7 Common Lifestyle Habits of People Fail to Lose Weight

7 Common Lifestyle Habits of People Fail to Lose Weight
Those who say that they want to lose weight but can’t commonly tend to spoil themselves.

They want to slim down without hard work, and thus, tried wrong dietary programs or get easily tired of them, which is shown as lifestyle habits.

Paying attention to such habits which you do not usually notice and trying to improve them will help you get out of the negative spiral of “want to lose weight, but can’t.”

It is understood that “want to lose weight, but can’t” = “don’t want to try hard” = “can’t see any value to try to become beautiful (stylish)” = “can’t enjoy becoming beautiful.”

An objective as “I’ll do it when I get slimmed down” is important for sure. Still, try to enjoy dressing up or makeups, which is the key and driving force to keep good lifestyle habits for slim down.

Now, let’s learn surprising lifestyle habits shared by those who want to lose weight but can’t.

7 Common Lifestyle Habits of People Fail to Lose Weight


Skip Some Meals

Body system works as weight gets lost when consumed calories are decreased. Thus, it is obvious that you will lose weight if you skip meals. Probably your weight will be declining for the first few weeks if you start skipping meals.

However, about a month later, your body get used to small or fewer meals, try to take as many of calories as possible, and try to minimize consumption of calories by workouts because of our inherited “thrifty gene.”

Consequently, you cannot lose weight even if you do not eat much.

Anyway, those who tend to spoil themselves become frustrated with such small or fewer meals and suddenly overeat or “just one bite” ends up in more than one bite. Then, they get depressed and fail their dietary program.

Be sure to avoid overwork on slimming down and to control calorie intake instead of skipping any meal.


Take Soft Food Centered Meals

It is said that meals which “those who want to lose weight but can’t” are more likely to take mainly soft foods for their meals.

Soft foods and junk foods that are easily crumped in your mouth do not require biting before swallowing.

Generally said, it requires certain time before a person feel “I am full.” Biting foods stimulates satiety center resulting in satisfying your appetite.

Not biting many times means eating fast, which makes you overeat until the time you feel full comes.

Your stomach, then, records the amount you just overeat and judge you are in a starvation state if you do not eat the same amount at each meal. Then, your stomach issues instructions to eat more.

No wonder “want to lose weight but can’t!” Try crisp foods or shelled foods. Or, try to make a bite smaller and enjoy your meal taking longer time.


Shop When You Are Hungry

If you go grocery shopping hungry, you buy foods you do not want or you buy foods more than you need.

Grocery store or such section in a department store is filled with good smell that stimulate your appetite. It is understandable that you come to want as much grocery as possible. As a result, you buy too much.

Then, you eat all because you should not waste foods. Consequently, you regret for overeating.

You feel terrible because you feel guilty about buying too many, overeating with an excuse of voiding waste of foods, and then, the feeling of “I want to lose weight but can’t.”

It is ideal if you can go shopping after eating. It is actually difficult to avoid feeling hungry because many working people drop by on a supermarket on a way home.

A glass of water before go out for shopping could fend off hunger for short time. Chewing gum or a candy will do, too.


Take Only a Shower

Taking a bath benefits you for fatigue recovery and relief of stress by a dietary program. Above all, taking a bath your body gets warm from inside, which improve your blood circulation.

Sweating function helps remove waste, activate cells, and improve energy metabolism. Taking a bath is an excellent option to lose weight.

Among the people of “want to lose weight but can’t,” there might be many who try to avoid annoying yourself by taking a bath. Why don’t you take advantage of taking a bath?

It is not fair to judge the reason for not taking a bath because “it is annoying.” It is true that there are other reasons such as they are too busy or the bathroom is too narrow if they live alone.

If that is the truth, try to warm the back of your neck, belly, and ankles with a little hotter water with high pressure. Those are where there are thick blood vessels passing near the surface and blood vessel concentration.

Those parts are easily get warm although they get cold easily, too. You will feel comfortable and warm after bath.


Stay Up Late

It is said that you need 7 hours as ideal hours of sleep. Many functions that control balances in your body are activated midnight. If you stay up late, hormonal secretion in your body gets unbalanced, which influences hormonal secretion working on appetite.

Moreover, you will be in a condition where you come easily to want to eat without noticing that you gain stress. Or, you feel hungry just because you are awake long hours. After all, you fall into a condition where you cannot stand without eating.

Lack of sleeping, also, could be a cause for cooling your body, which tends to reduce your metabolism. Even if you overcome extra appetite, your body might come to have tendency not to lose weight against your will that you want to get slimmed not noticing.

These are the deep reason why they have said “lack of sleeping is an enemy of shape up.”


Don’t Weigh Every Day

It seems like people in a good shape without hard workout or special dietary program tend to have a custom of weight check every day.

They say that they can find out their ideal weight by checking weight at same time every day and confirming a change of their physical conditions and weights.

Then, they can adjust their weight and stay in a good shape without difficulty while the change stays small by noticing that they are overweight.

The people who “want to lose weight but can’t” might think their ideal weight is far below even if they weigh every day and the digits on weight scale lower their motivation….

If so, forget about the ideal weight for now; and set a target weight. The target weight does not have to be final. It is important to set one which you can achieve.

When you achieve the first target weight, try to keep the weight for one month, not trying to set a next target weight immediately.


Dress Overly Warm

Warming your body is important. If you, however, get used to being overly warm dressed, your body will probably turn to be hard to lose weight.

Some people might believe the season between summer and winter metabolism gets more active is summer. However, it is actually winter when your body try to burn fat and sugar to heat up your body sensing winter cold outside.

Consumption of calories in winter when basal metabolism increases, thus, increases, too. Then, which promotes the amount of calorie consumption, overly warm dressed or lightly dressed? It is lightly dressed custom increases calorie consumption and helps lose weight.

When people dress overly warm, their clothes hide their body, which make them less alerted on their physical conditions. While they say “I want to lose weight but can’t,” overly warm dressing gives them an excuse to say, “I’m still good without workouts.”

Therefore, how about trying lightly dressed custom? Maybe it will change your mind and body.


What do you think?

You see the want-to-lose-weight-but-can’t people’s failure of weight loss is associated with their downward spiral of feeling derived from lifestyle habits.

If you change your perspective or your customs just a little, your lifestyle habits also change and help you slim down, which will encourage you to enjoy trying to lose weight.

It is most important that you come to like yourself as you are not to care about losing weight too much, after all. Try to live graciously and to lead an orderly life. Then, such life will surely lead you to a good result.



7 Common Lifestyle Habits of People Fail to Lose Weight

・Skip Some Meals
・Take Soft Food Centered Meals
・Shop When You Are Hungry
・Take Only a Shower
・Stay Up Late
・Don’t Weigh Every Day
・Dress Overly Warm

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