7 Tips to Improve Immune System & Live without Diseases

7 Tips to Improve Immune System & Live without Diseases
The human immune system peaks at the age of 18 to 22. Then, it goes downhill along the age. A study say the strength of immune system in the 40s, the start of the cancer-prone age, is 50% of its peak, and in the 70s, it lowers to 10%.

No one can evade aging by natural law. When the immune system gets weakened, people are more likely to get diseases such as terminal cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney disease, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, heart disease, hepatitis, dementia, autism, diabetes, Down’s syndrome, collagenosis, tumor, infectious disease.

Yet, if you generally pay attention to management of your health not to have your immune system weakened and improve your lifestyle habits, your immune system will be improved if already weakened.

Now, let’s check 7 tips to recover immediately your weakened immune system for a disease free life.

7 Tips to Improve Immune System & Live without Diseases


Stop Smoking

By smoking cigarettes, generated carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin and inhibits oxygen supply to the whole body. This puts you in the oxygen-deprived condition, which diminishes the function of supplying nutrients, collecting waste in the body, which ends up with declining of ability of the immune system.

Harmful substances influence “to bring blood vessel constriction and to aggravate blood flow with nicotine,” “to decrease lymphocytes,” “to cause hyposalivation,” and “to impair the function of pilus that contributes to excrete foreign substance from bronchial tubes or lungs.”

Especially, immune strength of alveolar macrophage that plays a primary role amongst the lung immune system is reduced, which increases the risk of inducing lung cancer, etc.


Keep Appropriate Amount of Alcohol

Adequate amount of alcoholic beverage relieves frustrations, inhibits the growth of LDL cholesterol, and increases HDL cholesterol with preventing arterial sclerosis.

Alcohol has a vasodilator property, which improves blood flow and supports white blood cells and lymph corpuscle to function. However, if you keep drinking for more than 2 hours, sympathetic nerve falls in a state of tense.

If the state last long, granulocyte increases excessively, which causes an increase of active oxygen. Excessive granulocyte and active oxygen could cause cancerization by damaging cells.

The appropriate amount of alcohol is 1 to 2 cans of beer and 180 to 360 cc of sake, which is said to stimulate parasympathetic nervous system. Try not to drinking longer than 2 hours.


Get a Good Quality of Sleep

Sleep disorders weaken the immune system. The less people get sleep, the more often they fall out of shape as catching a cold, or flue.

This is because the sympathetic nerve in the autonomic nerves gets excessively tense. That is why sleep is necessary to rest your brains. While you are sleeping, a variety of secreted hormones promote metabolism and effectively recover your body from fatigue.
In principle, you do not have to get sensitive about the hours of sleep if you do not feel tired during a day and have no problems to live a daily life. By the way, only 20-minute nap can increase immune strength. Try to get a good sleep that in a way that fits your lifestyle.


Do Some Exercise

Adequate workouts are fairly effective to increase immune strength. Exercises help immune cells that combat virus entered in your body to get activated.

Yet, be careful. Those who do not have a habit to do exercise need to refrain from suddenly doing heavy workouts like running. It creates an adverse result as sudden reduction of immune strength after workout.

To a reasonable extent, try light cardio like some walk, jogging, and cycling, which improve blood circulation delivering immune cells all over your body, which results in increasing immune strength.


Keep Smiling

Smiling or laughing can increase immune strength. It influences sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve as the autonomic nerves that control mainly our internal organs involuntarily out of the nerves that are essential to maintain our vital activity. Then, many of our internal organs receive stimulation.

Accordingly, the stimulation on your brains by smiling/laughing promotes secretion of neuropeptides, and then, immune cells get activated. For your information, smiling/laughing 100 times has effects of exercise equivalent to 15-minute exercise on a static bike.

15-minute smiling/laughing a day consumes 40kcal. If you keep doing it every day, you can reduce 2 kg of fat a year.


Try Not to Build Up Stress

The activity of the immune system is controlled by the automatic nerves. The automatic nerves are a nervous system that controls involuntarily our breath, body temperature, blood vessels, internal organs, etc.

When excessive fatigue or excessive worry causes strong stress on our mind or body, the automatic nerves get out of order resulting in weakening immune strength. Consequently, resistance against germs or virus decreases, which causes us become sick easily.

Keeping concerned about the disease when you get a disease may delay recovery or worsen the condition of the disease. Find your own way to release stress such as taking a break or engaging in a hobby and try not to live without any stress.


Beware of Drop of Body Temperature

Human body is pretty sensitive to a drop of average body temperature. When the temperature is dropped by 1 degree C, immune strength decreases by about 37%, whereas average temperature rises by 1 degree C, the immune strength become active by about 60%. Accordingly, body temperature greatly influence immune strength.

They say elevation of body temperature when having a cold is kind of a defense reaction to increase immune strength by raising the temperature. Low body temperature causes low resistance against viruses inside the body; also causes growth of bad bacteria or toxic bacteria in the intestines that would lead to infectious diseases.

Moreover, low temperature causes a decrease of metabolism and poor blood circulation that carries important nutrients and waste in the low temperature areas.


What do you think of the immune system?

The immune system requires a substance called, cytokine, that issue instructions to white blood cells. This substance employs agents like induction, antigen, and inhibition and instructs white cells to eliminate enemy alien, which maintains immune strength.

When human body loses balance of the immune system for some reason, people gets sick due to a decrease or trouble of immune strength. For increase of immune strength, it is important to have enough sleep, do appropriate exercises, and keep a healthy life.

By the way, a false smile/laugh is effective. Try some.



7 Tips to Improve Immune System & Live without Diseases

・Stop Smoking
・Keep Appropriate Amount of Alcohol
・Get a Good Quality of Sleep
・Do Some Exercise
・Keep Smiling
・Try Not to Build Up Stress
・Beware of Drop of Body Temperature

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