9 methods for short women to attract men

9 methods for low height women to lead men by the nose
Nowadays women who are tall, and have long limbs are said to be cool. However, after all small girls are said to be pretty. The small-sized women wear the oversized clothes which they borrow at the house of the men, and tickles men’s heart in various situations. Such low height women grab the heart of the men who like them more!

9 methods for short women to attract men


To be good at be dependent

The characteristic of women of low height is “the attractiveness that men want to protect”. Men are easy to be handled by the existence who stimulate their greed for protection. I behave like a baby, and let’s improve good sensitivity. The situation where small-sized women rely on a man may be “to have you take the thing in the place that women don’t reach.”

If they are told, “thank you” or “Great”, and men are sure to be pleased with a smile after they take something for you. The maximum point of the dependence left side of the stage is amiability. Don’t forget the consideration to give thanks. In addition, men want to pat the head of such a pretty woman small enough to do that without notice.

When men say “You’re so cute,” to smile shyly moves men’s heart more than to break loose from them saying, “Stop it!” It is a classic and simple method, but is recommended because men are inclined to have a good feeling by being relied casually. Tall women cannot do it, so it is a chance to touch a difference.


To be pretty with a girly fashion

For tall women, the hemming of jeans is unnecessary, and they can be dressed in clothes stylishly. Small-sized women are enviable. In contrast, girly clothes suit short girls, which men like better. To be short, women having low height is pretty.

Some short girls say it is an inferiority complex, but don’t hide such an advantage. Don’t be shy and appeal your cute style. However, a point of the fashion is try not to be seen to have short legs even if you do not cover them.

Don’t wear flat shoes. Try pumps or boots. Let Topps have the volume and raise a center of gravity and emphasize lengthwise I line with clothes of the maxiskirt length, and, in the bottom, a high waist style changes your waist line. A girly one piece is recommended. The tunic becomes the mini-dress if you are short.

However, be careful with the design of the clothes with a lot of frills and big patterns. You look wide spread. On the contrary, you give a delicate impression, showing a wrist and an ankle, a clavicle and using transparent material. It is stylish to attach an accent with a hat or accessories. Let’s try on the fashion which suits you.


Gradation scale errand

Short woman should be often seen as “small animals”. You are pretty thanks to that and tickle a man’s heart, but looking up at from the bottom give them a stronger impression. Short women naturally have gradation scale errand when they have an eye contact with tall men. Many men say that is the key point.

Gradation scale errand move men’s heart more than staring from the front. It is a human common sense that even a child feels even the small thing is pretty, such as children or animals. The symbol is the eyes that seem to be unreliable, looking up from the bottom. How about staring at him at the memorable moment and appealing to your special favorite’s heart?


Kiss with the back straightening

When kissing, women stretch a little. Men who like short girls cannot help longing for that situation. It will give women palpitations.

When women want men to kiss, put an arm around them and stare at their lips with a gradation scale errand and do it wistfully, as for the man. Then they cannot help kissing you. As the couple with the height difference, they like this angle more. When women ask for a kiss, men feel even admiration to the gesture of stretch, so let’s think about the mood.


To hold a princess in a prince’s arm

Besides kiss with the back straightening, people like to hold a princess in a prince’s arm.
When you are in a good mood, having a room date, get drunk or in a bad condition, it is good to ask “Take me by a princess cuddle to a bed”. He should try to look masculine.

As for the man who has “the desire to protect”, when they easily hold a light, small girl, cuteness of short women may stimulate greed for protection. Women feel best when women hold onto men tightly and men hug women.


To become a soothing girl

Regardless of faces, tall women give a partner a feeling of coercion by all means. Without noticing, they are apt to be felt “scary,” “severe”, and “do not seem to be considered to be a partner”. In that respect, short women are easy to get close, and heal a person; high-powered. Let’s make use of this feature. Men are coward unexpectedly than women think.

When men worry in a slight thing and their pride is hurt, immediately talk with a smile listen to their story and present tea and a cake. Short women look good with a warm and amicable atmosphere. Become a soothing girl, having men want to be with you. Let’s appeal to them.


Expression changing round and round

As mentioned, the woman is amiability. If an expression is poor, even the good beautiful women are not popular. This is because men are hard to approach women of no expression. On the other hand, if they don’t have such a regular feature, nothing is more appealing than smile.

When you are glad, smile. When you are hurt, be sorrowful. When you are angry, sulk a little. Judging from the same sex, women who have such an expression are very attractive. If you are short woman often seen as “small animals”, you are thought to be prettier when you do that. The expression full of life is charming and can get a good feeling. Because it is an appealing method without the sarcasm, it is effective.


To show a gap

Short women are apt to have a warm and amicable soft demeanor. However, if there is an unexpectedly positive aspect or spirit, you are appealing more. Even if you are small, a lot of men like admirable figures doing their best.

You have a baby face with short height but are actually steady and good at controlling someone. This is a combination of being moved unexpectedly. You give men more vivid impression than tall reliable women who seems to be reliable.

In addition, not only the inside but also the gap of the appearance is an appeal point. Opposite to usual cuteness, be sexy wearing high clothes of the exposure in a pin heel and show yourself with a boyish appearance and the suit with a whack coolly, which seemingly are ill-matched. The man should be made to be surprised at an unusual atmosphere.


Boldness in the bed

As repeated, being pretty and making men think they want to protect are appealing points of short women. However, the sexual implication increases if you are adults. In other words, it means that “You can do various things to short women when you have the relations of adults.”

Tall women have as much weight as height even if tall women have good styles. Men may reach the limit of the physical strength if men do a too radical thing.

On the other hand, in the case of short women, even a man without the confidence in physical strength can do various things because they are light and comfortable to lift. Make a captive making use of your charm to the maximum, without letting a man get tired.


How do you feel about them?
Shortness becomes the inferiority complex, but therefore the possible love technique is effective. If pretty small-sized women understand their weapon and have appealing methods to be attractive to others, you can get your partner’s heart, be the girlfriend of your favorite boyfriend and give a good impression to a partner. I wish your success in your admirable love.



9 methods for short women to attract men

・ Dependence becomes good
・ To be pretty with a girly fashion
・ Gradation scale errand
・ Kiss with the back straightening
・ To hold a princess in a prince’s arm
・ To become a soothing girl
・ Expression changing round and round
・ To show a gap
・ Boldness in the bed

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