7 ways how to make your legs longer

7ways make your legs the longer short legged did
Changing lifestyles habits little can make your legs look longer and make your legs longer.

I will introduce a bit the ways I actually did. I hope you will take up the ways.

7 ways how to make your legs longer


1: To lift a sagging butt

One of causes of making your legs look short is a sagging butt. To lift a sagging butt can make your legs look longer. The effective way of how to lift a butt is “hip walk”.

First, sit on the floor and stretch both feet closed. And then, walk with but putting legs forward one after another. Please be careful to not lift your butt. To step hip forward 3times and step backward 3times. Take the exercise set 10times. This is the easy way to do even while watching TV.


2: To firm up muscles of thighs

I guess that many people think long legs as slender legs. Actually, people who have slim legs seem to look long-legged compared to short-legged people. Since thighs are the thickest leg parts, making thighs slimmer is an effective way to make your legs look longer.

Please read the following instructions

Put easily held things like a book or a cushion between thighs, and stretch your leg forward one after the other keeping the posture. Take the exercise 20 to30times.

This is the way it is easy to take up during short time breaks.


3: To Correct Bow Legs

Although, every woman does not have bow legs, relatively many women have been worried about bow legs. Literally, bow legs are curved-legs like a bow. That is to say, correcting curved-legs lead to making legs longer.

In fact, it is possible to correct easily bow legs at home. Sit holding your knees with arms open the space of one fist between knees. Push your knee of the outside one after the other but be careful to not close the space.

Next, cross your arms and push your right knee with your left hand and push your left knee with your right hand, this time push from inside of your knees. A set of the exercise is 5 seconds and do it10times. You can correct bow legs with the exercise and make your legs longer.


4: Do not Cross Your Legs

Many people tend to cross their legs while sitting. However, crossing legs can lead to thick legged, distortion of pelvis and bow-legged. That is because, when you are sitting crossing your legs, the body weight heavily applies to one leg, and which can cause imbalanced muscles of legs.

So you cannot get slender legs if often crossing legs. Let’s break the habit.


5: To Sit with Feet Together

Although, this is the continuation of the topic “Do not cross your legs”, just to sit putting knees together can lead to make your legs slimmer.

Your knees easily get apart when you cease paying attention to your knees. So you have to keep paying attention to the knees. It seems difficult to carry on the posture. But if you make it a rule to sit putting knees together, you will get used to it like crossing legs.

I think women who sit gracefully are really attractive. It leads to making you attractive, slim-legged, and long-legged. So, let’s give it a try.


6 : To Change a Style of Dressing

Making legs longer is not the only way to make legs look longer. Some styles of dressing also make your legs look longer. Although, it will take you long time to correct your legs, you can make your legs look longer soon by wearing some cloths.

I guess that wearing high heels is the most common style of dressing for making legs look longer. But there are other styles of dressing for that purpose. Wearing short length of bottoms can turn other’s eyes on the waist and wearing rolled up pants can make your legs look longer.

Besides, wearing high heels makes your ankles look slender and develops your legs muscles. As a result, you can get slender legs. It might be good to choose shoes whose the whole bottom of height is high with little lifted heels not high heels, if you are not used to wearing high heels.

Please be careful to not wear really tall high heels at first. You had better firstly get used to wear low-high heels.


7: To Walk Properly

Every day exercise, stretching and the style of dressing for making your legs look longer will be meaningless, if you do not walk properly because it is a chance to make your legs look longer while you are walking.  Just changing a way of walking affects leg’s looks. Proper walking provides the effects of stretching the legs, sliming the legs and raising the hips.

Walk in the posture of straightening the back and throwing out the chest trying not to look down, seeing a far distance will be better. Imagining a straight line in your mind, try to walk in the line putting your legs inside.  It may sound strange to you, but it is not that strange waking with the way.

And, you will find the way of walking provide the effect of raising the hips. That is because, straightening the back strains muscles of abdominal and hips. So it leads to raise your hips. To change slightly lifestyle habits makes it possible to make your legs longer.


How were the articles?

I think they are easy to take up. You can do it with little time and, you do not need something special. Although you need to keep in mind at first, you will become able to do it without thinking anything.

Without daily effort, you will not achieve your goal. Imagining long-legged yourself, why don’t you try the ways.



7 ways how to make your legs longer 

: To lift a sagging butt
: To firm up muscles of thighs
: To Correct Bow Legs
: Do Not Cross Your Legs
: To Sit with Feet Together
: To Change a Style of Dressing
: To Walk Properly


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