cheat him, you will completely fail to make a deal. You should not betray yourself..
You will build trust relation with him if you believe your opponent and negotiate with mutual cooperation asking for good results.


・Do not negotiate in your office

Another basic of negotiation is to understand your opponent. It is the negotiation that how you get information. If you hear the weak point of opponent you should willingly make up it by providing something from your company. So you should negotiate in a place where your opponent can relax.

Although going to opponent’s office is better, if he would come over to you, you should not negotiate in your office. You should prepare somewhere he will not get too nervous like a café. You would miss important information if you try to be superior to your opponent.


How was that?

You do not need to be preoccupied with a way of negotiation you have been thinking it is right. It is difficult for new employees to negotiate equally with senior employees.

And they tend to rely on information and a theory but what important is mutual respect. You should try to understand the situation of your opponent and build trust relationships with him. and which leads to good business relation.

Negotiation is not just yes-no question or win-lose matters. I hope someone poor at negotiation will improve negotiation skills and reconsider their working style with the articles.



7male Psychology to Work Efficiently and Be Negotiator

・To expand your negotiation methods
・Try 20percent rule
・Use silence in negotiation
・To make a deal first and work out details later
・To send e-mails
・To believe your opponent
・Do not negotiate in your office


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