7 ways to get solution with logical thinking.

Get solution with logical thinking. 7 ways to remove anxieties.
It is a common thing to have worries and problems. Everybody have them in their lives.

Problems should be solved as fast as possible. If you don’t know the solution, they will get worse.

For those who don’t know how to solve problems, I’ll tell you the ways to quickly solve them, with logical thinking.


7 ways to get solution
with logical thinking.


1. Anticipated factors

In economics, if the business indicator for tomorrow seems not good, the financial market takes it into account to forecast the future rate. 

Even if it is a bad factor, the market will not be shaken, if they know it beforehand. In other words, “don’t worry, it is within the tolerance”.

This is called an anticipated factor, and useful for logical thinking in studying as well.

 When you have problem with studying or practicing something, you feel uneasy. Yet, how do you think if your problem is just a common problem for many people? Or realize that you are not the only one who has the problem?

 Problems you think “you are the only one” are anticipated problems in that field.

 Therefore, start searching for solutions by learning how others overcame the same problem. 

It is easy. 

Just make a use of questionnaires on internet like Yahoo!Answers. If you can find same question as yours, find the best answer for you from the list.

 Or you can ask yourself and wait for answers.

 In addition, such questionnaire services often have “interest match”, which automatically chooses beneficial questions for you. 

As you can see, if you know that someone already has an experience of having a same problem, you feel relieved to find a solution. 

Wise people already know this, so they will immediately search for an answer when they face a problem. 

Such logical thinking has a merit of objectively analyzing seriousness of a problem. 

Therefore you won’t misunderstand that you are the only one troubled, you won’t take a problem too serious, or you won’t face a demerit of making no progress for worrying too long.

 “The problem or worry you have is already anticipated.”

 If you know this, you don’t waste time to worry. This is exactly the merit of “logical thinking.”


2. Solution for laziness

“I started studying, but soon got lazy to continue.” Many of you have experienced this. Especially if you think effort bothers you and when it’s a self-learning, “laziness” can be the no.1 reason for giving up. That’s ridiculous reason. You are denying your decision of starting studying by yourself.

 Now let’s think logically. 

In the background of feeling lazy, you are feeling distressed. But we are adults, not kids. We are not forced to try hard, we decide for ourselves.

 You understand how happy you feel after achieving the goal or reason to try hard. 

“You can accomplish if you try, and you can enjoy it if you accomplish” This is natural. So if you feel bothered or lazy, you are not improving or you have not reached a level of enjoying. 

If you are in this situation, change the way you study. 

There are two purposes in changing study style. One is to refresh. You will get tired after continuing the same style. 

Another purpose is to switch to better methods. If you are bothered, seek for new style focusing on the way to progress more.  


3. Score yourself

Let’s say you are at home relaxing after work or school. You feel different by how well you spend the day. 

When your work has done smoothly or made an achievement with the project, you have a sense of fulfillment at home. 

On the other hand if you had a bad they or made a mistake with your task, you feel down. 

When this happens, adjustment of mind becomes important, but there are people who can and cannot adjust. Those who can just wait for the next day to come, but what should you do if you can’t? 

In this case, you need to evaluate yourself theoretically and logically.

 The easiest way to do this is to score yourself. On the basis of 10 points, minus 1 for each mistake or bad thing, and plus 1 for each achievement or good thing. 

You probably don’t want to recall bad things, but you are thinking objectively when you judge. Nobody is around you when you judge at home, or nobody would laugh at you if you have only negative points. Nobody would praise you for pluses, though. 

You can frankly evaluate yourself, so you can be honest. 

If you cannot reach 10 points, decide what you will do next day to achieve 10 points.

 As you think “what you should do to make negative to positive” or “what to do to stay positive”, you can smoothly adjust your feelings.  

Most of you who are not good at controlling your mind don’t have “a image of your task”. You cannot find a solution for recovery and prolong depressed feelings.

 If so, honestly score yourself and find what you should do tomorrow. You will surprise how smooth you can change your attitude.


4. People around you don’t mind as much as you worry

If you are facing a problem, you should find a solution as fast as you can and step forward. However you often struggle to find an answer and have hard time start moving forward. 

