Saggy bottom makers & hip exercises to lift your bottom

Saggy bottom makers & hip exercises to lift your bottom
Many women ages 20s to 60s suffer from saggy bottoms. It is hard for us to look at our backs, so we may worry about ourselves from behind. And, it is difficult to notice that we have a saggy bottom or not. A saggy bottom makes your look older. So, probably many people think “I want to lift my bottom”.

This article will introduce reasons why people have saggy bottoms and hip exercises to lift your bottom.

Saggy bottom makers & hip exercises to lift your bottom


Female-specific fat

Women have breasts and wide bottoms. If it is not supported by bones and muscles, it sags. When you choose wrong lingerie, it can affect the shape of your body. This is because women have female-specific fat which is fluidity.

However, there are advantages of this fat. If you choose right underwear to fit your body, it can shape your bottom.


Japanese-specific walks

Japanese people tend to stoop with knees bent so that they hardly use bottom muscles. On the other hand, Western people keep their back straight when walking. They don’t bent their knees and put their heels down first. They use bottom muscles, therefore, it can lead to lifting bottoms.

If you want to lift your bottom, try to keep your back straight, not to bend your knees and put your heels down first. This can help not only lift your bottom but have a good body shape.


Rotated pelvis

One of the causes of saggy bottoms is a rotated pelvis. When pelvis bones are rotated and rubbed each other, you tend to have a flat bottom. If you tend to cross your legs, put your body weight on one leg, or always carry bags with the same side of your hand/shoulder, your pelvis can be rotated.

If so, stretching and muscle excursuses cannot work. First, let’s check if you have a rotated pelvis.

1. One of your shoes always wears down, especially one the outside.
2. When standing straight, one shoulder is situated at a higher level than another one.
3. When sitting and stretching your legs, length of one of your leg is longer than another one.
4. You have a bog bottom and it is hard to lose weight on the lower part of your body.
5. One side of waist is situated at a higher level than another one.
6. When wearing necklaces, they move around.
7. You can’t sit-ups.

How’s your result? If you have some “yes”, your pelvis can be rotated. So let’s do some exercises to correct your pelvis.


Let’s correct a rotated pelvis

In order to lift your bottom, it is important to correct a rotated pelvis and strengthen pelvis muscles. Let’s correct a rotated pelvis and get a round bottom back.

– Shake your pelvis
Move your hip in a circle clockwise and counter-clockwise. Repeat 5 times.

This is an easy exercise. You can do it when brushing teeth or watching TV.

Core muscles support pelvis and spine. If they are weakened, you will have a rotated pelvis or round shoulders. In order to correct a rotated pelvis, it is important to strengthen core muscles. So this exercise can help improve your core strength.

If you look at your belly in the mirror, it can be effective.


Hip walk

We hardly use muscles of the hip, they might be hard. The hip walk can help make them soft.

– Hip walk
1. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs.
2. Lift your right heel and bottom, and then move forward using your bottom. Repeat with left side.
You have to put the same side of hip and arm when moving forward.
Do 10 moves x 10 times each side

It can be difficult to move at the first time. If so, try to use your arm. When you can move easily, try to move backwards. It is more effective.

The hip walk can also help correct a rotated pelvis.

When you correct your pelvis, your core muscles will start to work. Then, it can improve your circulation and also it is effective for your constipation.


Chair workout

If there is a chair, desk, sink or something you can support your body, you can do the following exercise.

– Chair workout
1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and put your hands on a chair.
2. Lift one leg back 15cm for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Do another side. Try this 5times.

This is easy, so try it using a sink when brushing your teeth or using a sofa when watching TV.


Squat exercise

If you want to lift a saggy bottom as soon as possible, why don’t you try this squat exercise? It can help strength your gluteus maximus muscle.

– Squat exercise
1. Stand straight putting heels together. Put hand on waist.
2. Step one foot forward. Try to form a 90 degree angle at knees.
3. Step it back and do another side. Repeat 20 times each.


The important point of this exercise is to use your muscles, especially muscles of your bottom.

It is effective if you try to use your muscles and joints when doing exercises. So let’s solve problems and do exercises. You will lift your bottom and feel confident in your bpdy.



Saggy bottom makers & hip exercises to lift your bottom

– Female-specific fat
– Japanese-specific walks
– Rotated pelvis
– Let’s correct a rotated pelvis
– Hip walk
– Chair workout
– Squat exercise

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