6 ways to come back from life bedrock

Can’t give up! 6 ways to come back from the bedrock of your life
“Nothing turns out good, I’m stuck.”

“There’s nothing I can do. I’m up the creek.”

“I can’t escape from the problem, what should I do?”


More or less, you have experienced such situations. You go blank and have no hope for future.

But think carefully. You have overcome many unhappiness and troubles in your life, regardless of their seriousness.

If not, you couldn’t have survived till today.


You should have solved a problem with some clues, hints, or awareness from your past failures.

As a result, you are recovering from your bedrock without notice.


If you are at the bedrock of your life now, calm down a little and please listen to the following “6 awareness”. You sure will some hints to a solution.


6 ways to come back from life bedrock


1. Don’t forget to believe

When you are facing a problem, you are most likely to be losing confident and about to give up.

We humans act as we think or feel, so if you are thinking negatively, you act toward negative result.

Therefore, even if you are in a bad situation force yourself to be confident and believe in yourself that you can do it.

You can think positively as you do so, and can find clues for solving a problem.


2. Read books and have images

If you are always using computers or mobile phones, you might not be feeling relaxed.

To react to e-mail messages constantly means you are controlled by other person.

So try to turn off your devices and read books. You can calm your feeling as you face one-on-one to a book without interruption.

When you are at the bedrock, read longtime famous books. Select stories with happy endings. They will give you some awareness and hints you can apply to your present environment.


3. Feel refreshed by cleaning

How is your room, when your heart is confused and tight with fear?

It should be a mess and chaotic.

If you are in such a feeling, start with cleaning your room.

The room will be cleared and organized, and your confusion will disappear as you clean.

And when you feel refreshed, you can find some clues for solution. Cleaning serves a dual purpose.

When you can’t find a solution, remember to tidy up around you and replace your mind and feeling.


4. Know that the worst result rarely happens

When you are depressed and thinking negatively, it seems that all the bad things you can imagine can happen.

However, most are just your imagination. If you have 100 worries, 95 of them won’t happen at all.

Even if your worries come true, you can solve them if you deal with them properly. Some can be prevented beforehand.

 “Of 100 worries, 95 never happen.”

Aren’t you be much relieved by thinking so? You would realize how much you were wasting time and energy by worrying about things that never happen, and the world will sure open up to you.


5. Don’t forget to praise yourself

You are likely to blame yourself or be obsessed with self-hatred as bad things occur. But as I said in the beginning, we tend to act as we think and feel.

It means, to blame yourself is the worst way, causing a vicious cycle.

Instead, praise yourself for anything that turned out good.

We are living with a continuation of success. If not, we can’t live up to today. We are experiencing much more achievements than failures.

By thinking this way, you can have a confident to recover even if you are at the bedrock of your life.


6. Break down the problem

When you face a problem or something bad happens, “the big wall” appears in front of you and you feel as though you can’t move forward anymore.

If so, try to break down a problem into pieces.

The problem seems big, but you will realize that each pieces of it can be

-not such a big problem

-something you can deal with

It just looks like a strong enemy when small problems are gathered as one.

If you break it down to small problems, you will see small steps and clues to come back from the bedrock.



How were my advices?


Most people give up trying when bad things happen.

However, that’s when you need to calm down. Regain self-confidence and face problems one by one, most of them are resoluble. Please remember 6 awareness, when you face a problem.


6 ways to come back from life bedrock

 1. Don’t forget to believe

2. Read books and have images

3. Feel refreshed by cleaning

4. Know that the worst result rarely happens

5. Don’t forget to praise yourself

6. Break down the problem


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