6 appaling realities how to get long legs

Reality of six was appalled to try how the leg is longer
Don’t you have the past that when you wore the favorite pants, but that image was far from what you expect?

I have this experience that I tried o boot cut jeans, but I had to spree the hem and I would lose boot-cut line, so finally I did not buy.

I’ll introduce some ways how to get ideal long legs that I considered and tried.

6 appaling realities how to get long legs


Part 1:hip-up exercise

I’ve seen entertainers with  the Nice Bottom on television, after 5 seconds you keep close the ass sitting on the floor with stretched legs, you go forward and backward, that is effective in hip up,to make your legs longer.

For family that  look weird but the effect is big.

However, it’s time-consuming, and you’ll be tired considerably because it uses abs surprisingly also. In addition you must have patience.


Part 2: Take care to stoop 

Stoop causes the distortion of the body and will also affect the length of the legs.

When you’re stoop, visual impression looks sloppily absolutely and you look old.

A simple way you have to give it a try, is that correct posture consciously imaging ” you feel like being suspended from the air by the thread from the top of the head” so as to stick the shoulder blades of the back,

If you try, the chest is open, you will also extend spine! However, I realized I need enough strong muscles to continue for a long time. It is recommended that you train the necessary muscle.


Part 3: Fix the O-legs 

Also O legs will affect the length of the leg opening the pelvis. Because it causes distortion and inclination.

By the way, if you fix O legs, you will be taller by 2 ~ 5cm. How to improve is the stretch that you can at home.

First, sit on a chair, and remain one foot attached to the floor firmly, and extended the other leg forward .

You put the leg of that is stretched onto heel, you will move toe diagonally forward. Make the right angle by laid body and stretched legs, and back your body breathing.

Let’s make your body taking time. Weou want a fast effect, but stack of day-to-day makes a beautiful line, here feel you’re making day to day beauty, let’s go.


Part 4: Sitting on a high chair that legs doesn’t reach to the floor, and swing 

Even you passed the growth phase, this is a possible method that you may make your legs longer. If you are in a house, sit on a high chair your legs don’t reach to the floor as much as possible, let’s move them.

It seems to take long time, but you might extend a few cm. That purpose is to make better flow of blood, and stimulate.

Now, I am in the effort, but by the light exercise, legs might be longer because the whole leg is used lightly.

I do not know yet about the outcome, but I continue to believe. Again, it takes time to beauty.


 Part 5: Soften,  stretch the hip joint

There is a way to lengthen the legs with quick-impact. Legs will be shortened in swollen feet and distortion if hip joint is hard.

And unnecessary waste is likely to accumulate, in order to encourage the detox, let’s stretch to soften.

Sit on the floor, align the back of the legs, and stretch the back muscles straightly. And continue to move down forward the upper body as it is.

And remain both knees on the floor, and then keep for 20 to 30 seconds keep. Let’s repeat this several times.

This is very fast-acting, but it goes back to the original if you do not continue. Try to exercise as much as you feel like.


Part 6: Have hidden insole in shoes

Or rather than come up here which tells how to lengthen the legs themselves, I thought it’s more effective that I try and find a way to make legs look longer.

Just leave secret insole in usual shoes. In this way, I will lengthen legs by 3.5 ~ 5cm. Because it is very natural, I recommend this.

If you combine this with the platform shoes, you can make legs look long. These above take long time, so this method with high immediate effect is very good, moreover people around you can be conscious that your legs look longer.

However, it will return to its original length when you take off your shoes. Beware!


How was it?

Even as an adult, it is happy that you can be taller!

The rather than growth of the original, these are mainly how to straighten the place where it is bent, but it is a surprise that there happen the difference of a few cm by people.

Once you try it, you may find the fact you have been taller! Posture improvement, moderate exercise is what come along in the mind from everyday.

As a common point when you aim a beautiful appearance, posture is inherent, and fix the stoop to take this opportunity to straight it up every day. Step by step from today, regain your original.



6 appaling realities how to get long legs

Part 1: Hip-up exercise
Part 2:  Take care to stoop
Part 3: fix the O-legs
Part 4: Sitting on a high chair that legs doesn’t reach to the floor, and swing
Part 5: Soften,  stretch the hip joint
Part 6: Have hidden insole in shoes


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