Why do you worry and stop? 

The reason is that you are overestimating yourself. 

For example, you made a mistake in business. It is stressful to be reprimanded by your boss or to feel cold eyes of colleagues. 

Calm down and think. Your colleague made a same mistake, for instance. You can see it objectively, as you have no relation with it. Maybe you can even find a logical solution.

 Now, would you laugh at you colleague who made a recoverable mistake, or make fun of him? 

The answer is NO. You might say “Good for you!” if you are not in good relationship with him, but if not, you won’t laugh at or make fun of him.

 As you can see, overestimating yourself creates a huge gap between the evaluations from people around you. 

It means you get really depressed with the problem which others think not so serious.

 Therefore, listen to what people say and understand evaluations of you by yourself and by others. If there is a big difference, you are worrying too much. The serious problem for you is not a big matter for others. 

And, you will realize that a problem is not so serious.


5. Make a list of what you don’t like

You would experience bad things in your life. Especially if you work, you experience more. There are days with more bad things than happy things.

 If the matter is “bad, but naturally solved in a next day”, you don’t have to worry. Let’s say you go to work with hangover and your boss makes sarcastic remarks. Nobody would care about it on a next day. Time solves a problem. 

On the other hand, a problem such as “a slow growth of your business result” is not solved with time. You have to aggressively seek for an answer. It will get even worse as time passes, so it is important to find a solution as fast as you can.

 It might be a bit stressful for you, but try to “list things you don’t like or worry”.

 Many people “leave them without solutions”, but it is just looking away from a reality. Nothing is solved by itself. Of course it is impossible to seek for a solution with a logical point of view. 

To look things objectively, it is recommended to make a list. You can see “what is a problem?” or “what you need to do to solve it”. 

It’s not late to seek for solutions after making a list. Look at a problem objectively, not subjectively, first.


6. See the reality rather than your opinion

The question “how useful is TOEIC?” is often seen on internet. Some study very hard to get scores above 900, and still wondering what they can do with it.

 If you think “then it’s no use taking an exam”, you will never get your motivation back even if you were asked to take an exam from your work.

 This is not a good sign. Maybe you have no idea what TOEIC is for. Having a good TOEIC score won’t assign you for special duty or give higher salary.

 But you still have to take an exam. This is a reality. It depends on you to think “no to take a test because it is no use”, but it is just your opinion, not the reality. 

Therefore, try hard to overcome the reality before you say your opinion. 

“TOEIC is useless” is somewhat correct, but how many people saying this never have taken TOEIC exam? 

Or some maybe criticize as an amusement for not getting a good score. 

No matter how useful it is, it is the reality that you need to take an exam, and it’s beneficial to get a score. 

It’s not too late to state your opinion after you meet the reality. Saying NO without trying is same as denying your stepping-up. 


7. Way to set up goals

“I want to start something to upgrade my skill, but where should I put up my goal?” Many people are grappling with this question. Unless you are very stoic person, clarification of the goal is a must.

 Without a clear goal, you would stick to nothing. 

If you are a person who can’t continue things, maybe you are not having a clear goal. 

Say you will take an exam for certain qualification. You don’t know the exact score you need to achieve. If you are told how much score you need, you can set is as a goal.

 If you have no idea, then set up “above average” as your first goal. 

-if you are below average, set average as a goal

-if you already score average, aim higher 

To clarify your goal, don’t decide by your motivation or dream, but refer to the average of people.  You can easily see “where you are” in a crowd, objectively understand your ability, and lead to stepping up. 


I hope you liked my article.


Following is the main theme.

Looking things logically = calmly understand a problem = be able to seek for efficient solution

You may feel stressed, such as when you make a list of problems, but it will bring you an effect above your expectation.


Let’s learn logical way of thinking and solve problems as quick as possible!



 7 ways to get solution with logical thinking.

 1. Anticipated factors

2. Solution for laziness

3. Score yourself

4. People around you don’t mind as much as you worry

5. Make a list of what you don’t like

6. See the reality rather than your opinion

7.Way to set up



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