6 ways to increase motivation of lazy human as you

6 ways to increase motivation of lazy human as you
We humans seek pleasure and avoid pains without thinking.

As a result, we get lazier day by day.

… And we can’t help it.


But we don’t want that.

I used to be one of those LAZY people.

All I do is eat and sleep, carry over everything to tomorrow and never do it.

Yes, I know it was terrible.

As I was getting lazier and lazier, I finally decided to become a “motivated” person.

Don’t say it’s not that easy to change, but trust me.

It is easy that everybody can do it.

If you try, you sure can feel the difference.


So let’s begin!


6 ways to increase motivation of lazy human as you.

1. Cherish the morning and the night

We can be active at night, but it happened in these past 100 years or so. Our bodies and DNA cannot change in such a short time. Humans are animals, so it is our nature to sleep at night.

According to one of the statistics, those who have irregular hours or work in night tend to have more mental illness than those who work in day time.

Therefore we should try to get up and go to bed early as much as possible.

Keep the regular hours.

You will find yourself quick minded and your body in good health. 

Of course, your mental become healthier too. 

If you can have good time cycles, you can feel yourself motivated.


2. Change what you eat and drink

Our body is made up of what we eat and drink. 

You’d probably say you know it, but think about it. Do you really eat and drink right for your body?

-Retort-pouch foods with plenty of preservatives

-Junk foods containing artificial colorings and chemical seasonings

-Drinking water with a lot of antioxidants

Enough to scare us.

In fact in the United States, some research results show that children eating too much instant noodles are having difficulties controlling their temper, easy to get angry, and lose self-control. It is becoming a problem hiding behind the education in many countries. 

To avoid it, eat natural foods. It may be a bit difficult for everyone, but the basic is; 

Eat local products 

Foods grown in where you live is best for you.

Also, drink not only sweet juices, coffee and tea, but also plenty of water (natural water). Water purifies your inner body.

 That makes your body and mind healthy. You will naturally feel enthusiasm and power, and your fatigue will vanish.


3. Talk loudly 

It is stressful to keep silent all day, without a single word.

Talking out loud is very important, as same as you feel refreshed when you sing in Karaoke.

Think “talking” as “releasing of the energy”.

Motivated, energetic person always talk with “loud voice”. So follow them.

You will gradually get energetic, and you will notice you are with full of enthusiasm and power.


4. Make people smile 

You might think “Where is MY smile? Make ME smile!” Leave that thought behind.

Your family, friends, partners etc. people you spend time together reflects yourself like a mirror. If you feel bored, they feel the same, and that makes you even more bored.

Therefore, do not rely on others, act from yourself.

 Let’s make people around you smile! It is quite a pleasure to make someone smile. You would feel that you’ve done something good, and you can think positively.

The chain of smiles

What you have done will come back to you. It is an advantage for both you and people around you, so why not try it?


5. Exercise regularly 

Most people are not exercising, in spite of the fitness boom.

In a certain statistics, 80% of the members of sports gyms just pay their monthly fees and never exercise. What a waste of money.

You don’t have exercise hard, but it is good to make a habit of physical activity.

10 minutes of stretching every day is good enough. Your muscle will relax, blood flows, and mind refreshes.

Motivation comes from healthy body!

You cannot be motivated with stomachache, headache, or stiff shoulders.

Regular exercise helps you become healthy and feel motivated. Moreover, it’s refreshing, so please challenge.


6. Take a trip 

Maybe it is a bit difficult, but the effect is great.

 Our habits and feelings are greatly influenced by environment. If you are not motivated and feel lazy, it is good idea to change the environment.

 If you can go on a trip, it is recommended to go abroad. And if possible, go to a country where you cannot make yourself understood, and leave your guidebooks.

(Make sure to keep your safety, of course.) 

 Your common sense is not always the same for others

 When you are in such situation, you will be frantic. Your brain, idling with ordinary situation and repetition of the same thing, will be in full operation. Your emotion is uplifted and feels happy by endogenous substances of the brain.

 Your stereotyped emotion, common sense, and values will be destroyed. You will be filled with motivation and you can brush up yourself.

If it is difficult to take a trip, try changing your job, friends, or move to a different place.

You might feel it is impossible, but difficult challenge is more effective.

 Spending lazy life leads to idleness and you will become stereotyped. It is a waste of energy. So try to spend time in unusual situation, get thrilled and feel a sense of freedom. It is effective to have your body and mind refreshed.


How was it?


Advises might not be so sensational to you, but 6 tips listed above are important. Without the basics, you are most likely to give up no matter how hard you try. It is like when you play a sport.


You may feel these tips are challenging, but they are the basics to begin with. It is OK to just keep them in your mind. The first step to make yourself motivated is to try to make a change your everyday life.




6 ways to increase motivation  of lazy human as you

1. Cherish the morning and the night

2. Change what you eat and drink

3. Talk loudly

4. Make people smile

5. Exercise regularly

6. Take a trip

Please try them.


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