7 steps to cure insomnia to feel refreshed

7 Steps How to Get Over Insomnia and The Way to Wake up with Feeling Refreshed
There are many people who can’t sleep and wake up well.

People slept after sun sets in the past because we didn’t have electricity. There was nothing to do in the dark except sleep. But our situation was changed now.

In our time, we can use electricity, internet and 24 hours shop all day long. We think we don’t have to sleep after dark. In addition, we can miss the chance to sleep easily because of stress for the work or night party. So many people are bothered with insomnia.

If you need professional medical treat, you should go to a medical specialist. But we can get over a slight insomnia to change daily habit a little. I’ll teach you how to sleep and wake up well for you.

 7 steps to cure insomnia to feel refreshed


Step 1: Use All Your Energy Before to Sleep

Sometimes our body doesn’t want to sleep when you don’t feel sleepy. The reason why our body needs to sleep is our brain’s order to recover our body. Therefore we don’t need sleep if we aren’t tired.

In this case, we can try exercise at night. It means to use our all energy until our body wants to sleep. I’ll recommend you to exercise at your home. We may not keep up to go to the gym, unless you have a strong will. Because we have to change our cloth in the gym, and going home is troublesome after workout. So to exercise at home in the relax situation is best way to keep up doing it.

Do you know the DVD named “Billy Blanks Boot Camp” that Billy Blanks made? Many people succeeded to lose their weight by using it. He remarried with Japanese woman, and lives in Japan. Even now he is popular. The DVD is a proof that training at home is more effective than going the gym.
Exercising like this before go to bet, you can asleep smoothly. I also work out at night unless I’m busy. And I drink after that. It makes me sleepy naturally.

And then, all you need to do is going to bed and close your eyes. Sleep well makes you energetic. I recommend you this way.


Step 2: Basking in the Sun and Taking Shower in the Morning

When you wake up, you may think “I’m sleepy”. It is because your body makes high level melatonin, which promote you sleep, and you have to stop making it for waking up well.

Then, how do we stop making melatonin? The key is “sunshine”. Sunshine is effective to stop making melatonin in your body. Let’s open the curtain as soon as you wake up, and get lots of sunshine.

One more thing that is effective for waking up well is “taking shower”. Our body temperature is lower than day time in the morning, so our circulation system doesn’t work well.

At this rate, your brain can’t activate well, so you’ll be in the daze long time. All you need to do is open the curtain as soon as wake up, and take a shower to get your body warmer. It makes your circulation system work well. And then you can wake up with refreshed feeling.


Step3: Don’t Take a Long Nap

It is natural to take a long nap makes you sleeping disorder. Some company allow to take a nap to work effectively recently, but don’t take a nap too much.

Basically not taking a nap is the best way to get over insomnia. The point is do not make the time to take a nap. For example, drink a cup of coffee and get back your work after you eat lunch.

In the case that you really want to sleep, you can take a nap just about 10 or 20 minutes. Don’t sleep more than half an hour. It causes you sleeping disorder. But actually only 10 minutes nap makes you feel refreshed. The important thing is to use your energy until you can sleep. Make sure do not sleep more than necessary.


Step 4: develop the Habit of Reading

I like the way at the best. For my point of view, if the step 3 doesn’t effect on you, I recommend you to read.

I sometimes read a short detective story. I can read in 30 minutes for a episode, then after I read, fall asleep. I recommend you to read short stories as a sleeping pill. You shouldn’t choose long story because it might be too interesting to sleep. Don’t read comic books because it doesn’t require you not to use your brain. It is necessary to think a lot for reading novels. Let’s go to a second hand book store because you can get novels cheaper. Also you can sell after you read.

Put a reading lamp by the side of bed. You can turn off the light easily.


Step 5: Create a Room to Sleep

It is said that you might not sleep well if you use unsuitable bedding. Using it makes you to sleep difficult, and can’t get up well. Choosing right ones is very important to sleep. You can know how to choose nice bedding on the internet, but going to bedding shop and ask a specialist some questions is better.

Basically hard mattress is for heavy person, soft mattress is for light person. And lying posture is also important to choose a bed.
On the other hand, how is atmosphere in your room? Fundamentally indirect lighting is better than fluorescent light. Because we can be relax with it, and it promotes your body to make lots of serotonin. A foliage plant also effects the same way.

One more my recommendation is to change your room color into light blue. Red makes you high, but light blue makes you calm. Everybody, how about making your room nicer for sleeping?


Step 6: Eat Small Midnight Snack

We are really sleepy after lunch, right? Do you know why it makes us sleepy?
When we eat, we use energy to digest foods through blood vessels.So our blood gathers around digestive system more than our brain.Then our brain doesn’t work well. It makes us sleepy.

Recently some people don’t eat anything after 9 O’clock to less their weight. That’s good for health, but not good for sleep. How about to eat lower calories food? Fruits and hot drink are good. My favorite is fruits and hot wine. Also alcohol makes me sleepy. Rice is not good because it contains carbohydrate which is easy to digest.

Originally eating midnight is not good for health. The most good thing is sleep without eating.


Step7: If you are Completely Unable to Sleep…

In this case, you need medical treatment. You should go to hospital.

They prescribe you sleeping pill. For example when alcoholic people stop drinking, they will have difficulty to sleep because they almost always drink when they sleep.

Without drinking at night, their body and mental don’t want to sleep. Even if you are not alcoholic, sometimes taking sleeping sill can be good for you to get over insomnia.

If you want to sleep without pills, this sound is very good to sleep.
Listen to smooth music are sound, and you can relax.

Nature Roar of Waves Sound


How were these? I showed you easy ways to get over insomnia. If you have heavy insomnia, I recommend you to doctors. Let’s get good quality sleep.


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